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Season 12 match day 2 results

Discussion in 'Big Crunch 2' started by FemurMuertez, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. FemurMuertez

    FemurMuertez Active Member

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    Don´t Panic!
    (coached by tys123 ) vs. The Snapping Tendons (coached by yours truly)

    Not much to say about the match... It rained. Elves got diced really badly from the start. All the crucial rolls failed.

    Elves won the toss and chose to receive. After a failed pickup I managed to rush and pick up the ball. Sacking and failed and succeeded pickups on both sides. On t4 Emil Frej scores after a pick up and two GFI´s. Elves managed to equalize on t8.

    Half time 1-1

    I got the ball. Built a cage near my own EZ on the right side of the pitch. Moved up and cage now in the center. Moved to the left side of the pitch near the opponents EZ and delayed the TD until on t16 I scored.

    Full time 1-2

    If you want to know more, check below.


    Well played @tys123 . Good luck for the rest of the season.
  2. doohickey

    doohickey Well-Known Member

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    The Red Eye Spidahs are continuing their unexpectedly successful start to their careers, taking a 2-1 win over a banged up Norse team, the Norscan Lycans (@Cr3pusculum). Once again the game started off on the wrong foot for our plucky goblin heroes with a couple KO's quickly putting them down on numbers in the first couple turns. I saw a chance to go for a sack on T1 and decided to go for it even though it required 3 goblins to dodge for a 2 die blitz. The last one failed but the positioning of both teams was such that the Norse decided to score after only 3 turns thanks to a couple removals on their side. The bribe came through as needed so the chainsaw was able to play out the rest of the first half, and boy did that come in handy. I decided to keep the fanatic on the sideline and hope to get him in the game in the second half so he could lead the offensive charge. In the meantime, after receiving the ball the gobbos hid behind the bulky masses of their trolls and managed to start the snowball of removals going. By the end of the half they had greatly reduced the norse numbers, including a kill via chainsaw foul on a berserker, and ran in the ball on T8. Thanks to a considerable numbers advantage, the second half was a pretty simple march down the pitch with a slight 1 turn blip where a dodging lineman managed a sack. We scored on T16 and the one turner was never really on with too few players left on the pitch. Of course the dead zerker was the one who scored and also took the MVP so the rough days continue for the Lycans.

    Overall I am ecstatic with 2 straight wins so far but I fear that facing 2 AV7 teams may have given me rather unrealistic expectations regarding how often I can remove players :p:p
    I'll get to put this theory to the test rather quickly as I think I play orcs in back to back matches now.

    Thanks for the match Cr3pusculum, hopefully you can pull that team back on track!
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  3. Swuul

    Swuul Active Member

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    Pineforest Guardians (WoodElves coached by Swuul) 1 - 0 (Chaos coached by Crowdog09) Claw&Order

    The woodies got from Inducements Sidewinder and Babes (had to spend 10k of my own money to get the Babes). Chaos won the coin-flip, and decided to attack. The AGI4 Beastman failed to pick up the ball, and Chaos chose to not reroll the roll. Woodies immediatly attacked the ball, and the AGI5 Catcher picked up the ball, but failed the dodge out (he would have made a Quick Pass to the Wardancer nearby, but alas). The Chaos got up the ball, this time with their Blodge AGI4 SureHands Beastman, and he proved to be hard to take down. The fifth sacking attempt finally saw the ball cut loose, and the woodies ran away with it. But the Chaos fought hard, and succeeded to take down the Wardancer with the ball, but then the AGI4 Beastman failed the pickup (the reroll had been spent on the Minotaur so that he could blitz the wardancer instead of being a raging bull). The woodies had an easy run, pick up the ball with the AGI5 Catcher and hand it off to the other Catcher, but snake-eyes meant a fumbled catch. After some more confusion, the woodies finally scored after a series of 4+ rolls (apparently it was stupid to try those single 2+ rolls to score, I had to roll three 4+ rolls in row to actually be able to score). End of first half 1-0 to the woodies.

    Second half, somebody threw a rock at the other wardancer (who was the designated ball carrier) and the rock killed the dancer. The plans thus shot to hell, the other catcher ran back to pick up the ball, while the rest of the woodies made a shotgun attack (and the Tree took root, and took no more part in the game). On turn 10 a Quick Pass was needed to score (after a hand off to which the reroll had been burned), but the ball was fumbled. Chaos got up the ball, and the woodies started to run out of players. On turn 15 the Chaos decided to stall close to the goal line, and that was all the Strip Ball Wardancer needed; two red dice blitz and the ball was cut loose, and bounced away from goal. Chaos desperate to score with the AGI4 Beastman without SureHands, and he fell over on the GFI to goal.

    Thanks for the game @Crowdog09! This was one of the most intense games I've played recently, the game felt all the time like it could go either way. I am not sure if I actually deserved the win, but I'll take it anyway :)


    Stats of the game can also be viewed at:
  4. Street

    Street Well-Known Member

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    You will need tactical fouling on key targets when they are higher armour (or lots of luck) though you don't need to remove many players to beat bash teams, but they are harder to win against as you pretty much play like rubbish elves who like to foul when against them!
  5. Keraunograf

    Keraunograf Active Member

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    Well, today we learned that Kislev are kind of like Skaven, but also not at all. A fairly elfy 2-2 match against the Necros, with them managing to just remove enough players to make it impossible for me to stop their first score, and then with the score 2-1, and the last chance for the Necros to score... I roll a one on my 2+ leap in, and then a skull on my Wrestle/Strip. Just needed less than half 1s!

    All the same, good game!
  6. Ravers

    Ravers Well-Known Member

    Reading, UK
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    Reikland. Roll Like an Egyptian 0 : 2 Moon Shiners

    Khemri vs Norse. First time my guys have gone up against a Khemri team, they had 380 inducements so took a wiz and Setekh. This meant of the 11 players starting Khemri had 43 Str, but I had 41, and a lot more agility and skills.

    I lost the toss for like the billionth time in a row (seriously it is about 20 now, wtf??) - Khemri received. I forgot I had kick on my Str 5 lino, for like the billionth time in a rowo_O, so Yhetee took the kick and it spiralled 1 square into the Khemri half, 1 away from the sideline. A quick snap allowed a skeleton to be under the ball, but he failed the catch and managed to keep it in their half, ball loose on the sidelines. My guys managed to survive the LOS blocks and a 1d blitz on my rookie Ulf was just a push. That left the pick up, I play a lot of Khemri myself and it is always a bit nerve racking going for that 4 plus with the Sure hands rr, it failed this time, ball scattered out, and thrown back deep central into the Khemri half.

    It was out of range for me to get there, but I opened a lane and sent guys upfield. T2 a throw ra managed 2 GFIs and the pick up though. My yhetee took a 1d block, :pow: and a Pile on saw him KO'd and out until T16. I managed to dodge my Str 4 runner free for a 2d blitz on the throw ra, but could not knock him over despite using the RR. A few more GFIs saw a sideline cage, I KO'd a TG and surfed a blitz ra into injury, regen worked though. My blodge Ulf managed to dodge away from the scary Str 6 BT Block TG, and next turn did the same for another 2d on the ball, this time getting the sack. So ball loose on the sideline deep in my half as we went into T5. The downed throw ra went for a -2d Block on my Blodge Ulf, managed to push him away but then flubbed the pick up. He was promptly surfed, and I picked up the ball, used my last RR on handing off too a 5 SPP lino, and ran off. T8 I could just run it in, but had a 2D on the Str 6 TG with Jack Daniels II, :pushback::bothdown: frenzy into :skull::skull::eek:. Thankfully Pro came to my rescue, phew, 1-0 at the half.

    2nd half and I was confident I could get the win, Blitz on the short kick off though....Deithwen blitzed a TG to open a lane and put a Throw Ra under the ball, flanked by a Blitz ra and a skel. They failed the catch roll, but the ball scattered in the middle of a load of Khemri. Next few turns saw me trying to get the ball free, removing a few Khemri along the way. It did rain fire, wiz going 5/5 for knockdowns on my guys, but only the 1 KO. Eventually the ball was clear, my Agi 2 Sure Hands Str 5 lino snaked the pick up, but the ball kindly bounced right into the grateful arms of my Blodge Ulf. Next turn he handed off to the rookie Ulf, and that was that.

    Weirdly despite us both having 14 players, and DPs I think the only foul was from me on Setekh T15 or so, injured him off.

    GG @Deithwen , rough block dice for you, but you did make 13/13 GFI's:cool:. I like Khemri so hope your team has better fortune next week, at least no perms!

    Both my Ulfs levelled, so happy with the win and SPP, next up @Guinness and his lizards, we are seeking revenge for a narrow 2:1 loss last time we met:pow:.
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  7. Znarx

    Znarx Courier Staff

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    Game-of-Thorns gets a 4-0 victory over Ogre and Ogre Again.

    Ogres were down something like 630K in TV, and they took Morg, Nobble and one Bloodweiser Babe. I won the toss and elected to kick. This paid off immediately, as the kick off event was a Blitz, and the short kick location allowed me to get 3/4 cage around the ball, with one of my catchers able to get underneath the kick, which he caught. On their T1, the Ogres managed to CAS two of my players on the LOS, but I was able to run the ball in on T1 to get Nobble ejected from the rest of the match.

    I scored two more defensive touchdowns in the first half. With Gnoblars doing the ball handling, I could get a +2d or even +3d block pretty much any time I wanted with an AG 5 strip ball war dancer or a wrestle tackle AG 5 leap lineman. I was down 3 players by T3, but the armor/injury rolls cooled off after that, and I suffered no more removals until late in the second half when I was already up 3-0 and had the ball.

    In the second half, I advanced cautiously and stalled until a T14 score. The Ogres attempted a 1-turn touchdown, but the throw was fumbled, the landing was miffed, and the ball carrier got hurt on the play.

    To add injury to insult, Nobbla took MVP for the Ogres, after being in the game for all of 2 turns.
  8. cjblackburn

    cjblackburn Well-Known Member

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    I was worried about making positioning mistakes against Vamps as I haven’t really played much against a developed vamp team. However I should have remembered that wasn’t how my team gets into trouble. Turn 1 dead wrestle Pestigor. Turn 3 or 4 AV busted (so dead) MB Pestigor. Turn 7 Badly hurt only tackle pestigor. I injured a Vampire and it went straight into the reserves something to do with a skill called Regeneration. I will have to look into getting some of that for my team. 0 out of 5 regens and counting this season. Regor pulled off a nice 1 turner as I needed to protect my players so I hid in the back field.

    However I shouldn’t moan as my touchdown was lucky and a monster fireball (that knocked down all 3 Vamps) saved me in the second half. I even could of won it as I had removed the thralls but a lone rotter was hunted down as the vamps decided they weren’t hungry. So it ends 1 all which was probably fair.
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