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The Ka-Sabar Shamblers

Discussion in 'Team Blogs' started by TheHardArtist, Jul 16, 2019.

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    For my inaugural season in the Combo Cup I decided to go with something a bit outside my comfort zone - Dead things. Specifically an Afterlife United squad consisting of 2 Mummies, 4 Tomb Guardians, and 5 Thralls with 2 Re-rolls. About as basic as you can get!

    My thoughts on this roster were that it would be helpful to get all the Big Guys rolling from game one... And that the thralls might prove to be somewhat useful as filler until I could afford better positionals. Hopefully that it would feel a lot like a suped-up Ogre team and at least be able to play a decent control game. High scoring is not on the table!

    Development plans (such as they are) would be to get 2 Wights and the third Re-roll ASAP, and far-far in the future look to getting some werewolves on the team. For now the dependability and STR access of the Wights are what's needed as far as I can tell.

    As for the Thralls... They get what they get until they die or are replaced! I'll have my eye on Sure Hands, Block, and Dirty Player (probably in that order for the first three that skill), but I'm not hopeful they'll live all that long.

    For Mummies - Guard, Stand Firm and Block on Doubles (Shocking!)
    For Tomb Guardians - The same but put Mighty Blow on at least a couple first.

    My only long-term wonder is what goes into that 11th spot down the road... I suppose if one of the Thralls really distinguishes himself with doubles or Stat-ups he'll obviously stay... But if not? I'm tempted by the idea of a Flesh Golem just because it would make for slightly more beef, but on a developed team he might be too much of a liability?

    Interested in your thoughts on the build and future plans! Game one report coming soon!