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Pairing Off Blood Bowl Race Rivalries

Discussion in 'General Blood Bowl News and Discussion' started by Coach, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    A thought occurred to me yesterday about the traditional rivalries between certain races in Blood Bowl and I got wondering what match ups would be if you paired off all 24 races. Below is my take on the concept, obviously just a bit of fun and the match ups aren't meant to be "balanced".

    Humans vs Orcs
    The traditional rivals and most obvious, they come in the box set and the de-facto standard for a lot of fantasy stuff.

    Dwarfs vs Goblins
    The two teams who are most well known for using secret weapons on the pitch as well as their racial rivalry.

    High Elves vs Dark Elves
    Two opposite sides of the same coin, good vs evil confrontation.

    Pro Elves vs Nurgle
    Nurgle are the only team with any great out of the box defence for Nerves of Steel Catchers

    Amazon vs Norse
    Dodge vs Block, Women vs Men, both were introduced to the game late on.

    Wood Elves vs Chaos
    Both good teams at high levels, Wardancers have the best starting combo of skills vs the team that starts without skills (bar horns). Fast ball moving team vs probably the most effective bashing team.

    Lizardmen vs Chaos Dwarf
    Both teams have strong and fast players, dodge and stunty vs tackle, speed vs slow, fragile vs tough.

    Khemri vs Chaos Pact
    4 ST5 players vs 3 ST5 players

    Undead vs Necro
    The two regen zombie teams with slightly difference styles.

    Skaven vs Underworld
    The two takes on the Skaven players

    Halfling vs Ogre
    ST2 vs ST1, ST6 vs ST5, dodge and stunty vs bonehead, stealing rerolls vs unreliable. Extremes of big and small on both teams.

    Vampire vs Slann
    The two that were left, both newer teams, Hypnotic gaze vs Leap. Both have unusual and different play styles to utilise compared to other races.

    So what do you think, any changes you would make, obviously there aren't just straight clear cut single rivalries for every team but I think they paired off fairly well.
  2. Thanatos

    Thanatos Member

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    I would have put Dwarfs and Skaven together.
    Their respectively gameplay are totslly different and they are huge rivals in the WFB world as well.
  3. Ork from Mork

    Ork from Mork New Member

    I think the undead vs. necro and the skaven vs. underwolrd both have the problem of the two teams being very similar to each other.

    I like skaven vs. chaos dwarf. You've got one of the best bashy teams vs. one of the best dashy teams. Skaven and Chaos Dwarfs are the two most popular teams in the Stunty Leeg and whenever the two cross paths, it's usually a good game.
  4. Hasdrubal

    Hasdrubal New Member

    Pro Elves vs Slanns
    Answer to those pesky elf catchers: a 4+ interception by a slann catcher, or a diving tackle blitzer.
  5. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    I like your thinking with that match up.
  6. RedDevilCG

    RedDevilCG Member

    Orcs vs. Goblins, slave rebellion?
  7. Marlow

    Marlow Member

    I would have gone for Wood Elves vs Dwarfs for the more traditional fantasy rivalry.
    Not sure where that leaves Goblins though...

    Necromantic vs Vampires for the old Werewolf vs Vampire cliché.
  8. Zharud Darksoul

    Zharud Darksoul New Member

    Dwarfs vs Chaos Dwarfs would be a real rivalry. I remember reading in novels and on warhammer fantasy sites, that Dwarfs hate their corrupted brethren so much, they even refuse to accept their existence and bash heads even when somebody mentions the Dawi-zharr to them. Chaos Dwarfs are their greatest shame.