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Goblin Tactics advice ?

Discussion in 'League and Team Development Tactics' started by andelars, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. andelars

    andelars New Member

    Hi guys.

    I just recently started playing a goblin team on the cyanide server. It is pretty hard to find som up-to-date tactics advice, skill suggestions etc. on goblins. Maybe because everybody thinks the pretty much suck.. Anyway.. Maybe ive been lucky so far, but i think they are great fun and would appreciate it if any of you had some experience you wanted to share concerning goblins :)


  2. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    I've not played a Goblin team since 3rd edition which is quite a long time! Things certainly have changed a bit over the last few editions of the Living Rule Book as well with them having on roster Secret Weapons as well.

    I think a basic plan for offence though would be to cage the ball up behind the Trolls and a Fanatic and slowly go down the pitch behind the safety of these three strong players. Blitz with a Chainsaw Looney every turn you can to maximise his output. Obviously the longer you take to score the longer you keep your secret weapons on the pitch. Also foul away with your cheap players, you should have enough substitutes to cover any that get sent off and they will be a good trade against an opposing player.

    With Dodge and stunty you can probably make a dash to the end zone though tackle zones as well if you didn't manage to cage down far enough. Hopefully though between the Fanatic and the Looney you managed to remove some players from the other team.

    Defence is tricky and against agile teams leave the secret weapons in the dug out in case they score quickly and they get sent off. Slower teams a Fanatic can be a right pain for a Cage, though you may still want him for your own offence. Diving Tackle and Side Step are skills to take on the Goblins, get in the patch of their Ball carrier for cage teams, or even next to the ball carrier to slow them down. Mark up agile receivers on the elven teams etc.

    Bombers are great against slow caging teams as well, though not an option if playing the cyanide game at the moment. It is also worth taking Strong Arm on one Troll as well to help with scoring in the last turn of a half with Throw Team Mate if you have just conceded.

    Basically you want to play as Dirty as you can and maximise the weapons you have. Good Luck and welcome to the forum!
  3. Ian

    Ian Member

    A bunch of us on Rock Paper Shotgun are starting a league consisting ONLY of Goblin teams, so there should be quite a bloodbath.

    I'd searched to see if anybody else had asked for Goblin advice and this is mostly what I'd thought. Maximise secret weapons, make them break through your trolls, use cheap goblins to foul, etc.

    I'd probably not have thought of Strong Arm on trolls but that's a pretty solid idea. This league should be interesting, anyway. :p
  4. Thanatos

    Thanatos Member

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    The B&C should only really be used on Defense (but not against fast teams), and the Chainsaw only really on Offense.

    Fast teams are the bane of a Gobbo team as they get get your Secret Weapons sent off quite promptly. But then on Offense the Chainsaw will be that much more effective as their armour is pratically negligible

    Don't be afraid to throw goblins at your problems (you might get lucky and it doesn't matter if they miss as no Turnover). Try not to be in any Tackle Zones when throwing as the cumulative -1s mean you will almost certainly fumble.

    Trolls are one of the hardest BGs to use as Really Stupid is the worst negative skill, but at least they have Regen.

    Don't over rely on Dodge and Stunty on your AG3 players. Even if everyone remembers that time they ran unscated through 6 squares of tackle zones, you are just one set of Double 1/2s from getting a turnover.

    Oh and always have 1 or 2 Sneaky Gits fouling every turn (after you have done all the important stuff). With any other team this would be griefing, but for Gobbos its in character. (Not that in character is the be-all and end-all of Bloodbowl; you can only fail a blitz with a DE ball carrier so many times...)
  5. Ian

    Ian Member

    Played the first game last night and it was deeply, deeply hilarious. I won 2-1 and even successfully threw one of my goblins, which made me happy.

    Whilst a moment of madness on my part (and partially because of Cyanide's hopeless UI) stopped me using my Fanatic much, I'd have thought the ol' ball and chain could be useful on offense depending on how they line up to kick at you. If they line up three or more bunched together then you can put the B&C gobbo on his own, stick a couple of players on the corners of their line and, after getting any ball-handling/movement out of the way let him wade in.

    Of course if he falls over you've got a gaping hold in the middle of your line, but you can either create a safety net behind B&C OR try to use the opponent flooding through the middle to your advantage.

    To be honest though, if that game's going to be anything to work by then this all-goblin league is going to be as much about reacting to whatever hilarity the dice give you as anything else. :D