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Passing Skills / traits that help with Throw Teammate?

Discussion in 'League and Team Development Tactics' started by ickey, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. ickey

    ickey Member

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    I recently rolled +1 AG on one of the Trolls on my Goblin team. Initially I was delighted, particularly since he already had Strong Arm. I thought I had the perfect Goblin tossing machine!

    However, after re-reading the rules, I am having strong doubts. It seems that neither the +1 AG nor the Strong Arm actually has any effect. Reason: throwing a teammate is never accurate anyway, all that counts is avoiding a fumble. Therefore, whether on a short pass I need a 6+ (with AG 1) or a 4+ (with AG 2 and Strong Arm) is irrelevant, as long as I don't roll a 1 (before or after modification).

    Question 1: Is my interpretation correct (i.e. is my Troll build useless)?

    Question 2: Are there any skills or upgrades that would help with throwing teammates? I guess Pass would (reroll if you roll a fumble), and obviously Nerves of Steel. I guess Pro also. But anything else?

    Question 3: Are there any skills or upgrades that would help with being thrown? AG +1 is an obvious one; again Pro; Catch to receive the ball (but not actually to improve your chances while of after being thrown); Sure Feet to get away; but is there anything to help with landing?
  2. Rusty

    Rusty Active Member

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    Q1: It's not useless once you factor in negative modifiers from things like tackle zones and Disturbing Presence, which increase the chance of fumbles by modifying the dice roll down to 1.

    Q2: Accurate? Again it would only help to not fumble in certain situations, but I can't see anywhere that it says you can't use it with TTM.

    Q3: Not that I can tell, but I could have missed something.
  3. Gallows Bait

    Gallows Bait Super Moderator Moderator

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    Gallows Bait
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    Skills such as strong arm and accurate would be of use in terms of reducing the number of modified results of 1 and therefore reduce the fumble likelihood, but the skills are less powerful than for an ordinary throw due to the lack of a "success" outcome.

    Agility, however, would only benefit if it wasn't an automatic inaccurate pass as there is no "success" result to aim for regardless of agility, so has no benefit at all in being easier to succeed.

    For example, without tacklezone or other modifiers.

    Quick pass +1
    TTM -1
    Total modifier = 0

    Results - only a 1 will fumble.

    Short pass 0
    TTM -1
    Total modifier = -1

    Results - a 1 or 2 will fumble.

    Agility doesn't come into it at all.

    As you noted pass is handy, also if you got it, nerves of steel would avoid tacklezones around the troll causing minus modifiers, just as strong arm and accurate reduce them.

    The real limitation on the usefulness of these skills is simply that you aren't allowed to make long pass or long bomb throws. As a result you're never throwing with a -1 or -2 modifier for distance.

    As for helpful skills for the landing party, I'm not aware of any I have to admit.
  4. maxcarrion

    maxcarrion Active Member

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    Basically what Gallows said - the throw has a minimum 1 chance in 6 of fumbling (natural 1) but that increases as you pile on negative modifiers (modified 1)

    Agility - no effect
    Strong arm - reduces the chance of a modified fumble on a short pass by 1
    Accurate - reduces the chance of a modified fumble on all passes by 1
    NOS - reduces the chance of a fumbled pass by the number of opposing tackle zones
    Pass - rerolls a fumbled pass - in most cases your best bet as it has more effect against 2+ and 3+, the normal rolls to avoid fumbles
    Pro - While it's half as good as pass for throwing team mates it's a genuinely useful skill when not passing too, especially for big guys making all those really stupid checks, so if that's the way you want to go this would be my first pick

    Agility and Pro are the only upgrades that directly affect the landing AFAIK