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Human Stirland Seahawks

Discussion in 'Team Blogs' started by Locky86, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. Locky86

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    My current work in progress for an upcoming table top tournament happening locally is a human team called The Stirland Seahawks. Based upon their NFL namesake from Seattle, I know this will be a big hit at our local gaming store.

    The team might be a bit too punny for some, since each players name is based on their real life counterpart (I used the same numbers also).

    Here's the starting roster:

    #3 Russell Killsome - Thrower
    #15 Jermaine Hearse - Catcher
    #89 Doug Mauledwin - Catcher
    #24 Marshawn Lynchmob - Blitzer
    #50 KJ Fight - Blitzer
    #54 Bobby Stabner - Blitzer
    #88 Jimmy Grim - Blitzer
    #56 Cliff Anvil - Ogre
    #29 Hurl Thomas - Lineman
    #31 Slam Chancellor - Lineman
    #76 Germain Ideadi - Lineman

    Here is a picture of the team "as is". Please ignore our messy dining room table! I need to do some more to catcher #15, we had some weird color bleeding happen with a spray Matt varnish I used! The lineman are still work in progress as can be seen from the picture. You'll notice I used the new Forgeworld Griff Oberwald model for blitzer #24 because it's awesome! IMAG0176_1.jpg
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  2. Nikolai II

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    Looking good. When is the tournament?