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Halfling Number of rerolls to shoot for?

Discussion in 'League and Team Development Tactics' started by Murkglow, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Murkglow

    Murkglow Member

    How many Rerolls do you aim to have on a "late season" halfling team? On one hand you want to keep your TV down, this gets you your Halfling Chief/Star Players/ect... And also you'll be getting a reroll or two (perhaps) from the Chief each half so how many is "enough?"

    On most teams I tend to find four to be my max. On the other hand with no ball handling or blocking skills in easy reach for this team team rerolls are likely more vital then they are on other teams...

    Thus my question, how many do you think is enough? As many as you can afford while still getting the inductments you want? 3-4? 2 and hope to win the rerolls from elsewhere?

    Note this is for the Cyanide version so keep that in mind.
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  2. chef

    chef New Member

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    I like five. With the possibility of stealing up to three with chef, this would give you 8 assuming you rolled well. And flings eat up re-rolls almost as quickly as they eat up anything else.
  3. Barninho

    Barninho Well-Known Member

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    Five is a good number for the reasons Chef stated. It's my target for the league but I'll only hit it assuming I maintain the magical TV gap of 400k between me and my rivals.

    I normally play challenge games because I like the inducements, but assuming you are talking about a match-making team I'd go higher, because you get matched against teams of equal TV. As Chef wisely says, you can't really have enough. A re-roll in a lot of cases can be far more useful than a player skill for example, as any player can be knocked off the pitch with one hit.