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Playing Cyanide Games via Stuntyleeg

Discussion in 'Site News, Bug Reports and Questions' started by Coach, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    Hi everyone, I've been talking to funnyfingers who runs stuntyleeg.com and it has the option to play matches with the cyanide game.

    Instead of the team roster being held by the cyanide servers, you have it on the stuntleeg website. All team management is done on the website and then you download the roster to your computer and load it up in game playing directly instead.

    Hopefully that should avoid some of the port issues that people have been having though I'm not certain.

    With the roster being held on the stuntyleeg website it offers some advantages. First of all there is no restriction on team name so you can use duplicate ones if you wished. It will also be possible to include all the missing star players just using a standard play model to represent them in the game.

    I believe it will also be possible for more than one coach to play using the same copy of the game as well. The matches are direct using "Local Area Network" rather than Internet league. So you don't have to log in an account online you can just change your in game coach name at the top of the screen.

    Signing up:
    To sign up please reply in this thread with a coach name you wish to use on the stuntyleeg website and I can create an account for you. I will send you a private message with a password, please login and change the password and also add your email address.

    If you already have an account on the website then please post the username here if you wish to use that same one. I will have to contact funnyfingers to give you access to the test league as I can't do that myself.

    Playing a Game:
    These instructions are from the Da Leeg - Online Blood Bowl League CRP / LRB6 rules page, select PCBB from the drop down list, to see them. These may change slightly when Legendary Edition is released.

    Select League : PCBB
    Click Coach Corner
    Click your team
    Move the mouse over Roster, underneath of the main team roster
    Click Cyanide-DB
    Save the file to:
    [My ]Documents/Blood Bowl/Saves/Teams/

    Uploading a match
    Choose which player will upload the match since only one upload is needed.
    The following two files must be zipped.
    The Match report is located in the following location:
    [My ]Documents/Blood Bowl/

    The Replays are in the following location:
    [My ]Documents/Blood Bowl/Saves/Replay

    NOTE: The MatchReport.sqlite file is overwritten upon starting a new match.. You have to zip up the file before playing another game.

    Select League : PCBB
    Click Pugins
    Click- Client Match Report Upload
    Browse and select the zip file you just created.
    Select the Tournament you wish to upload the match to.
    Upload the zip file.
    Check Recent Matches to ensure that all went well.
  2. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    I would also encourage you to use the stuntyleeg chatroom to cordinate playing a match. If you have an irc client already then connect to irc.stuntyleeg.com and go into channel #daleeg

    If you don't, there is a link to a webbased client on the home page of the stuntyleeg.com website, or just clik this link Da Leeg - Online Blood Bowl League CRP / LRB6

    It is also possible to play BOTOCS games with the same team roster, so if you are looking for a game or replying to someone else in there who is after one, please be careful that you are both talking about using the same client, either BOTOCS or Cyanide.
  3. Grumbledook

    Grumbledook Member

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    I'm already signed up for this and have been for months. I've tried connecting with another player on there to test things out but haven't yet played a match.

    It is fairly easy to do, if you get stuck then I'm usually idle in the chat room (though during work hours not likely to respond).

    You can also use bbedit to change the team while you have it saved, the main reason you would want to do this at the moment is to change the team colour to one you want.

    The roster file saves the team colour as a number, so you will need to change the number to match the colour you want, use this chart to get the right one.


    To actually play the game you need to go to:
    Local Area Connection
    Change your coach name at the top of the screen
    One coach creates a game
    The other coach clicks on direct IP and enters the IP address of the coach that created the game (the creating coach should go to What Is My IP Address - Shows Your IP Address to find his ip it will be a series of numbers and dots like
    Enter that in and once you are both connected you can select the race of your team and the team name should show up of your team as long as you saved the roster in the correct place as per the instructions on the stuntyleeg rules page for PCBB.
    You can also select which stadium etc you wish to use, then just play the game when both are ready.

    You can also use bbedit to change the team icon that shows up if you wanted to use a custom one. I can make another post on that if people are interested.

    I guess this is what is going to be used for the BBTactics league?
  4. Netsmurf

    Netsmurf Well-Known Member

    Denmark, GMT+1
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    I would like to try this out, coachname Netsmurf
  5. Grumbledook

    Grumbledook Member

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    I got a copy of LE yesterday and have been messing around with it like I did with the previous one.

    bbedit still works for it like before and LE can load rosters from stuntyleeg without problem

    wondered if anyone fancied playing a match using it to see how it all works and if uploading matches goes ok?

    It is probably easiest via the stuntyleeg chat room so head to Da Leeg - Online Blood Bowl League CRP / LRB6 and you can use the java chat on there, or if you have your own IRC program then the server is irc.stuntyleeg.com and the channel you need to go to is #daleeg