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Request: Older Articles Need Fix

Discussion in 'Site News, Bug Reports and Questions' started by Gim, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Gim

    Gim New Member

    I was browsing some of the older articles to relearn some of the basics of cage breaking and I noticed that in a lot of your articles, where there used to be play creator images, showing who moves where, there isn't anything anymore.

    I checked a few of your other articles, and it's true for the cage basics and marking players articles as well. Since my group is all fairly green and hoping to get better, I was planning on linking them to those articles.

    If it's just my browser let me know, but I tried looking at in in both Firefox and internet explorer and it still shows little boxes with "404 cannot be found.".

    This has always been a great resource site for my leagues and I hope this issue (if it is an issue and not just my computer) gets fixed when you have a free moment.

  2. Netsmurf

    Netsmurf Well-Known Member

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    The Play-creator site is offline and has been for the last few months. Affraid it will not return:(
  3. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    Hi Grim, I've been looking into options on how to best sort this out. Just so you know I'm working on it.
  4. Gim

    Gim New Member

    I'm glad to hear it Coach, this site has always been very useful for me as a resource to learn how to play. I'm not sure without it I would have really understood much of anything about blood bowl without some of those articles. The only sites that really seem to talk much about it, tend to focus more on specific teams than overall strategy.

    Anyway, here's hoping you find a solution .

    Thanks for the quick reply.