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Open International League

Discussion in 'Blood Bowl 2' started by Evandryan, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. Evandryan

    Evandryan New Member

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    ProAm wissen tournament beginning Dec 16th 2018 on PS4
    please join OPEN INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE for feedback or more information
    this event will be restricted to 32 teams
    in the event more than experienced teams try to join they will be booted in favour of new teams (theres a laddder for that stuff)

    thank you

    we now also have a website oilbbps4.jigsy.com
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  2. mamutas

    mamutas Well-Known Member

    Texas, USA
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    A competition, eh? :)
    Good luck with your league! Maybe one day, we can have League vs League tourney or something...