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Passing Norse Thrower

Discussion in 'League and Team Development Tactics' started by sunnyside, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. sunnyside

    sunnyside Member

    I'm getting some Norse teams that are starting to creep up into the higher team values and I'm starting to think about throwers again.

    What I'm noticing is that in most cases I still have a relativley easy time scoring unless I'm a massive underdog.

    Where I've wanted to throw it's been when diving tackle S4 or sidestep players are next to my ball carrier. Usually more than one.

    I'm also finding that I dislike sending out recievers. Prefirring ot keep my guys relatively closeish for assists.

    The classical advice has been to give the thrower sure hands and accurate.

    However I'm thinking that Nerves of Steel might be a better option possibly before accurate.
  2. coachman

    coachman Well-Known Member

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    I'd argue that you use accurate every time you throw. If you are marked by one player then accurate is as good as Nerves of steel.

    If you are marked by 2 players your plans have really gone pear shaped and you should be looking at your strategy. Particularly if this is happening often.

    I know having guys for assist is helpful but try to have at least one player deep, it changes the way people defend and can change breaking the ball loose on Defence into a touch down.

    When recieving a free catcher in the back field is good for mind games even if you don't use him. Some players will opt to double mark him. This makes him twice as good.
  3. sunnyside

    sunnyside Member

    Well the issue is that if there is only one player marking the thrower I can probably blitz them clear, and so would be inclined to simply keep going with the running play as I usually do.

    Essentially "plan A" is to run the ball to the endzone without making any catch rolls at all.

    Plan B is a handoff during the play.

    I'm saying that the point of the thrower would be to have a "plan C" for those other situations.

    Currently "plan A" works just fine almost every time. But as the TVs rise you see more four skill diving tackle type players and I worry plan A won't keep working.
  4. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    I'd still take Accurate first as it was said it helps on every pass. If you are keeping him in a cage then there should be a team mate next to him that you can hand off to. It should be easier to free them up of opposing tackle zones if there are any as well.

    I was also under the impression that a lot of Norse coaches will use the Runner to carry the ball (can get Block and Dodge easily) and they don't have Throwers on the team at all.

    You could carry the ball with a Runner and then hand off to the Thrower who could then look to make a passing play perhaps.
  5. sunnyside

    sunnyside Member

    That would in large part be the "plan B" I mentioned above. Unless you're more interested in 1SPP than winning, there isn't any reason to pass when you could hand off.

    I'm the same way. And I'd advise that for starting coaches and general use at lower TVs. I'm just not so sure it works so well in the spiraling expenses range.

    I don't really have much to compare against. I'm the best or at least most advanced Norse coach in my 30-40 coach league. Which, considering how relatively new I am, probably says more about how other coaches view Norse in a perpetual league than it does about me.

    It also highlights the issues Norse have at higher TV that I'm trying to find a solution to.

    I'd forgotten about it when I started this thread, but I had considered something like that in the past where the thrower has nerves of steel and serves as a cage corner in the position I think my opponent is least likely to hit.

    If things go pear shaped on the drive and the cage is swarmed Nerves let the thrower both get the handoff and unload the ball without penalty.
  6. AL13N

    AL13N New Member

    Coach is right although my thrower has 4AG this is what I do! I have a runner with the ball most of the time if I need to pass I handoff to thrower and bang easy completion due to them concentrating on the ball handler 90% of the time!