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The Kennyrthilthar Harlequins fans demand more !!!

Discussion in 'Blood Bowl 1' started by HC Vanselow, Dec 11, 2015.

  1. HC Vanselow

    HC Vanselow Member

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    The grand unveiling of the 'Quins happened against an Underworld cocktail of shifty Skaven and annoying Goblins resulting in a 0-1 "L", but I wanted to know how you include the pictures of rosters and game reports ???
  2. mamutas

    mamutas Super Moderator Moderator

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    If you open match report in BBM, there is a button on the top to generate an image.
    To get an image of the roster, you need to have BBM running and open your roster in BB game. You should see a message that your team "has been handled".
    Then, look at the other team image links and copy to yours and replace your team name.
    Or something like that. :D