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Tactics thread prefixes

Discussion in 'Site News, Bug Reports and Questions' started by Coach, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    Having had a think about the forums and thread prefixes I want some feedback on the following please:

    Having the skill and race prefixes forced is very helpful to keep thread titles more descriptive. However it does limit threads which may be about more than one race.

    if someone wants to ask about inducements for a specific team I would want them to use that race prefix, and if I add an [Inducement] prefix then i think people are going to use that

    do I just need a [General] or [Misc] prefix, or so i need more than that [Big Guys] for example?

    I think I need to add an "In Game Tactics" area for questions regarding questions that aren't about team building. Think I may need to rename the two existing ones. In game tactics apply to both normal leagues and NAF tournaments. Then one for skill selection and league team building and development. Then the NAF tournament team rosters and skill choices.

    What does everyone think? Any other sections that need adding this early on? Don't want to go too many too soon without the traffic to support it.
  2. MadBanker

    MadBanker New Member

    Mons, BELGIUM
    I'm in favor of an in-game tactics forum
  3. VoidSeer

    VoidSeer Member

    I'd like a "starting roster" thread per race. At least one for each race implemented in the Cyanide game.
    The debate would be short, as best rookie roster are well known. But it's a good knowledge base for beginnners.

    Let's give it a go. I'm making one for the WEs.
  4. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    I'm going to do articles for those on the main site, though by all means a thread for people to argue over taking a treeman is fine!