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Stunty Cup: The Champions

Discussion in 'Crunch Cup' started by Znarx, Nov 5, 2016.

  1. Znarx

    Znarx Courier Staff

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    Congratulations to our Stunty Cup Runner Up and Champion.

    Our Stunty Cup Runner Up:
    Regor, with Carnival of Pop (Underworld)

    The Stunty Cup Champion:
    Zoraster, with Lostoursaurus (Lizardman)

    Thanks to everybody for playing in the Stunty Cup.
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  2. Regor

    Regor Well-Known Member

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    Thks Znarx for this Stunty Cup, was a pleasure to play and be the runner up :p

    Congratz to the champion Zoraster, a well deserved win!
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