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Slann / Kislev Circus I said a Hip Hop...

Discussion in 'League and Team Development Tactics' started by Atomsk, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. Atomsk

    Atomsk New Member

    So I couldn't resist trying the frogs for next season. I'm kicking around a few idea's on starting rosters, I've listened to some podcasts and done my own brainstorming, and these are what I've come up with so far.

    Team A
    5- Linefrogs
    3 Rerolls
    10k left

    Team B

    7- Linefrogs
    3 rerolls

    Those are the two that I'm mainly looking at. Now I could use a variant of B and ditch the Apoth and start with 4 rerolls instead, but from what I hear having an apothecary is a MUST for the frogs. I do however feel like, I'm setting myself up to develop well with the second build, where as the first build is made for winning games right from the get go. The name of the game is high-risk high-reward, for Slann, but I'd hate to catch something catastrophic on a blitzer without and Apothecary in the wings watching over him. I'm pretty much split 50/50 on these builds, and I'm wondering what all of your takes are on this. Again, thanks in advance!
  2. BeefyGoodness

    BeefyGoodness New Member

    I think that i'd go with the first build but ditch a blitzer for the extra reroll, and buy your apoth hopefully after the first game.

    From there i'd save for the Krox first and then the blitzers last.
  3. Marlow

    Marlow Member

    Where as I would go with the second and build up to get the other Blitzers first. I guess we all have different ideas about how to play the team.

    Krox's work well as Merc's since they will have Loner either way so I would just use one when Inducements allow until I had all the frogs I needed. You only need about five line-frogs on the final team so starting with seven gives you a few spares who can die along the way.
  4. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    Great thread title!

    As for the rosters there isn't a great deal of information and experience with Slann at the moment. There does seem to be two schools of thought regarding them though. It is the Blitzers that seem to be the controversial option.

    They are seen as being rather expensive and don't have any great "blitzing" skills and aren't really used as a Blitzer. They can be slow to skill up with the Catchers being so mobile, they will tend to hog the touchdowns. So starting with Blitzers will cost you a lot but it does give you more games to get them skilled up and the more you have the higher the chance they will get an MVP.

    I'm somewhat undecided at this time having never been in a single match either with or against them. I may even look at getting a roster with 4 rerolls in to start with, somewhat excessive but will really allow you to push the team to the limit. Would also depend on the length of the league you are playing in.