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Orc Progression for orc linemen

Discussion in 'League and Team Development Tactics' started by mrpier, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. mrpier

    mrpier Member

    Hi, I'm running an Orc team in the cyanide game, and wondered about progression for Orc linemen? I noticed they didn't have a guide yet so I thought I should ask here instead.

    This is my team so far:

    Black orc - block, guard
    Black orc - block, -1 AG
    Black orc - block, guard
    Black orc - +1 ST, block
    Troll - guard, stand firm
    Blitzer - guard, dodge
    Blitzer - strip ball
    Blitzer - mighty blow, jump up, piling on
    Blitzer - tackle, diving tackle
    Thrower - block, fend, kick off return
    Thrower - dodge, block
    Lineman - kick, tackle
    Lineman - block, tackle

    Where should I go from here? Assuming I get more skills on my linemen of course.
  2. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    Didn't realise there wasn't one heh.

    Can't fault how you have started, Guard on doubles.

    They don't usually spend much time on the field though so are usually slow to skill up. Extra skills past Block and Tackle aren't really overly that useful. You have enough strength on the team to not really need Dauntless. Could consider Wrestle or Fend, Pro might be the best choice though. Dirty Player is another alternative, though the other skills he has are somewhat a waste of team value if they get sent off. That being said Dirty Player may be what I would go for.

    It wouldn't be terrible to just sack the non Kick one and replace him with someone who uses up less team value when they don't see the pitch very often.
  3. mrpier

    mrpier Member

    Thanks for the fast reply Coach. I hadn't really considered TV since I'm just messing about in the single player, seeing how good a team I can get before I get bored (I have 7 rerolls and 5 cheerleaders, so I almost always play against teams who has a star player) :)

    But I think Dirty Player is good fit for at least one of them. How about the amount of tackle and guard on the team? Is it enough? I usually let my linemen play on defence against the agile teams.
  4. Ian

    Ian Member

    Well obviously in the Cyanide game in SP you're playing against all the races so you need a good balance of skills. You need to be able to handle anything the game chucks at you, be it mountains of block, loads of dodge, whatever.

    The universal one is, of course, guard. Always, always Guard. :)
  5. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    I'd like more Guard than you have but Linemen require doubles to get it. If you just field them vs agility teams then Diving Tackle would be a better double as well.
  6. Murkglow

    Murkglow Member

    Since I'm also kinda sad Linemen have no article for them I though I'd post my comments on them here.

    Basicly I find myself useing them quite alot on my orc team. As an AV9 unit they are nice and tough and with sure hands a general skill I really find myself lacking motivation to pick up a Thrower (after all I can get basicly the same skills that I want, ie I don't mind loseing passing, and get a bonus AV for it for when I don't have the ball).

    Normally I'm all over throwers (as the human thrower is simply a better lineman in every way for only 20k) but with the Orc Thrower's AV penalty the choice isn't nearly as clear for me.
  7. Zweistein

    Zweistein Member

    i'd go for wrestle with the kick lineman. i think this skill is just great against all-block-teams. nothing is more frustrating for a coach then seeing his players on the ground. ;)

    the 2nd. hm. how about shadowing? if he gets no double that is.
    but he is good as he is.