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Tactics High Elves or Dark Elves?

Discussion in 'League and Team Development Tactics' started by CariadocThorne, Jun 13, 2019 at 10:57 PM.

  1. CariadocThorne

    CariadocThorne Member

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    So, after playing for many years with Wood Elves, I switched to High Elves a few years ago and loved them. Then a year or two ago I tried Dark Elves, and at first I really enjoyed them.

    Starting with 4 blitzers made it so much easier to get the team up and running, and witch elves are just great. However, I've run into a real stumbling block.

    With DE, I can be that bit more bashy than with HE, and knocking down part of a cage, slipping someone in to sack the ball carrier is a dream. However, while knocking the ball loose with HE was harder, once it was loose, I'd have a specialist ball retriever: a thrower with dodge, sure hands, maybe AG5 etc, who could dodge in, pick up the ball and throw it clear to a waiting player to run clear and score. I've tried doing it with DE, but it takes 3 skills to reach what I consider to be the minimum competency for this role, with Dodge, Sure Hands and Pass. The HE thrower does it in 2 levels, and is still better thanks to Safe Throw.

    I'm really missing my HE thrower., and the DE runner just doesn't fill that role, so I end up hoping for a linelf to roll +Agi early and give them dodge and sure hands so they can pick up the ball and at least try to make a hand-off.

    So do I go back to HE, or stick with DE and work on getting better at picking the ball up and running it clear?
  2. danton

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    The two teams have different styles. It sounds like you are trying to use the Dark Elves as if they were High Elves, but they’re not the same. Dark Elves can get a lot of side stepping blodgers early on and can afford to be a bit more patient when defending. You don’t have to always crash the cage as your only defensive strategy. Dark Elves can use the sidelines well and are better at pitch control than High Elves. Going all in on defense can be a good strategy, but it can also get your team maimed, so it’s normally a good idea to mix and match your defensive options in order to time your ball steal attempt at the best time.

    While having an efficient ball retriever is nice, it’s not critical to have one on the team. Sometimes it’s better to mark a downed ball instead of trying to pick it up right away and any player on your team has a decent chance of picking the ball up when needed.
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