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PUZZLE SKILLS for GW Bases Available at Comixininos!!!

Discussion in 'General Blood Bowl News and Discussion' started by Comixininos, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. Comixininos

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    Already available the PUZZLE SKILLS for 32 mm GAMES WORKSHOP Bases!!!

    Set of 59 Puzzle Skills for 32 mm Games Workshop bases. These Skills do not need any ring or accessory, since they perfectly fit around the round 32 mm Games Workshop official bases. The item is brand new and never used. The picture shows the item on sale. Miniature not included.


    Item Link:


    You can see here ALL the PUZZLE SKILLS available ONLY at Comixininos:


    All the Skills of the game are available at our store. You can combine them as you wish, since you can easily exchange them. No glue needed, because of their puzzle-connection system. The text of the Skills is laser engraved. The text has Fantasy Football format, with spikes all over the characters. For a better reading, you may need to apply a crayon over the text.

    You will need to combine 4 Skills to complete the whole circle around the 32 mm round base of your miniature. Since no glue is needed, once the game is over you can easily take out the skills from one miniature and use them for another miniature.

    If the player has less than 4 Skills, you will need Puzzle Skills with No Text, also available at our store. For example, if any of your players got Tackle but no other Skills yet, you will need the following 4 pieces to complete the ring: one Tackle Puzzle Skill and 3 Puzzle Skills with no text.

    Also available at our store the Sets of 30 Puzzle Skills with No Text and the Sets of 4 units of each of the Skills of the game (for example, 4 Block Puzzle Skills) and whole Sets of Skills: General (Black color), Strength (Light Red color), Agility (Yellow color), Pass (Blue color), Mutation (Green golor) and Characteristic Modificacions (Dark Red color). Each Set contains one unit of each Skill included in that category.
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  2. Netsmurf

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    Must say that I prefer the magnetic ones
  3. danton

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    Someone needs to come up with programmable bases that let you display different skills and colours via an app on your phone! Well a man can dream right? :bothdown: