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Nurgle Mutant Ninjas

Discussion in 'Team Blogs' started by Tirean, Dec 10, 2017.

  1. Tirean

    Tirean Active Member

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    The undeserved draw king is here! Another draw I shouldn't have had! I even almost won. My claws were out this game and I had my rookie pestigor not die and even scored a TD! Maybe next game we will have 2 Pestigors with some levels (I doubt it...)

    So we drawing our way to Div 2 right now it seems.. Little worried but not surprised! The amount of STR on my team seems to make up for the lack of tackle and wrestle that I have. When my super Rotters die we may be in a little bit of trouble. Hoping to have all my Warriors at level 3 by then and 3 leveled pestigors! Worried every game right now :D

    Next game is against some humans with crazy high TV and 13 players. I have 15 players and will get a wizard :O Should be fun! Foul foul foul first drive for sure :D DIE HUMANS