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Out of the box League

Discussion in 'General Blood Bowl News and Discussion' started by RevoL, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. RevoL

    RevoL New Member

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    I was looking for some advise. Previously a long time warhammer player and picked up tje odd game of BB (not a lot of experience).

    Due you time and money constraints BB is a great option to carry on the hobby. We are looking at doing a league and keeping it simple to begin with. Looking at the latest range the teams look all reasonable with possibly the only exception, at fist glance, the goblins. Without knowing the rules in great detail it seems whilst you can start straight up with any team but maybe the goblins need a troll? Is this a reasonable guess or does it unbalance things?

    Thanks for any advice
  2. tys123

    tys123 Courier Staff

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    Goblins without both trolls and the secret weapons is likely to lose nearly all the time.
    Even a great coach with a full goblin team will struggle to win half his matches.

    The different races are deliberately different.
    Goblins , Halflings and Ogres are weaker than the rest so if you are all new coaches I would suggest you leave these teams until later.

    Also generally speaking the teams that start with lots of skills are better at the start while the teams with no skills get better later.
    So a norse team would probably beat a chaos team if they were both new but after 20+ games the chaos team will be better.

    Also if you are just buying the basic teams from GW to see if you like it you are going to find that later on you will want more of the positionals.
    However if everyone is doing the same thing then the teams should be balanced.
    For example no human team would ever start without all 4 blitzers if they had the choice and the orc teams want 4 blitzers and 4 black orcs.
    But a team with 2 human blitzers would be fine facing an orc team that only has 2 of each.
  3. cjblackburn

    cjblackburn Well-Known Member

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    Since you have experience with warhammer if you can convert models the boxes can be made into more traditional builds. I have done it with the ones in the main box set but the other teams look doable. I would not describe myself as a good converter and it was pretty straightforward.

    The Orc box is just a well thought out paint job from being 4 Black Orks, 4 Blitzers, 2 Linemen and 2 Throwers. As apart from the throwers they are all big and spiky. This is a good starting eleven if you leave out the second thrower.

    The Human set I swapped the heads round (after trimming the bit that goes inside the body) so the big spike was on the throwers, the little spikes on the catchers & Blitzers with no spikes on the Linemen. This gave me 4 Blitzers, 2 catchers, 2 throwers and 4 linemen. Even on the starting roster you probably want the Ogre though.

    Dwarves and Chaos are pretty much all there for early TV. Elven Union is the same but you won’t want a second thrower as the 12 player. Chaos are a tough team to start with though.

    You probably want to convert one of the throwers and a Linerat to gutter runners on the Skaven team as you definitely want as many gutter runners as possible and most people don’t run 2 throwers (or even 1 sometimes).

    Dark Elves rarely run with two runners however you are now getting to the point where you can’t buy all your positionals in the starting lineup. So maybe convert one (or both) runner into a Blitzer but you need the Line Elves to fill out the team at low TV.

    Nurgle have similar problems without 4 pestigors but starting out of the box will give you a decent starting roster. It’s just long term where the lack of Pestigors will hurt. However Nurgle, even with the beast, are not as good as the other teams at the start so you may want to hold off on getting this team unless you really want to.

    Undead nead 2 more Ghouls but I can’t see a sensible conversion in their box. So it might be better to just buy 2 more ghouls as most ghouls aren’t carrying any weapons.

    Don’t touch goblins until you have all the extras and are experienced at the game. Goblins are designed to lose more than they win even with all the extras so without they will be terrible for a new coach.

    Basically you can get to Eleven players in a ‘good’ starting roster with 4 of the boxes easily enough. With 4 more requiring some conversion and 2 requiring additional purchases. Goblins require alot of extras and are not really suitable for this.

    Longer term these teams will need more players but for an getting to know the game season it should work. So you can play some games and see which team people like playing with before committing too much long term.
  4. RevoL

    RevoL New Member

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    Thanks for the advice all. Think we will go basic with a few core teams and then no doubt the competitiveness will kick in and all the extras will come in to play! Thanks again!