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Mark as read

Discussion in 'Site News, Bug Reports and Questions' started by patbou73, Nov 30, 2020.

  1. patbou73

    patbou73 Active Member

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    Is there a was to « mark as read » any unread posts that are older than a day? There are tons of threads in Big Crunch 2 forum, but any user is most probably interested in a very limited number of threads (those about their division). Other than opening each thread, and scrolling to the last page of each, I’ve found no way to clear my profile of unread messages (those in bold font, not because I wanted to follow them).

    it would be nice to have the option to « mark as read » any unread posts that are older than a day or a few hours ago, and to do so on demand (and not automatically). I would keep a little time buffer there, so that new messages posted just before you activated the function aren’t marked as read with all the other old stuff, while you might have wanted to see them.
  2. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    I don't believe that's possible unfortunately. You can click on the date of the last post from a forum index page which will go straight to the last post which will mark that thread as read.

    The Mark Forums Read link will let you mark a forum section that you are currently viewing in as read, or the entire forum.