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Chaos Pact Starting Roster and Development

Discussion in 'League and Team Development Tactics' started by Doover, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. Doover

    Doover Member

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    Like I said in a different thread allready I´m going to play a Chaospakt Team in a local Game club.
    Next month the Season will start. Some keep their old Teams some start with new Team and some like me start new at all.
    Before the League starts every new Team can play 2 Preseason Games to close the gap between them and the older Teams.
    That means I´ll try to play my first game next week.

    Before I do that I would like to show my starting rooster and my thought about the development and hope for some feedback whats good and what should I change.

    Starting Roster and Future skills: [In Brackets if I get a Double]
    - 1 Mino: Juggernaut, Guard, Stand Firm [Block or Claws]
    He will be my main sweeper at the start. Later his job is to take out dangerous guys.

    - 1 Troll: Guard, Stand Firm, [Tentacles]
    He will be a typical Roadblock, not using him at all if he stands good.

    - 1 Dark Elf: Block, Dodge, Two Heads, Side Step [Guard]
    Much needed AG for the Team. Not the ballcarrier but can work as reciever.

    - 1 Goblin: Two Heads, Extra Arms, Foul Appereance, Side Step, Big Hands [Block]
    His job is to get in the spots nobody else can. People will try to kill him so I thought about Foul Appereance.

    - 1 Skaven: Wrestle, Tackle, Horns, Frenzy [Mighty Blow]
    He will be my Sweeper later on so I can use the Mino for fighting.

    - 6 Marauders: Mix of Block, Guard, etc. [Dodge, Diving Tackle]
    If I get one with AG 4 quite early I´ll build him into a Thrower.
    2 Killer with Block, Mighty Blow, Claws
    2 Supporter with Block, Guard, Stand Firm [Dodge]
    1 Kicker with Kick, Block, Stand Firm/[Side Step] [Dodge]
    1 Tackler with Block, Stand Firm, Prehensile Tail, Tackle [Diving Tackle]
    Maybe I´ll mix the Tackler and Supporter but it´ll take quite some time to get enough skills on them.

    4 Rerolls

    - Apo
    - Ogre: Guard, Break Tackle, Stand Firm, Strong Arm [Block]

    More Marauder if I need more from one type.
    More RR´s if needed.

    I know quite a lot of people choose the Team because they are happy about the 3 Big Guys and are hoping for a lot of destruction from them.
    Actually I´ll try to get as many SPP´s on the others as possible ´cause I think they are the key to be good with the Team. Let your opponent fear your Big Guys and make the important plays with your other players. You need your BG´s at the start ´cause your Team are only Liners but later on your "Liner" will become your main Power.
  2. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    You may want to mix some other skills in there as well. Like Fend perhaps on the Kicker rather than Stand Firm.

    Also Two Heads is a great skill to have on some players to make them more mobile. Extra Arms could be useful on someone as well, either for picking the ball up or acting as a receiving option.

    Big Hand is probably a better option for the Goblin as well if he is running through lots of Tackle Zones to pick up the ball in a crowd.

    I'm not personally a fan of planning a whole team out in this manner, I rather pick skills when I get them based on the team as a whole and the opponents I'm facing. It will also take a lot of games for all the players to get that many skills as well!
  3. Doover

    Doover Member

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    That´s not a strict plan for me but better to gather some ideas before starting the team.
    Some more Two Heads and/or Extra Arms (or even better AG+1.. ;) ). Sounds good.
  4. Doover

    Doover Member

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    I noticed that there isn´t a lot of information about Chaos Pact Teams so I decidet to write some more about my team and it´s developement.

    Had my first pre-Season game yesterday. (Every new Team can play 2 Preseason games to get some SPP´s.)

    I played against a Woodelf Team. They had played 1 Game before, got 0 Skills but bought an Apo, so I had enough inducement to get a Babe.
    His Team was 1 Wardancer, 1 Thrower, 2 Catcher and the rest Liner. (2 RR´s)

    He decidet to recieve the ball but the game was really messed up by strange dices. My opponent failed a 2+ Dodge with his Wardancer to score in Turn 2 and in turn 4 he failed a gfi with rr to score with the same Wardancer.
    So I was able to recover the ball and give it to my Goblin who startet a to run in a TD in Turn 6.
    My skaven was Badly Hurt in turn 2 and a Marauder got BH in turn 5 as well.
    My opponent used turn 7 and 8 to score a TD. but luckily I was able to One-Turn with my Goblin in Turn 8 so I was leading 2-1 again.

    My Aim for the first half was to get a number advantage for the second half but my Big Guys showed why that they can mean a lot of trouble. My Mino used 5 turns doing nothing at all standing next (or in blitzing range) to a Catcher. At least the Mino was able to Cas a Catcher in Turn 7. My only Cas at that time so the second Half started with 9 Chaos Pact player against 10 Woodelfs.

    I tried a slow push over one flank. I had quite some time and my aim was to score late in the halftime not leaving enough time for 2 Elfen TD´s. So in turn 6 my Mino blitzed his last catcher so that my ballcarrier Marauder just had to walk in the deciding TD. Well the Mino decidet it was time to show everyone why Chaos Pact is such a few choosen Team. I rolled :skull::skull::bothdown: and wasted a RR ´cause of Loner. But that wasn´t enough... the Mino wasn´t able to break the Catchers AV 7 but got MNG´ed in return. With that unpleasant ending of my turn the Wardancer was able to Leap into my now open Cage and blitz the ball. Still tried to score with a short pass which fumbled and after a Turn later was able to sneak my Gobbo with the ball out of the heat for his third TD, just one gfi... well the gobbo was stunned and the fans throw the ball right to his Thrower. After that he played some Elf. (Catching the ball in 3 TZ with a Liner and such stuff) so he was able to score in turn 8.

    So the Game ended 2-2 which was ok in the end I think.
    First half my opponent was quite beaten by nuffle, even harder then me. At the end he was quite lucky so he got repaied a bit.

    Earned 40k so just not enough to get a Apo.
    2 of my Player got a lvl up after the game.
    My Gobo got 2 Heads and my Troll (who got the MVP) rolled a Double.

    Now I´m thinking what to give him.
    - Block (Allways good to have for a BG. Saves some RR´s and especially at the start helps beating up opponents and earning more SPP´s. Later on the Troll will mostly bind my opponents BG who normally don´t have Block.)

    - Pro (Having Loner it´s like a personal RR for him. Helping with Really Stupid, Allways Hungry and Throwing as well. But in the long Term the Ogre will throw the gobbo if I have to so I think I don´t take Pro.)

    -Tentacles (Maybe the best way to deal with Really Stupid and Loner is to not use the player at all. On the other Hand IF I use him and mess the Really Stupid roll then I lose my Tacklezone and also my Tentacles for that Turn.)

    Any Ideas?
  5. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    I'd have a hard time choosing anything over Block for the Troll, especially right now when you don't have a single Block player on the whole team!

    On a developed team I could perhaps see a place for tentacles though.
  6. Exavia

    Exavia Member

    Darwin, NT
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    There is also this, Tentacles on a Troll early on is great. He can effectively tie up 2-3 players completely by himself. Just dont activate him and run the risk of losing your tackle zones, just move him up near some players and leave him there.

    I watched a game about 6 months ago (troll with tentacles) wandered up to 2 human catchers that were 1 square apart and left him there didnt bother activating him for the rest of the drive. For 5 turns these catchers were stuck unable to move or do anything. Rest of the team couldnt get to them to assist. One of the catchers had lots of skills (block, dodge, catch, +1ag)

    For the cost of 1 player, making 2 skilled players completely useless. Gave the Chaos Pact team a number advantage.

    Personally ive never seen a coach lose his mind that much over how annoying this skill can be :).
  7. Doover

    Doover Member

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    Second Preseason Game

    I decidet for the saver way and choose Block. The final point against tentacles for the Troll was the reason that I would get less SPP´s with him. Often not using him at all fearing to release players from the tentacles after failing the Really Stupid test.

    I was able to play my second Preseason game yesterday.
    Played against one of the more experiance Teams which will re-enter this season.
    Was a human Team worth 1.510.000. Against my Team worth 960.000 that ment a massive amount of 550k inducement.
    He didn´t had an Ogre and no Mighty Blow nor Dirty player but had 14 player. So I was quite confident I won´t get beaten up to heavy.
    Still lacking an Apo I decidet to buy one wandering apo. After that I remembered Coach strategie against High TV-Teams... Secretweapons and Starplayer. So I decidet against a Wizard and choose Fezglitch (Ball & Chain) and the Strengh 4 Chainsaw. Both costing 100k. I put in another 200k for bribes to use them more then once. Leaving me with right the amount for one babe.

    I decidet to field the B&C in offence to spread some chaos and to use the chainsaw in defence to rip his reciever.

    Started with the B&C in offence and beeing to greedy I decidet to take one gfi. There where 3 player right in front of him and used to goblins I forgot his Loner in that moment. Rolled a 1, failed the RR and he was Ko´ed.
    I tried to push through my left flank but in the final quick pass my skaven simply refused to throw the ball (Anymosity). So my opponent was able to knock it loose. The rest of the half was a struggle for the ball which ended with a TD for him in turn 8.
    Managed to Niggle one of his guard blitzer with my Troll and to push a liner in the fans (badly hurting him). Lost my Loner Marauder myself against a blitzer.

    Surely my B&C didn´t recover so it was the second half and time for my Chainsaw. Because of Sweltering Heat I was only fielding 9 player against 10 of his players. He set up with a strong right flank leaving his left flank only protected by 2 catcher. Luckily I rolled a perfect defence so I could put him into trouble. Putting my Troll right in front of his strong flank and pulling most of my players a bit in his direction to stop him from the flank move.

    Now it was the time for a chainsawmassaker!... Rolled a kickback with the first block ending in Ko´ing the Chainsaw and even the bribe failed. 200k Inducements totally wasted. The rest of the game wasn´t really interresting. He had quite more skills then me and was able to dominate the second half. Tried my best to stop him from scoring and getting to the ball. But he played quite well and also the dice didn´t favered me enough to close the TV gap.
    The game ended 0-3 against me.
    My aim to get as many SPP´s as possible failed ´cause I was only able to make a single Cas in the whole game. Tried to make a pass with my skaven to get 1 SPP´s and hoping for the MVP but he failed his anymosity every time (tried 4 times) and that way stopped me from building a working cage as well.

    Still the game was a succsess for me. I earned enough money to buy a apo for the season start. I didn´t get any injury and also my Minotaur will be back for the next game.
    I even was lucky enough to get one lvl up with a marauder thanks to the mvp.
    So I was looking to finally get my first save block player.... but not with Chaospact. So I rolled a double 6 and surely will not refuse it.
    Still need to wait for my first Block on a non Bigguy... but in that case I´m happy to wait.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2011
  8. Exavia

    Exavia Member

    Darwin, NT
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    I find relying on Secret Weapon players to be a rather large oversight by players, noob and experienced alike. When you pay all this Inducement cash to purchase the player, only for him to do NOTHING and making you feel like you wasted your choice.

    Here are the positives:

    ~Add something different, possibly threatening to your opposition.
    ~Open up tactical/strategic options for you
    ~Sometimes well skilled, helping an unskilled team do stuff they normally cant

    The negatives:

    ~Coaches lose focus as to what they want to accomplish. I have seen this countless times, even 15 year veterans make these mistakes, they attempt to build their strategies for the entire game around these sole players, which is dumb.
    ~Secret Weapon star players, get sent off, they hurt themselves, they are generally easy to remove from the game, you have to purchase other inducements to keep them around for 1 more drive.
    ~You dont want these guys, passing, scoring or doing casualties generally as they dont earn SPP's, which are more important divided amongst your permanent players.
    ~Personal Experience has shown me that these guys rarely make their cost back, as in they cost a butt load and really dont do that much.

    You had what 550,000 in inducements. Ok great, Secret Play cards, wandering apothecary, 2 blood wiser babes, wizard (there skaven...wizards hurt skaven), Halfling cook would have been a choice to, being able to remove opponents re-rolls. Forget star players, leave em at home.

    I think you lost the game partly due to bad dice rolls, it happens and no one can be blamed for it. But such a big difference in TV with better inducement choices would have resulted in i believe a much closer game.
  9. Doover

    Doover Member

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    My opponent had 5 Re Rolls and I had 4 Re- Rolls ´cause of that I decidet against the Halfling Cook.
    Sadly we play without the secret game cards. (at least I think so. I´ll ask for that again)

    In a normal season game i would have bought a Wizard but ´cause the score didn´t matter at all I decidet against the Wizard. I´ll use him more often in League games.

    I decidet for the Chainsaw to have something against his Blodge player ´cause of missing any Tackle block and Wrestle. If I have something like that then I don´t need him anymore.
  10. Doover

    Doover Member

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    Has been quite a while since I posted the last time but finally the season started.

    My first game was exactly against the same opponent I played my last Preseason game against.
    But this time with my minotaur and also was he missing a Catcher and a Liner.

    So this time I only had 360k Inducements to spend. Decidet to give the chainsaw another try for 100k and a bribe. I spend the rest for a Babe and another Apo to be on the save side.

    It has been a few days since this game so I my summary will be quite short.
    He won the toss and decidet to receave.
    This time the chainsaw payed of allready in Turn one when I was able to hit Badly Hurt his Blodge Guard Blitzer. After that he spend half his Team triing to beat up the chainsaw and only the rest for scoring. So he left some gaps open in his defence and so I was able to blitz his Ballcarring Catcher with my skaven but only pushing him. A turn later I was even able to blitz his Ballcarrier with my troll but only 2 dices ´cause he had one assist. :pushback::pushback: again. My oppenent didn´t tried to fight at all except against the chainsaw and dodged away nearly everywhere. He had much more Block and Guard then me so I don´t understand his strategie but his dodges where great so most of the time I could only blitz a player each turn. Had the feeling I was playing against elfs and not against humans.
    He tried to stall until end of the half but left a spot open for a 2 db blitz at his ballcarrier next to the sideline with just one 3+ dodge and one gfi. Sadly my Str.4 Marauder messed the dodge even with RR and was Ko´d. So he took the lead at the end of the first half. I was only able to badly hurt one of his players and was in a quite bad possition.

    In the second half luck changed a lot, his dodging failed (some times at least) he was spottet fouling my goblin and my player where able to get in some blocks.
    sadly the weather changed into heat. In Turn 5 I was able to tie and hoped with 10 against 7 player to win the game.
    After rolling for the heat I had only 7 against 6 player advantage. But now he really started to get bad dices and so I was able to score in Turn 8 for a 2-1 win.

    This game was much better then the first one. The First half was quite hard ´cause of his good dices but the second half repayed for it.
    I´m quite happy with the win against a much stronger team, especially because I think I also played quite well and have my first points.

    After the game I rolled a doulbe 1 for winnings, the MVP landed on the Troll and I rolled a normal lvl up for my.

    So my Team looks like that right now:
    1 Minotaur (4 SSP´s)
    1 Troll - Block, Guard (16 SSP´s)
    1 Dark Elf (4 SSP´s)
    1 Skaven (0 SSP´s)
    1 Golbin - Two Heads (6 SSP´s)
    1 Marauder Str.+1 (9 SSP´s)
    5 Marauder with a few SPP´s but without a lvl up

    4 Re-Rolls, 1 Apo, FF2 and 60k Money.

    I´m still undecided if I shall buy another Marauder so I have a reserve or if I shall direct save for my Ogre.
  11. Doover

    Doover Member

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    Yeah it´s my chaospact again.

    I´m 4 League Games away from the play offs now and before joining them I want to get my Team in a good shape. So if you have the time to take a look at my team you can maybe give me a hint or two that I´m really missing something.

    My score is 6 - 2 - 2 right now so I´m quite happy and my chances to jion the play offs are quite good. (8 from 15 Teams join in).

    I have also an Ogre rolling a Double which I need to decide. Looking like Block for him but I´m not 100% sure about that. Also Tentacles, Claw and Pro looking quite nice for me.

    Ok here is my Team and I´m ready for some verbal beating.

    1. Mino - Juggernaut
    2. Ogre - Double (Block)
    3. Troll - Block, Guard
    4. Dark Elf - MV+1, Dodge
    5. Skaven
    6. Goblin - Two Heads, Big Hands
    7. Marauder - ST+1, Dodge [Will get Block as soon as possible]
    8. Marauder - Accurate
    9. Marauder - Block, Tackle
    10. Marauder - Block
    11. Maurauder - ???
    12. Marauder
    13. Marauder

    4 RR´s; 2 Cheerleder; 2 Assistant Coaches; 7 FF; 1 Apo

    I think I should get some more Guard in the Team, they really need more of that.
    My Skaven should get Wrestle+Tackle but died 2 Times allready so I´m thinking about choosing someone else for that job.

    My last 4 matches will be against Humans, Skaven, Dwarfs and Lizards (Order can be different).
  12. Netsmurf

    Netsmurf Well-Known Member

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    For that position I would use the dark elf, that AG4 realy helps getting near the ball carrier.

    I would go with block on the ogre, its a gift from nuffle and should not be ignored, you can always take claw next time;)