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Discussion in 'Site News, Bug Reports and Questions' started by BagOBones, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. BagOBones

    BagOBones New Member

    Hey Coach,

    This probably shows my own inability to observe the obvious, but it was only today I saw the big green button with "Forum" on it. I'd been looking in the menu at the top where there are the links to "Articles", "Players" etc, and actually using the link in your welcome message on the front page. Would it be worthwhile adding a "Forum" link into the menu at the top? it would mean you could reclaim the real estate from the current forum button at a later time too.

    Also, I love the ease with which you can add attachments. I'd like to add a team roster image (of an Excel spreadsheet) that will exceed the current limits. I fully understand server space isn't cheap and the need to impose these limit. Is there another way to attach a roster easily?

    And lastly, as running this site will take cash, have you thought about a "Donations" button? Granted, 56 (currently) members may not contribute much, but anything would be a plus I'd imagine.

    Many thanks for such a well set out and welcoming site.

  2. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    Thanks for your input

    The menu bars are set to display alphabetically at the moment, adding the forum link there will involve me modifying the code at a deeper level which I could do, but I also thought having the forum button there in the side might make it more obvious. Guess I was wrong! I might look at adding one in the menu as well at some point (long to do list).

    If it is just a screenshot of a roster you can type that out or use a table in your posts (I may have to enable the latter). If you really want to use an image then you can host it off site and use the tags to link it as per usual on forum software.

    I can cover the running costs fine at the moment but I have other ideas for generating any money if I need to cover costs in the future.