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Seattle Area Table Top League looking for coaches

Discussion in 'General Blood Bowl News and Discussion' started by mrt1212, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. mrt1212

    mrt1212 Member

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    Good Morning,

    Just had a chat with another coach looking to form a Table Top league in Seattle proper. There used to be Rat City Rumble but it fell by the wayside. There is the Everett League which is great but still kind of its own area.

    The basics:

    Starting around New Years
    1 Game every 2 weeks
    10 Game Season
    4 coach divisions roughly dictated by geography so that you can easily meet up with your opponents.

    Send an email to mtreyens@gmail.com if you're interested and I'll loop you in with the other guy (Chris).

    Thanks and look forward to hearing from some of you!