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Questions and Questions about the forum

Discussion in 'Site News, Bug Reports and Questions' started by Nikolai II, Sep 18, 2016.

  1. Nikolai II

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    Question: What is this particular subforum about?

    I've always read it as "Site News, Site Bug Reports and Site Questions", but it is possible to read it as "Site News, All Bug Reports and Any Questions" which means that Cyanide bug reports and blood bowl rules questions occasionally end up here.

    So, assuming it is the first one I'd suggest the following changes to the forum structure:

    1. The forum group "General Blood Bowl Forum" gets renamed to "General Forum"

    2. Under the forum group "Blood Bowl Tactics and Strategy forum" there is added a subforum called "Rules Questions" or "Blood Bowl Rules Questions"

    And while I'm at it, the General Forum could get a subforum called "Miniatures and Painting" to bring that part of the hobby a bit more visibility.
    (General forum to make it more inclusive to people painting non-blood bowl miniatures or making pictures in general)