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Halfling King of the flings 2011, uk

Discussion in 'General Blood Bowl News and Discussion' started by Pug, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. Pug

    Pug New Member

    Middle of nowhere, Leicester

    (Carried over from TFF)

    Basically anyone that has played Flings in a NAF rated tourni gets points.
    The amount of points they get is dependant on how many flings teams are present at the tourni and how well placed they did in the end results...

    >> If your the only fling team at the tournament you get 20pts.
    >> If there are more than a single Fling team in the tourni then the points awarded are 10pts x No of Halfling teams for first placing Fling then -10pts going down the list of Fling teams.
    Even last place Fling team will get 10pts....you gotta get points for turning up with a fling team!

    So far trawled through 2011 results for UK tournis that had Fling players in it...here are the results so far for the 2011 Tournament Season;
    (Apologies if your NAF name isn't there, you would of been taken from the NAFC pdf list :oops: )

    1st) Pug "Hundred Feet Heroes" 90

    2nd) Antipixi "Frostbiter Gremflings" 80

    3rd) Erik Cooper 50

    =4th) Geggster 40
    =4th) Geospencer88 40
    =4th) Munson "Awesome Ankle Biters" 40

    =5th) Richy 30
    =5th) Simon Brady 30

    =6th) Agiess 20
    =6th) Barney the Lurker 20
    =6th) Endalos 20
    =6th) BigMadDrongo 20
    =6th) Maice76 20

    =7th) Wilzif 10
    =7th) Chris Blower 10
    =7th) BabyChaos 10