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Morg N Thorg: Cost vs Value

Discussion in 'General Blood Bowl News and Discussion' started by Wolbum, May 5, 2019.

  1. Wolbum

    Wolbum New Member

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    I haven't been on these forums for a good while but started getting back into BB after ages and been using stars a lot.

    One of the ones I have started using is Morg N Thorg who normally is seen as too expensive. However I have found him surprisingly decent. Expensive yes but slightly better than I thought. He can roadblock nicely, potentially dodge and has block. Despite this I am not sure about his value compared to his cost. I like him but 430k is still fairly high.

    What is the general consensus of Morg N Thorg right now though? He seems to be love or hate.

    Also how would you, if at all, change Morg to make him a more tempting inducement choice or to match his cost?

    I think I would either remove loner (making him extra special) or his AV10 cannot be modified by abilities.

    Thoughts on Morg?
  2. Supa

    Supa Active Member

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    Hey there.

    Morg is a monster alright. But really expensive indeed. Usually with that money a team can afford another star player and some other inducements, therefore not relying on Morg alone. He's also slightly meh against agile teams. However he's seen use especially against dwarfs, trying to keep three blockers occupied next to him. I've also seen ogre teams playing with less ogres and trying to get a Morg in the team for tournaments. :D

    I think Morg is mostly fine as he is now. Over costed yes, but all the star players are.

    In short, I think he can be useful when I'm getting plenty of inducements. Which has never happened to me in the leagues I've played. I think 430k (and even more) can be used better more often than not.
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  3. tys123

    tys123 Courier Staff

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    I think Morg is there for when there is a vast TV difference.
    If you are playing flings in long term leagues you can have 1000K+ tv differences and without Morg you wouldn't be able to spend all your inducements.
    Usually you are better off getting a 300K star and a wizard than Morg (or 2 stars) but if you get 600K+ then Morg becomes viable.
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  4. Ravers

    Ravers Well-Known Member

    Reading, UK
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    only time I have ever hired Morg was when I was rookie replacement Flings. Over 1k down vs Chorfs. Hired Deeproot and Morg. And they got the job done.
    So yeah, Morg is so expensive I can only see him being useful in those sort of scenarios. Normally other inducements would be better (and you rarely get 430 inducements anyways)
  5. Borke

    Borke Well-Known Member

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    In the old PC implementation of Blood Bowl ("BB1"), when the Underworld team didn't have all of their stars implemented (in fact, they only had access to Bomber Dribblesnot and Morg 'n' Thorg), I occasionally got to use Morg vs. opponents who were 600k+ above me. I always felt uneasy using him against Chaos, as they can usually get at least 1d blocks on him, and with their Claws have a decent chance of removing those 430k inducements from the field. Against all other strength teams, I was usually happy with how Morg performed. None of his "levels" seem irrelevant, +ST, Block, +MA, no Bonehead are all great, and even +AG, which doesn't come into play that often, has its uses occasionally, and these can be pretty clutch (e.g. dodging Morg out to blitz the ball carrier, or Morg picking up the ball and becoming the ball carrier; I've done all that, and it's awesome in particular for the surprise factor).

    However, with the new Blood Bowl implementation ("BB2"), Cyanide finally added the Skaven/Underworld star players, and that opens up so many powerful medium price options that now I'd need to be getting 800k+ in inducements before considering Morg, I think. Wizard, Wizard + medium star playeer, Wizard + 2 medium star players are all better options than Morg (or Morg + Wizard in the last case), and in most comparisons you even have enough gold left for a babe or a bribe. So while I don't dislike Morg, I do think that he simply doesn't add enough for his cost. He's just an outlet for insane amounts of inducement money.
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