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Undead Movement +1 for Mummy

Discussion in 'League and Team Development Tactics' started by bbfanatic, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. bbfanatic

    bbfanatic New Member

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    Hi all !

    Starting a long league, my first skill with my mummies is simple, but I can choose +1MV

    By now I have one ghoul with block, another with wrestle and a wight with guard

    Do you think +1MV does really make the difference or is it better just take guard or break tackle?

    Thank you very much
  2. tys123

    tys123 Courier Staff

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    I would just take guard.
  3. Ken

    Ken Kenny the Mechanic

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    Long term, there aren't many normal skills you'll want on that mummy. +MA now means he can blitz an adjacent player from prone without rolling GFI. Just saying
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2013
  4. danton

    danton Well-Known Member

    Buenos Aires (gmt -3)
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    I would take the Ma. Like Ken says, long term Mummies start to run out of useful skills and Ma 4 means they can keep up with the rest of the team better.
  5. Citizen Nev

    Citizen Nev Member

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    +MV Synergises with the inevitable BT you'll be getting.

    I just played a skilled Khemri team with 2 MV 5 Tomb Guardians and they were horrible.
  6. Everblue

    Everblue Active Member

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    I had a MV4 mummy on my OCC filler team. It was ok - being able to move 1 square after standing up was pretty nice and the extra range helped slightly when the position got messy.

    Not sure I would take it again as first skill though. People say that mummies have only a few normal roll skills, but you have guard, stand firm, break tackle and piling on. I think I would rather have all of those than Most mummies never seem to make it to 76 SPPs...!

    I also think that I might take the armour instead of the move. Yes it doesn't help against claw, but how many times a season does the mummy get knocked over by a claw player? And how many by a non-claw player? The armour makes such a huge difference to survival rates too - a 50% reduction in casualties received...
  7. Jav

    Jav Active Member

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    I really like the extra movement on a mummy, but I'm not sure I would pass up guard as the first skill. That STR5 guard is vitally important to your team, and playing without it will be painful.

    And if you get doubles next you'll have to take block. If you don't have guard at that point it will be quite awhile before you get it.

    I would take the +MV as a second skill though.
  8. Nikolai II

    Nikolai II Super Moderator Moderator

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    I agree that move is probably better when the mummy is already special.

    But that said it's not a horrible pick. Making a mummy as fast as a zombie is pretty nice in a way.
  9. akirilus

    akirilus Well-Known Member

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    If this were a Flesh Golem, I would forget the +MA and take either Block or Guard. But seeing that it's a Mummy, and you can only pick up Block on doubles (I am guessing you rolled 6+4, not 5+5), I would really be tempted by +MA. Mainly for the ability to Blitz from prone without rolling GFI. Also in theory a Mummy standing in the middle column and having MA4 can pin anyone to the sideline (with 2 gfi). An MA3 Mummy cannot.

    Basically, the skills that will help a Mummy level are Mighty Blow (it already has that), Block (you need to roll doubles to get it), and Piling On (which depending on your build might be a bad idea, since a STR5 Guard piece is more valuable standing up than prone). +MA won't make it level any slower, but will be useful long term, so I would be very tempted to take it. It also sort of synergizes with Piling On, if you really want to go that route (I think Wights make much better killers on an Undead team than Mummies do - they start with Block, and have normal access to all blocking and killer skills except Jump Up).
  10. Juriel

    Juriel Active Member

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    Right now, the team will be a lot weaker without the Guard.

    However, in the long term, that +MA will come up a ton.

    I'd take the +MA if I felt I was somewhat covered on the Guard front already.
  11. HC Vanselow

    HC Vanselow Member

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    Personally I'd take the MA + on a Mummy in order for
    him to be more destructive as he could blitz opponents
    after he stands up. Just as vitally important is the
    ability to keep up pace with the Skeletons, Zombies,
    Wights and Ghouls in the offensive blocking schemes.
    Guard in a nutshell is a normal skill which Mummies
    can take, yet how many times does a double drop into
    your lap ???. Grab should get very serious consideration
    too as it sets up chain blocks and opens holes up for the
    Ghouls (Grab is underrated too when it comes to Dwarf
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2013
  12. Barmution

    Barmution Well-Known Member

    Trondheim, Norway
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    I would grab +MV. More speed is always good on key pieces.