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The Ghaztronomes in Naggaroth Open

Discussion in 'Team Blogs' started by Ghaz, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. Ghaz

    Ghaz Member

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    Hi all,

    As I begin to be fed up with playing against the computer, I have decided to start playing a Ogre team on the Naggaroth Open League .

    I have started with the following roster (especially to change from the Crunch Cup II one):
    - 5 Ogres
    - 8 Snotlings
    - 2 Re-Rolls

    After buying everything I need, setting the color of my team to a nice Pink, I pressed the Play button, and was a little bit nervous about facing my first human opponent.

    For my first match, I will face Lords of Ghrond, a newly picked dark elf team

    The team was composed by:
    - 1 Assassin
    - 1 Runner
    - 2 Blitzers
    - 2 Witch Elves
    - 5 Linemen
    - 1 Re-Roll

    I lose the toss and he chooses to kick first. The weather was "Sweltering Heat", it will be the first time I will play under this condition.

    He positionned his players symmetrically, 3 linemans on the line of scrimmage, The assassin and a blitzer on one side, the runner and a blitzer on the other. The rest in the middle.

    I positionned myself with 3 Ogres on the line of scrimmage, one on the side to threaten the assassin (my snots with their low armor don't love him) and put the last ogre in the center, 4 squares deep, in order to take the ball / protect the ball carrier. I placed my snots to cover the whole pitch with tackle zones.

    The kick-off results in a "Perfect Defence" allowing him to relocate his key players (runner and assassin) on my weakest side.

    Turn 1: I blitzed one of his lineman deep in his half with my ogre located on the side. Moving some snots to cover the ball, blocking with my other ogres on the line of scrimmage. The first block results on a both down / attacker down, Re-Rolled it in a pushed. Second block was both down / attacker down, TURNOVER !!!
    On his turn, he knocked down my infiltrated ogre and blitz with his assassin a snot ==> KO.

    Turn 2: I stand up the ogres down, Blitzed the Assassin with a scrimmage ogre (Re-Rolled bone-head test), only pushing him. I tried and failed to pick up the ball with the center ogre but it bounced on a snotling who catched it. TURNOVER !!!
    He knoked down again my infiltrated ogre, blitzed and stunned a snot with his assassin.

    Turn 3: I stand up my players down, wanted to move an ogre to protect the ball carrier but he failed his bone-head test, blitzed the assassin with a ogre, both down / skull results and no Re-Rolls ==> both knocked down TURNOVER !!!
    Once again, he knocked down my infiltrated ogre, blitzed with his assassin with 2 go for it my ball carrier snot ==> KO. His runner came and pick up the ball thanks to a Re-Rolls. After that, he moved his remaining players, marking all my players.

    Turn 4: I tried to block a witch with a snot assisted by two others to free up one of my ogre to try to blitz the ball carrier, but, only push her. The ogre responsible for the last turn-over missed his bone-head test (he was just off the runner carrying the ball) I tried to move a snot in base contact with the runner but failed his dodge roll ==> Badly Hurt TURNOVER !!!
    He just run out with his runner, ready to score next turn. Blitzed one snot with his assassin ==> KO. And Stunned one of my Ogre.

    Turn 5: The runner is to far from any of my player, so i tried to 3 dice block a witch, but only managed to push her, Moved a snot out from the assassin, but he managed to shadow all the way long. Made some blocks with the remaining ogres, one elf knocked down but the second was once again a both down / attacker down result. TURNOVER !!!
    The assassin stabbed KO on more snot and then scored with the runner.

    0 - 1 for Lords of Ghrond

    For the new kick-off, we've both put our players as before, 3 snots were back from the KO, and the runner and a lineman suffer from the heat (see weather). The kick-off resulted in a "blitz" but he didn't manage to take a big advantage of this, only pushing a snot and bringing his assassin in contact with another snot.

    Turn 6: I blitzed the assassin, only pushing him once again. I protect the ball with several snotlings, I blocked the linemen on the line of scrimmage, 2 down, one pushed and freeing one ogre from his marking. Try to dodge the snot from the assassin, but failed his dodge roll, but only stunned. TURNOVER !!!
    He managed to stab my snot carrying the ball (stunned) with his blitzing assassin. Made some moves but fail a go for it. TURNOVER !!!

    Turn 7: I blitzed the assassin and only push him. I pick up the ball with a snot, bringing him between two ogres and in contact with a elf lineman i intended to block with my ogre. I blocked and rolled a nice 2 attacker down, injurying my own ogre, a broken jaw (he will be missing next game) TURNOVER!!!
    The lineman only managed to push the snot, but a blitzing witch managed to knock him down. At the same time, he moved a blitzeur near my end zone and pick up the ball with the other witch.

    Turn 8: I blocked the assassin with my adjacent ogre, both down / attacker down result once again. But the assassin is out, badly hurt :D TURNOVER !!!
    He just have to score, but the blitzer didn't catch the quick pass, ouf....


    One snot and one ogre suffer from the heat (only 3 ogres on the pitch), one of his blitzer too. I set up my 3 ogre on the line of scrimmage, snot to cover the pitch with tackle zones.

    Turn 9: The kick-off went high, but he didn't get it. His Blitzer blitzed one snot, only pushing him. He picked up the ball with his runner.
    I removed snots from contact, blitzed a 3/4 in order to threaten the ball carrier, using a Re-Roll to knock him down, just need one go for it to reach the runner, but the ogre fell. TURNOVER!!!

    Turn 10: His blitzer KO'ed one snot, making a hole in my defence, one witch went through, deep in my half. He marked all my remaining player.
    I blitzed the ball carrier with my fallen ogre, burning a Re-roll to bone-head but only pushed him. I blocked down 2 linemen in the center.

    Turn 11: He blitzed and stunned my ogre near the ball, but makes an error with his placement.
    I blocked a lineman to free one of my ogre, allowing him to blitz the ball carrier, knocking him down, and the ball bounced in my tackle zone. I bring back some snots.

    Turn 12: He pushed my ogre out of the ball, picked it with his runner, hand-off it to the blitzer who long passed it to a witch who runned out of range of any of my player...
    Just try to made some blocks, badly hurting one lineman.

    Turn 13: Just runned his withc to the end zone

    0 - 2 for Lords of Ghrond

    Every body came back for this kick-off, exept one snot. The kick went high once again, but didn't managed to catch it. I tried to blitz his runner, needing one go for it to knock him, but rolled a 1. TURNOVER!!!

    Turn 14: His blitzer blitzed the snot near the ball, pushing him.
    I stunned a witch with my blitzing Ogre deep in his half, push a lineman in the center to free an ogre, but he bone-headed. I picked up the ball with a snot, and try to protect him as much as i can.

    Turn 15: His tried to blitz my snot with the ball, but only push him. He surrounded the snot with 4 of his player.
    I made a block to free a passage for my snot, he just need a go for it to hand-off to the ogre (the only player able to score for the 2 remaining turn) deep in the elf half, but rolled a 1 :( TURNOVER!!!

    Turn 16: He picked up the ball with a witch, made a long pass to the blitzer who scored after 2 go for it.

    0 - 3 for Lords of Ghrond

    In my last turn, I just made some block down but nothing more...

    This is the end of my first match in the open league, and a crushing defeat (but managed to earn 50.000 gold pieces). I think I have made a lot of mistakes during this match, rushing too much to try to injure his low armor players, trying too much blocks with my ogres (instead of just letting them there with their tackle zone) and made a lot of dangerous and useless movements.

    For my next match, I need to focus on:
    - be more carefull for my blocks, movements
    - try to brings more support to make more 3 dices blocks with my Ogres
    - have to keep my Re-rolls for crucial actions

    Feel free to comment

    Last edited: Nov 23, 2010
  2. Murkglow

    Murkglow Member

    Sounds like a fun hitting game so far. Both of you really sound like you need more re-rolls what with all those turnovers but it can be hard to fit in sometimes.
  3. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    Try to maximise your Ogre blocks so they are hitting with three dice as much as possible. Try and keep your team close together as this will better protect the Snotlings behind the Ogres. Running an Ogre off into his team when you need them for cover isn't a sensible move. It also makes him easier for them to gang up on. Try not to use your rerolls so quickly, if you get a both down or fail a Bonehead then it isn't always wise to just reroll them.

    I think you were focusing too much on the Assassin, he would have been better off blitzing your Snotlings with his Blitzers anyway.

    Also don't forget you can throw Snotlings at the opponents in an attempt to knock them over. This may likely hurt the Snotling though so don't go crazy.
  4. Ghaz

    Ghaz Member

    Country Flag:
    I have played my second match and this time, I was facing a Nurgle team, Papa Nurgle's Pets, lead by a German coach very friendliest (not like the previous one, who not even answered to my "hello")

    His team was composed by:
    - 4 warriors
    - 6 rotters
    - 1 pestigors

    The team was not new but none of his player haven't yet skilled up.

    As one of my ogre was injuried last game, I was only able to align 4 of them.

    I lost the toss and he chose to receive first. As usual, I placed 3 ogres in the center, one on the left side, and the snots to cover the entire pitch. He placed his warriors to counter my ogre, assisting them with the rotters to make 2 die blocks, the pestigor deep in his half, to pick the ball.

    The ball fell in the center right part of his half, next to the side line. As expected, he blocked my ogres and put 3 of them down. The pestigor picked up the ball, and positionned himself to get through my line of defence. I made a nice screen with my ogres and snots to prevent him from passing. But for a moment, I forgot how it is easy to sent the snots out of the pitch, making a big hole in my defence line. The pestigors infiltrated my defences, and he protected him with warrirors and rotters. At turn 3, I had no player to threaten the pestigors, who scored at turn 4.

    0 - 1 for Papa Nurle's Pets

    We set up the same for the kick-off, wich gave me one more turn to try to equalize. The ball fell in the center left of my half. A snot picked up the ball and go to my left side where my ogres were clearing a passage through the Nurgle wall. I managed to sent out a nurgle warrior and a rotter out of the picth, but the warrior regenerated the injury.
    Inching away the ball, covered by a wall of tackle zones from the other snots (minimum 3 dodges to reach the carrier), and hitting more and more with the ogres, I scored at turn 7.

    1 - 1

    During the last turn of the first half, nothing special happened.

    For the second half, I poceeded in exactly the same way, picking up the ball with my snots, covering him with the others snots, and hitting with the ogres to go deeper and deeper in his half. I was quite lucky with the injury rolls, 4 of his players were sent out of the pitch, but the 2 chaos warriors regenerated once again. Due to some bad rolls (failed dodge with my snots, failed re-rolled bone-head ogre blitz), his pestigor was threatering too much my ball carrier, forcing me to score at turn 15.

    2 - 1 for The Ghaztronomes

    For his last 2 turns, he tried to equalize with some lucky roll, picking up the ball with a rotter, long passed it to the pestigor, who went deep in my hafl through the tackle zone of my snots. In numerical superiority on the pitch (11 players versus 8), I was able to blitz with one of my ogre the pestigor, 3 dice blocking and badly hurting him (regenerated once more :D) The ball fell on the ground, surrounded immediatly with lot's of snots.

    First victory for The Ghaztronomes 2 - 1

    It was a very pleasent match, not only because it was my first victory on the internet, but because suffer less turnover from block rolls and only 3 of my snots were in the injury box at the end of the match. The "open" cage made with the snots around the ball was very effective, The Nurgle coach was never able to blitz my ball carrier (when he tried, he failed his dodge rolls)

    At the end of the match, my ogre with 10 SPP was the MVP of the match. I rolled a nice 11, so I have a agility 3 ogre now on the roster. During next game, I will try to score with him or get a completion, in order to make another improvement roll with him.

    I have 120.000 gold pieces at the moment, what do you advice me to buy with ? (apothecary, more snots, waiting for one more Re-Rolls or ogre, coachinfg staff)

  5. Narly Bird

    Narly Bird Well-Known Member

    Country Flag:
    Can you post up your team roster at the moment, so that we can get an idea before recommending what you should buy next? Normally though i would say to save for an Ogre and after that an apoth. You could get the apoth first, but why not live dangerously? You are an Ogre team after all!

    Congrats also on the win.
  6. Netsmurf

    Netsmurf Well-Known Member

    Denmark, GMT+1
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    I would get the apoth first no matter what your roster is like. Would be a shame to lose the +AG ogre next match.
  7. Ghaz

    Ghaz Member

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    At the moment, my roster looks like:
    - 5 ogres (one with 1agi, one with 4 SPP, 2 with 2 SPP)
    - 8 snotlings (2 will be missing next game (one with a Niggling Injury)
    - 2 Re-Rolls
    - 1 Fan Factor

    I was thinking about buying the apothecary to protect my 1 Agi ogre, but don't know what is the best.
    As 2 of my snots will be missing next game, I think next match will be difficult with no player available on the bench.
    Do you think it can be usefull for my team to buy 2 Cheerleaders and 2 assistant coaches to try to gain Re-rolls with the kick-off instead of buying a team re-roll ?
    I admit that the proposal of Narly Bird really is tempting, but the perspective of loosing an ogre frightens myself too much. (and if it happen, it's 280.000 gold pieces lost)

    I was thinking about the apothecary, some snots, and maybe some coaching staff...

  8. Smiler6310

    Smiler6310 Member

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    You should get journeymen (journeysnots! :D) for the next game to fill out your squad to 11. They are the same as normal snots but with the loner rule as well.

    I agree with Netsmurf the Apo should be the first buy no matter what. You'll be kicking yourself if you lose an Ogre next game if you choose to forgo the Apo now.

    Congrats on your first win, may it be the first of many for the Ghaztronomes! :)
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2010
  9. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    Like everyone else the Apothecary makes the most sense. Getting two coaches and two cheerleaders will just delay anything else you want to buy by another match. You can perhaps get them after you get more players and another reroll. Most of the the time they won't help a great deal compared to the alternatives.
  10. Ghaz

    Ghaz Member

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    for my third match, I was facing the As Roma Boys, a dwarft team (bad time for my snots in perspective) composed by:
    - 2 blitzers
    - 1 troll slayer
    - 2 runners
    - 6 blockers

    For this time, I won the toss and I choose to receive first, thinkig it will be easier for me to score with my full roster as my snots are very vulnerable against the dwarf blockers. Against the dwarfs, I think it is safer to hold the ball with an ogre, and my new agility 3 ogre will fit that role perfectly.

    As usual, I placed 3 of my ogres in the center, one on the side and my ball handler in the back to pick up the ball. The ogre managed to pick up the ball at it first attempt.

    During the first turns, I tried to gather as much dwarfs as possible in the center of the pitch, moving the ball carrier from left to right.

    At turn five, after loosing 2 ogres (one with the broken jaw at turn 2, one KO at turn 4 by a succesful foul) using all my blitz actions with my ogre ball carrier in order to clear a path through the back dwarf line composed by the 2 runners and one blitzer, preventing any reinforcement from the other dwarfs from the center with the snots.

    On Turn 7, one of my snots failed his dodge roll due to a blitzer, making a gap in my wall of tackle zones. As result of this failure, a blocker moved in contact with my ball carrier. In my last turn, I tried to blitz this dwarft to free my ogre to go for scoring, but I rolled a nice double both down, without any re-rolls in my pocket.

    0 - 0 at half time

    For the second half, I was very surprise to see I was outnumbering the dwarf team (the 2 blitzers were out, one KO and one injuried at turn 4, and I had 10 player on the pitch, 4 ogres and my 6 snots !!).

    I managed to kick deep in his half. A runner picked up the ball, and stayed deep in his half.

    At turn 11, as 2 of my ogres were coming near his runner, the dwarf coach made his first big mistake, instead of just running with the ball and protecting him with other players, he prefered to make a short pass to one of his blocker (who had just remove 2 of snots from the pitch, badly hurt). The pass was succesfull, but not the catch. I immediatly surrouded the ball with 2 of my snots, and begin to bring back some ogre too. The blocker managed to block down one of the snots, and the runner blitzed the second one, but he choosed the wrong results on the dices, both down instead of defender down !!! (his second mistake, he was thinking he had block) After that, 2 ogres were around the ball, one of wich agility 3 picked it up. After that, the ogre just run as fast as possible to the end zone of the dwarfs.

    At turn 15, 2 bad bone-head results allowed him to to bring some *trapped* dwarfs in center of the pitch. (I don't know if it is the right word, they were not able to move because of the tackle zones of my ogres) Instead of blitzing my ball carrier (2 dices against me) with a runner (his third mistake), he chose to bitz one of my snots, just pushing him back, nearer his end zone.

    In my last turn, I dodged out my ogre ball carrier (God bless this agility increase :D), hand-off the ball to the snot who scored. TOUCHDOWN !!!

    1 - 0 for The Ghaztronomes

    Thanks to the mistakes of my opponents and some good rolls (no crucial bone-head roll failed with my ball carrier) I managed to win this game !! I didn't used my new apothicary this game for the broken jaw, as I prefered to keep him for my agility 3 ogre.

    2 of my ogres skilled up, both took break tackle. Unfortunately, one of them will be missing the next game. And my 15 SPP ogres didn't managed to earn the last point missing to skill up.

    I earned 50.000 gold pieces, 10.000 still missing to get the last ogres. It will be after the next match.

    Now, my roster looks like this:
    - 5 ogres, 2 with break tackle (one missing next match), one with 1 agility
    - 8 snotlings, one with diving tackle
    - 2 re-rolls
    - 1 apothecary
    - 2 fan factors.

    Just one question, for my next skill on my agility 3 ogre, wich one is the best to take first, break tackle or strong arm ? (in case of a double, block or sure hand ?)

  11. Netsmurf

    Netsmurf Well-Known Member

    Denmark, GMT+1
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    AG3 ogre with doubles, I would go for block just to keep him on his feet more. Should you face strip ball, then focus on hurting them and stomp on their necks with all your snotling might.

    Block also gives you the advantage of being usefull without the ball.

    On a normal roll I would consider Guard, will give your snots an easier life and make it a little bit more trouble to block your support away.

    Otherwise if you want to pass snots instead of scoring with your ogre, then its strong arm else take break tackle to stay mobile. Strong arm would be a help if you start to use snots as amo, directed to hit gages or scoring one turners of cause.

    Think in the end I would go with break tackle first, then guard