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Wood Elf Next skill for a wrestler catcher

Discussion in 'League and Team Development Tactics' started by Dr SLM, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. Dr SLM

    Dr SLM New Member

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    Hi guys,

    My wood elf team goes like this:

    WD - AG5, MB and Strip ball
    WD - AV6, Strip ball and Frenzy
    Thrower - Accurate
    Catcher- AV6, Block, Side Step
    Catcher- Block
    Catcher- Wrestle, NEW SKILL (6+4=10)
    2 Linemen - Block
    Lineman - AV6
    Lineman - AG5, Kick, Dodge
    Lineman - Wrestle, Dodge

    Total 13 players, 1 apo, 3RR and 60 in cash ; TV1770

    So, my main question is: what should I take as a next skill for my Catcher?
    I got 4 and 6 on the dice, so is it worth considering +AV or +MV ?
    I would lean towars +AV, as I already have 3 players with AV6 am playing in a rather bashy environment : 1 DE team, 2 Skaven, 1 Human, 1 Undead and 2 Necros.

    My other concern is this. My next game (tomorrow night) is against an 11 players Skaven team (TV1550, Cash: 110). Should I get rid of my AV6 lineman or use him to foul the gutter runners?

    Any input welcome!
  2. Vusfnuv

    Vusfnuv Member

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    What about strip ball or tackle? You could try making him a ballcarrier hunter. With his speed he could be useful on defence. Both a threat of blitzing (even with -2D) from the opponent's half of the pitch and scoring, as he is still a fast realiable catcher after all. I guess you will not want to use a WD for this role.
  3. Viajero

    Viajero Active Member

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    +1 MA !!!! Then you only need 1 push for the 1 turn TD.

    I would not call 1 DE team, 2 Skaven, your own WE team, 1 Human, 1 Undead and 2 Necros a bashy environment at all... 4 agile, human and 3 bashy (of which no chaos, no khemri, no orcs, no dwarf and no nurgle...) is quite non bashy actually.

    Keep the AV6 for fouling. How much inducements are you giving up?

    Also, your team sorely needs tackle! there is plenty of dodge in that league.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2011
  4. Murkglow

    Murkglow Member

    I wouldn't ever grab +AV, especially not that early. It's just not worth it IMO, maybe on a star player with 4 great skills already on him but on a guy with just 1 skill? Nah.

    +Mv would be my pick. +Mv gives him insane range and ability to do all kinds of things from sacking a backfield thrower to chasing down a runner. He's also great for picking up or receiving a ball and leaving the opposition in the dust.

    If you really don't want +Mv then I'd probably grab either Diving Tackle or Sidestep. I don't like Strip Ball in even the best of times and a WE catcher isn't the greatest user of it anyway (Str 2 :(). Tackle is fine I suppose but it's just not on the same level as the other two skills for such an early pick IMO unless you know you're going to face a lot of dodge in the near future (and none of the teams you listed are going to necessarily have a ton of dodge just yet, only the DE really might).
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2011
  5. EatThisShoe

    EatThisShoe New Member

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    I would take tackle. Wrestle/tackle is a good ball hunting combo especially against sure hands where strip ball fails. It's also decent for just putting a player on the ground.

    What really stands out to me however is that every single team in your division has a AV7 dodge piece in it, and your team has no tackle at all. Humans and skaven are even ST2 giving your catcher parity.

    Cutting the lineman would still give the skaven team enough petty cash for a wizard, with the lineman you would give him probably a bloodweiser babe on top. I actually might consider cutting the lineman and still fouling his gutters since this would force him to choose between a wizard and babes, and the babes might counteract your fouling. If he bought a mercenary + babes then I wouldn't foul, but at least your would deny some inducements and not have to worry about a wizard. He might also buy a 12th player permanently with his bank, in which case cutting the lineman would guarantee no wizard. He could even buy 2 linemen permanently and still induce a bribe which would be bad with so many AV6 on your team. So overall I think cutting the lineman reduces his options a lot, and it's a piece you should cut anyways.
  6. Dr SLM

    Dr SLM New Member

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    Thanks for the advice guys.
    I still have to make up my mind, but I might fire this lineman. Another good reason to do so is that I will go below TV1750, earning 10k more gold at the end of the game.
  7. Isryion

    Isryion Member

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    I tend not to go with the +MV, but then I try to build exclusively for defense on almost the entire team.

    If you want something that might be more interesting, try Dauntless. Add tackle next, or Tackle then Dauntless and have him go after blodgers and ball carriers.

    Also, I'd strongly consider firing the AV6 lineman since he's a bit of a liability, and he'll inevitably get an MVP! You've got the cash to replace him and will be likely able to replace another loss, if you have one, at the end of your next game
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2011
  8. coachman

    coachman Well-Known Member

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    bjj hero
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    My wrestle catcher has dauntless to free up the ball in their backfield. Is this a perpetual league? How long will you have the team for?

    If this is a team you will have for multiple seasons them take the +MV for the long term. His range will be awsome and you can get a touchdown much easier when receiving on turn 8/16.

    If it is only for oone season then take dauntless. It will be useful for you as you field 4 str2 players.

    And lose the lineelf. The difference between AV7 and AV6 is massive. You will have a hard time keeping him on field.
  9. Purgatory

    Purgatory Member

    Limmared, Sweden
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    +MV if you want an easy chain push for a one-turn TD in a pinch, if you feel you don't need that, then I'd ignore the fact that you rolled a 10 and grab dauntless on that Catcher. My team has a safety Catcher with Wrestle, Dauntless and Tackle, and he is my favourite player of them all.