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Chaos Starting Offensive Formations

Discussion in 'League and Team Development Tactics' started by Thurgrim, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. Thurgrim

    Thurgrim New Member

    Just started up a new table top blood bowl league and was looking for some good starting formations with Chaos when I'm receiving the ball. We've got a good mix of both Strength and Agility teams in our league, so I would need some strategies for each. Right now on defense I favor the standard 3-4-4 or slight variations, but I'm never quite as sure on offense. Any help is appreciated!

    Here's the team so far:
    4 Chaos Warriors
    7 Beastmen
    3 Re-rolls
    1 Apothecary
  2. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    Welcome to the forum Thurgrim,

    Setting up when receiving the ball depends quite a lot on how the opposition set up to kick. It also depends on how many turns there are left as well as you can set up differently depending on if you are looking to score quickly or not.

    Generally speaking though Chaos are going to look to cage up and use up the clock before they score. So you want to set up in mind to protect against the Blitz, have players in position to pick up the ball (this can vary if the other team has Kick) , hit their players on the line of scrimmage and be able to safely form a cage or at least screen the path to your ball carrier off if he can't pick the ball up and move far enough to get into a cage.

    You may also want to move a couple of players into their half in order to try and make moving a cage forward a bit easier, though your first priority should be making the ball safe.

    Hope that helps, if you want any more info then just ask.
  3. sunnyside

    sunnyside Member

    To elaborate on what coach said, part of blood bowl is protecting against or positioning oneself to take advantage of unlikely occurances, because over time having them happen becomes very likely.

    Regarding the blitz, unless you have a reason not to, you want to have your players positioned so that, if a blitz is rolled, it'll be difficult for your opponent to get their players into your backfield in order to catch the ball when it lands. This also protects against getting a set of double skulls on your initial line blocks before you make a pick up attempt.

    Similarly unless you have a reason not to, position your players so they can get some free blocks off of a Quick Snap (similarly on defense many people advocate setting up non linemen and extra step back in order to protect against giving up free blocks on a quick snap, though I usually risk it in order to present a deeper threat).

    On picking up the ball, even though it seems like you should have a 1 in 9 chance of getting the ball with the re-roll, you'll want to have at least one player in position, usually in front of the ball, so that if you blow it, it isn't a disaster.

    I'd say a typical offensive formation is five on the line, providing 2D blocks and some chain blocks to put their linemen down. Two players midfield to give you the opportunity to reach the ball without GFIs first, than the other four spread to the sides of the line in order to protect against a blitz kick off roll, and to do some blitzing of your own on your turn. Though some will have three on one side and only one on the other if you want to dedicate to that side.