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Sometimes old school just means old

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by 18Rabbit, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. 18Rabbit

    18Rabbit Member

    Muskogee, Oklahoma
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    Old as in I just got my first pair of reading glasses today. I'm kind of an odd ball, especially since I am both American and an Italian soccer fan. I'm edging up on 45 years old and have been a table top gamer since sometime around 1982 when I first played the original D&D boxed set and a moderately rabid computer gamer since well... since they've had PC's in homes (I had a C64 and then an Amiga 500). So yeah, I'm old and weird.

    I remember seeing BB tourneys in Houston growing up but I was both poor and hopelessly in love with MechWarrior at the time and could only afford one addiction. Games Workshop stuff always looked amazingly cool but I could never really afford to invest in it as a student. Now that there's virtual versions (and I'm a grown up), I can get in and enjoy it.

    Coach's excellent starting rosters and guides have been amazingly helpful so I decided (after picking up legendary edition on a Steam sale for like $5) to join the forums here. Oh, also the general public tends to annoy me but it seemed like a good bunch of folks here.
  2. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    Hi Rabbit,

    Thanks for signing up, I think you will find the BB crowd tends to be a bit more mature so you should fit in well!
  3. Narly Bird

    Narly Bird Well-Known Member

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    I’ve just ordered in my walking stick! :p

    Welcome on board and good luck for CCV. We also have an open league called Crunch Them All, so be sure to submit a team to that and get some practice in with other bbtactics peeps too.
  4. coachman

    coachman Well-Known Member

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    bjj hero
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    Welcome aboard. Get involved and play some matches, its the only way to get better.

    And there was me thinking I was old at 31... BB has been around for so long that there seems to be an hardcore older fan base. You should get to a tournament, there is nothing like it.
  5. Cianybeasty

    Cianybeasty Member

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    This post makes me feel young and inadequate, i ahven't finsihed my A-Levels yet :/
  6. Mico Selva

    Mico Selva Active Member

    Outside Reality
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    No worries. Everyone who allows himself to care about elves and orcs playing twisted football is in fact young in spirit and mind. :D