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Lizardman Musical Menu - OCC

Discussion in 'Team Blogs' started by hungrygnome, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. hungrygnome

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    Burlington, Iowa
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    Here is my OCC team after 2 seasons. First Lizardman team ive ever coached. My first season was a 4-3-2, and I reversed that (Nuffle was in Repeated Dice Rape mode most of the season) with a 2-3-4 season. Ive decided to give them one more season to see what they can do.

    Ive replaced 4 saurus, and only 1 skink somehow. My bane? Amazons somehow depitch me every time, and elves outbash me. My block Krox and Block Skink are tied now with 5 CAS each.