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Dwarf Help! Got creamed by Wood Elves!

Discussion in 'League and Team Development Tactics' started by Dr Bork, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. Dr Bork

    Dr Bork New Member

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    Yes, I know, I know... Already been lynched as I made my way back to the mineshaft. Got a pickaxe stuck in ... well... you know us dwarves. The understanding, gentle sorts.

    Fact is, got creamed by Wood Elves.

    Yep, read it right there. Those tree-hugging woosies in tights crunched my dwarves 3-0. One of my blitzers attempted suicide last night. Thank Nuffle he was too short to hang himself proper.

    Now I know there's a whole legion of you good coaches out there itching to give me a piece of your mind... so shoot, cos' I got to face this caval├žade of prancing pansies again pretty soon, and there ain't no way he's getting away from full-scale massacre and a world of pain. :)

    Short-legged pain. Slow pain. Dwarven pain. ;)

    PS: Both teams are in the beginning phases. He's got the full compliment of specialists, as well as me. None of us have big guys.
  2. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    Dwarves against Wood Elves is the ultimate in performing a 2-1 Grind. You want to cage up and hit him as much as possible while keeping your cage intact.
  3. Gallows Bait

    Gallows Bait Super Moderator Moderator

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    Gallows Bait
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    I would think that the key is going to be defence, since on offence the pace of your cage grind is going to limit your scoring unless you gain a significant numbers advantage. In that respect injuring elves is vital to speeding up your offense and hampering theirs by reducing the number of receivers.

    I'd also mention the importance of marking - both to gain blocks (which obviously favour you) but which cause an errosion of elf re-rolls - dodges may work on a 2+ but they will fail eventually.

    Other than that, you'll probably need to set up fairly deep on defence, provide as many tacklezones as possible for them to dodge through so that they make more rolls, use your faster players in the rear to mark and blitz the potential receivers - its very hard to stop them scoring, but you can at least try to batter the elves that try to get past you as well as forcing them to dodge.

    Skills wise, mighty blow and guard are obviously your friend here in terms of causing more pain and freeing up dwarves from the front line. Stand firm is also nice to have for preventing them breaking through the front line to a degree.
  4. Etheric

    Etheric Well-Known Member

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    You got a replay?

    Would probably help a bit to see where you are going wrong.
  5. Murkglow

    Murkglow Member

    As Coach says you're going for the 2-1 win. There really isn't a realistic way to stop him from scoring. He's a wood elf and you're a dwarf, that's just how it is. You in fact want him to score quickly so you can get the ball back quicker and have more time to grind up the field and score.

    Thus Defense is mostly a non-issue for you and offense is the key. While you want to score you also want to take the entire drive to do it. That way you leave him with no turns to score back on you at the end of a drive and you give him less chance for his players to come back on the field when you KO them. Form a solid cage around your ball carrier and start pushing up the field. Hitting elves is fine but don't weaken your cage/slow your advance to do it unless you have to.
  6. ickey

    ickey Member

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    Actually, I'd argue that getting Guard on a couple of Dwarves is the key.

    If he beat you 3-0, then I bet he got the ball off you at least once by leaping a WD into your cage and hitting your ball carrier.

    Now if a couple of your cage corners have Guard, that becomes a whole lot more complicated, as he'll have to make a -2D block (as opposed to 1D).

    (BTW, I once had a ST 4 WD... that was great fun; if the opponent didn't have Guard, I'd just mark the cage corners, and she'd leap into a cage and get the ball nearly every time with Tackle & Strip Ball. Needless to say, she eventually died, when, on turn 16 of a game I'd already won comfortably, I left her within blitzing range of a Piling On Yeti)