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Rules Hot Seat League: All-Star Game

Discussion in 'General Blood Bowl News and Discussion' started by Captain Thorrek, Nov 15, 2013.

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    One of the things I was thinking of doing for the league was having an All-Star Game half-way through. There were a couple rules I figured out, but I wanted to run it by you guys first. I'm sure someone's done it before, I'm wondering more about what effect it might have on the league as a whole... did it go off without a hitch, couple things to iron out, or am I treading in a minefield?

    Here's some of the things I worked out so far:

    Teams: Two teams made up of people from both divisions, they get chosen at random until both sides have twelve players (thirteen if this was going to be an all-skaven league), just as if MVP's were chosen. Teams will also be chosen at random, if an equal number of players from each division can't be made to fill out the rosters. All players who attend will get 1 SPP for showing up, not counting for what they get in the match. The resulting teams will have TV calculated as normal, and can then be used for inducements in the usual way if things are a bit lopsided.

    Match winnings: Coaches get 10K or 20K for each player chosen... I think that's about fair, since no coach is risking his entire team.

    Team Rerolls/Animosity: I was thinking for no rerolls to start out, since every player will have a swelled head and not focus on the match because of the competing egos. While there's no starting out rerolls, I think it'd be overkill to give everyone loner. Also, no player will suffer from Animosity for the game; it's too important fluffwise, and will keep coaches from being left out.

    Attending Coaches Only: There'd be nothing worse than having a coach tell you they accidentally got your Star Player killed off, especially when they might be playing you in next week's match. If a coach can't attend, the player slots will be filled by those who can make it. All the backstabbing that goes on behind the scenes would be an easy way to explain why one coach can't field the original players, while the new ones "just happened to be there at the time".

    Making things count: Each team will get one dirty trick to card to play during the match. Any more can be bought with inducements either way.

    Racial Discounts: I'm not sure whether it'd be better to wait until the teams are formed, or just say a team with all stunties and a two big guy limit have all the discounts for the stunty race they represent.

    Master Apos: Master Apos will replace regular Apo inducements for a team if they have any races that uses an Igor. The cost shifts to 150K, but will be able to use their special ability on any player.

    So what do you guys think? I figure someone's bound to have done an All-Star game at some point, so if they came up with better rules I'm all ears. :)