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Stats - league distribution of team blogs

Discussion in 'Site News, Bug Reports and Questions' started by Rusty, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. Rusty

    Rusty Active Member

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    I thought I'd "do a Gallows" and have a look at some stats - specifically, which leagues the threads in the League and Team Development Tactics forum are covering. You know, just for fun. I went as far back as the bottom of the fourth page, where the last reply was just about 2 months ago. I tried to separate out on-going team blogs from individual questions about a player or tactics. Here's the breakdown:

    OCC: 17 threads
    Tactics/advice: 16
    Tabletop: 10
    CC: 9
    FOL: 5
    Multi: 5 (multiple teams belonging to one forum member on a single thread)
    Unspecified: 5 (the playing environment wasn't easily visible on the first page)
    SSC: 4
    MM: 3
    Meta: 2 (Gallows' collection of BBTers on OCC)
    B&S: 1
    DUBBL: 1
    Francobowl: 1
    Erm, Jrp's thread about posting rosters: 1

    On one hand I didn't expect TT threads to be that high up, but on the other hand it's still only 10/80 threads, the majority being Cyanide leagues. I also thought there'd be more leagues here in general, even if they only had a single thread.

    I'll probably have another look in 2 months time to see whether things have changed.
  2. Gallows Bait

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    Interesting stuff, and quite a good distribution, and likewise, good to see plenty of tabletop action. Maybe eventually I'll be able to add to that too, would really like to get sorted with my teams and find some games... some place.
  3. Citizen Nev

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    In more important news...

    Courier Staff, Super Moderator...

    Where's my shiny title? :(
  4. Barninho

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    Ahem... where's our shiny title?