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SPARTAN TEAM - Remastered by Meiko - PRE-ORDER Now!!!

Discussion in 'General Blood Bowl News and Discussion' started by Comixininos, May 19, 2020.

  1. Comixininos

    Comixininos Member

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    PRE-ORDER NOW your Fantasy Football SPARTAN TEAM!!!

    They're tough... They're in good shape... They played in the past plenty of Tournaments and Leagues of the Old World... Until they decided to withdraw.

    But now... They return to the Pitches!!!

    The Spartan Team was originally made by Txarli Factory and it will be remastered now by Meiko Miniatures.


    4 TEAMS Available: Norse, Brettonian, Human and Super-Combo Team!

    Star Players Chainsaw Pantelis, Nicea the Slayer and the Spartan Ogre also available!!!

    You can see here all the Spartan items that you can pre-order:


    Important: this is a PRE-ORDER for this Team, which at this moment has been fully designed but is still under manufacturing process. The Retail Price of this Team will be 79.95 EUR. Instead, making a pre-order you can get it now for just 49.95 EUR. Shipment of this Team will be made along August 2020, once the manufacturing process will be finished.

    This Team will be only available at Comixininos. Of course, all the Teams purchased under Pre-Order enjoy nice discounts and awesome gifts. All the Pre-Orders made along May will receive as a gift a Set of 2d6 Spartan Dice. We will post a picture of those dice.

    The last day to make a Pre-order of this Team is June 16th 2020 (16/06/20).

    We Block the Nurgle Virus!!! :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: Please note that Comixininos is still making shipments as usual. Take care and stay home playing the game and painting your minis, you Coaches!!!

    Comixininos, your Fantasy Football Online Store
  2. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    I lost to a Norse team made up of these way back at the first World Cup in 2007. Fun team and a bit different.
  3. Comixininos

    Comixininos Member

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    Thanks for your kind words, Coach!

    The Spartan Team that Meiko Miniatures will remaster will enjoy the same sculpting than that team you saw but we will increase the scale a 10% in order to match up with the new GW scale. :)