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Team Blog Mixed Team League - The Goodie Two-Shoes

Discussion in 'League and Team Development Tactics' started by Mr. Ghoti, Feb 21, 2019.

  1. Mr. Ghoti

    Mr. Ghoti Member

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    ALRIGHT the end of my league's current season is fast approaching and my Slann team is topping the charts. The next season will be all mixed teams, fresh start and we'll run it for at least one season with i think 11-12 players.

    Everyone in our group has been throwing around great ideas and have been playtesting some really fun teams.

    I've narrowed my choices down to 4 teams, however I'm almost certain I'm going to choose the Goodie Two-Shoes.

    Goldiskinks and the 3 Bears (Anti-Fur Society)
    (No way to deal with S4 reliably, but fun)
    Kislev Bear
    Lizardmen Kroxigor
    Norse Yhetee
    6x skinks
    2x Amazon linewomen

    A slightly stronger Goldiskinks (Anti-Fur Society)
    2x skinks
    3x Norse linemen
    2x kislev linemen
    Amazon thrower

    No Thumb Joes (Violence Together)
    (Tested a few times, can annihilate low AV teams. A lot like khemri, the thrower holds the ball. If he drops it, good luck getting it back!)
    6x saurus
    4x black orcs
    Orc thrower

    The Goodie Two-Shoes (Alliance of Goodness)
    (Seems to be the best overall, especially in a final build scenario. FWIW I beat an AI team of this with Goldiskinks, but the AI has obvious strategical errors)
    3x Bretonnian Linemen
    2x Bretonnian Blitzers
    4x Dwarf Blockers
    2x Wood Elf Wardancers
    with 1st purchase being a thrower, then apo, then rerolls.

    So I'm open to input or ideas. I've heard good things about mixing chaos dwarves and skaven, as well as some nasty elf teams.

    Here's how I'm planning to build up to my end goal team:

    End roster (not counting doubles, deaths, or stat mods):
    Lineman: wrestle
    Lineman: wrestle
    Lineman: kick
    Dwarf: guard, mighty blow
    Dwarf: guard, mighty blow
    Dwarf: mighty blow, piling on
    Dwarf: mighty blow, piling on
    Blitzer: tackle, dodge, NoS
    Blitzer: tackle, dodge, NoS
    Wardancer: sidestep, tackle, strip ball
    Wardancer: sidestep, tackle, strip ball
    Wood Elf Thrower: accurate, block, KoR

    Thoughts or suggestions?
  2. tys123

    tys123 Courier Staff

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    Chaotic Player Pact has won 7 of the 8 seasons in BBT's mixed race comp.

    Underworld Troll is the best big guy.
    4 Chaos Warriors can dominate the line.
    Underworld Blitzers are arguably the best killers in the game ( only players to start with block and able to get claw on a normal )
    Then you have the dark elves handling the ball and sacking the opposing ballcarriers.
    So you have the best ST5 , the best ST4 , the best killer and among the best AG4.

    Here is my team after 29 games and your end game roster wouldn't come close to beating them.
    I doubt you could come up with an alliance of goodness roster that would beat them.
    With the same TV as your final roster I would expect to win most of the time.

    Last edited: Feb 22, 2019
  3. Mr. Ghoti

    Mr. Ghoti Member

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    That's really good! Having 4 S5 players looks sweet, and half of them not having any nega traits is awesome.

    Is that team specifically the one that one those 7 out of 9 seasons?

    What specifically about the warpstone troll makes it the best big guy? The cost or mutation access? In my experience the Kroxigor, tame bear, and yhetee have been the best for me, with the minotaur and ogre a close second.

    I know that they arent MA7 like the underworld blitzers, and dont get claw like chorfs or the rat, but dwarves with guard/MB/PO is still pretty good, no?

    Lastly the Delf blitzer is pretty good at ball handling, but I've seen pretty good coverage between the wardancers and bretonnian blitzers. My wardancers have been excellent cage divers and runners, while my blitzers are great at hitting S4/5 and can sneak a catch and run the ball like the dancers. That way I essentially have 4 blitzers and 4 catchers down the pitch.

    Granted I haven't had the 29 games of experience and lucky rolls you have had with your team, but I feel you're writing Alliance of Goodness off a little early.

    In either case I still think i will be running with them, so my earlier question still stands: is my build acceptable for Alliance of Goodness, or should I look at restructuring it?
  4. tys123

    tys123 Courier Staff

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    The underworld troll is the best big guy as he is the cheapest and has mutation access so can get claw , tents and Foul appearance.
    Krox , Bear and Yhetee are all worth having but cost more while delivering less.

    If you have played dwarves before you know that they need mass guard to work. Planning to have only 2 guard means that your dwarves are going to end up stuck next to ST4 or 5 players and not really doing much.
    Your Piling On needs to be on a players that can hit the opponents agile low AV players rather than ones who are going to be ST4 AV9.

    So basically with AoG teams the dwarves and bret linemen just get in the way and tie up opposing players while your dancers and blitzers have to do everything else.

    With the starting roster I would switch out a Bret blitzer for a human one to save 20K and switch a dwarf for a bret lineman to save 30K.
    Dauntless is nice on the blitzers but if you plan to pass to AG3 you are taking a risk anyway.
    That allows you to upgrade a dwarf to a tree.
    The tree is there for pitch control rather than blocking. By starting in the middle of the LoS he forces the opponent to pick a side and makes it easier to stop the TD and on offense it give you a solid anchor to pivot around.
    Tree and 2 dwarves start on the line on D as you don't want to give up easy AV7 hits as it is going to put you down players early in the drive.

    But you still have the problem that you can't win a bash war and once the opposing ballcarrier gets block and sure hands none of your blitzing players have wrestle to take them down. A witch elf or even a Kislev lineman is a much better sacker than wardancers or blitzers.

    I would want my final roster to be 2 dwarves and a fling tree for the line , 2 dancers , Woodie catcher , 2 Bret blitzers and 3 human blitzers with bret lineman sitting on the bench. Possibly with a Woodie thrower to replace a blitzer on offence and a fling if your opponents have Stand Firm to stop a normal 1 turn attempt.

    Dwarves and a human blitzer want guard on the 1st skill up. The other 2 human blitzers want to go the MB , PO , Tackle route to hopefully keep you somewhere close to parity in the removal stakes.
    I would also go Diving Tackle and Sidestep instead of NoS on the bret blitzers.
    Catching the ball in a TZ and dodging away will fail 20% of the time which is way too risky.
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