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Nurgle The Misunderstood 99

Discussion in 'Team Blogs' started by Waleed, Oct 17, 2019.

  1. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    Hi Everyone, new team blog.
    There were some no-shows for S18 and I was awarded a slot: my Team was on the waiting list for S19.

    The Misunderstood 99.

    2 RR
    1 Necromancer

    ZERO in Treasury

    1. Love, Beast of Nurgle.
    2. Kindness, Warrior
    3. Compassion, Warrior
    4. Tenderness, Warrior
    5. Benevolence, Warrior
    6. Steel, Pestigor
    10. Rage, Rotter
    11. Fury, Rotter
    12. Anger
    13. Wrath
    14. Malice

    Am going to try a Bash team...need to self discipline and cage properly.

    Aim is to get three more Pestigors, a couple more Re Rolls, and two more Rotters.
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  2. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    Aim is to train up players to see the good in everyone: the team Bash aim is to BH every opponent so as to give opposing players time to ponder Life.
    The Beast and four Warriors have achieved self-actualization.
    The Pestigors are on the way [three are waiting to be recruited], and the Rotters are young players full of violence, whom I am hoping to change - by transforming their negative energy into good on the Blood Bowl Pitch. Two Rotters are waiting in the wings to be recruited...
  3. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    The team has been placed in Tier 4 Lustria.
    The S18 Races in Lustria Division are:

    1340 Nurgle
    1000 Dwarf
    1000 High Elf
    1000 Nurgle (me)
    990 Orc
    980 Lizardman
    980 Necromantic
    980 Skaven
    950 Orc
    850 Goblin
  4. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    Of the 90 teams in S18, the race Breakdown is:

    Amazon: 2
    Bretonnian: 2
    Chaos Dwarf: 5
    Chaos: 6
    Dark Elf: 6
    Dwarf: 4
    Elf Union: 2
    Goblin: 1
    Halfling: 2
    High Elf: 5
    Human: 1
    Khemri: 5
    Kislev: 5
    Lizardmen: 5
    Necromantic: 6
    Norse: 0
    Nurgle: 5
    Ogre: 1
    Orc: 11
    Skaven: 2
    Undead: 4
    Underworld: 3
    Vampire: 6
    Wood Elf: 1
  5. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    S18 MD1 is an away game.

    BC2 - Birthday Bois v The Misunderstood 99
    Goblins v Nurgle
    850 v 1000
    150k v ZERO in each of our Treasuries
    Moreplovac v Waleed

    2 Trolls, 1 Fanatic, 1 Looney, 8 Goblins (12) v (11) 1 Beast of Nurgle, 4 Nurgle Warriors, 1 Pestigor, 5 Rotters
    Game scheduled for Friday 18th October at 1500 Hours UTC.
    Away Stadium is called twitch.tv/Moreplovac, a Level 1 Stadium.

    Team Mottos:
    "Celebrate birthdays, with a big BANG!" v "Envelop and Improve"
  6. tys123

    tys123 Courier Staff

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    Nice team to start against for both sides.
    Goblins will be happy as no block and Nurgle happy as playing against stunty so more chance for injury SPP.
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  7. Street

    Street Well-Known Member

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    But can they keep the 1-1 draw theme of Lustria going? 3 of the 5 games have been played all to a 1-1 draw!
  8. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    Yes, I agree re a good start.

    Should be a fair fight.
    Nurgle ST and FA and Regen and opposing Stunty
    Dodge, Secret Weapons and Stunty.
    The three Really Stupid players, my one v his two, will be a lottery...
  9. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    ..did not expect that....
  10. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    ...we got the 1-1 Draw, despite both of us trying for a win....
  11. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    Game 1 was an away draw.

    BC2 - Birthday Bois 1-1 The Misunderstood 99

    Moreplovac went for 2 Bribes and Fungus (star Fanatic)

    Goblin Drive:
    Turns 1-4 we did not do much to each other.
    Goblin T5 went badly so the ball carrier backed off.
    My T7 I went all in to stop the three scoring threats.
    2 Trolls in my half ready to throw the ball-carrier, and a Fanatic ready to against the odds push the ball carrier in double GFI range of my EZ.
    Goblin T8 went well...Fanatic got the three directions he needed to push the ball carrier, who made a dodge and two GFI's to score.
    My T8 smacked the GOBLINS.
    Score 1-0
    Bribe failed.

    Nurgle Drive: 11 Misunderstood v 9 Bois (7 Goblins and 2 Trolls)
    I had aimed to try and score asap, but a Blitz kick off result and brave Goblin plays got the ball off me twice - both times Nuffe smiled on me, Rotter caught a bouncing ball one turn - then Pestigor caught he bouncing ball the next turn (Goblin T11). Took The Pestigor 4 turns to score - with one Turn of a stall.
    The last five turns Nuffle ripped through the Goblin side - six casualties, including a second dead (this time the rostered Fanatic)
    4 Bois (2 Goblins and 2 Trolls) v 10 Nurgle (Wrath, Rotter, sent off for gang foul killing BykerZ, Goblin)
    Goblins got a touchBack and a Kick off reroll...but fimbled the TTM pass.

    A close game: opponent played very well - I did not see any mistakes.
    I reckon Nuffle was 45-55, in my favour.
    Only mistake I might have made was to be maybe be too passive on my Turns 5 and 6...

    I did not get a chance to practice my Caging technique on my Drive as the Goblins went all in, and I was able to take them off in numbers.
    Felt good to try out Nurgle.
    In 4 years, 1 month and 10 days (Time since I began BB2 and stopped BB1) it is only my second ever game as Nurgle.
    Looking forward to MD2.
  12. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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  13. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    Cor - just found out, there was an Admin Prediction post by TravelScrabble as at 1739 Hours Saturday 19th October 2019
    1. Ravers: Tails of the Unexpected (Rats) - Safe rat build, one of several people who could win the league, have an odd feeling he's going to stand above the pack.
    2. Street: Basing Program (Dwarfs) - Street loves teams that are good early and rr before they reach Altdwarf, should do well again
    3. DallasATZ: WAAGH Smashers (orks) - Hard to separate the teams. Orcs are good at tv1000
    4. Toastguy7: The San Jose ShOrks (orks) - Toastguy is good, going to be a tight race.
    5. Frankolino (lizardmen): Frank is good, lizards are good. Have a feeling the teams will be close, lizards won't be that happy about all the orcs and dwarfs.
    6. JrPeart: HElfy Debate (goblins, only kidding its elves) - High Elves suck at TV1000 so it might be a bit difficult
    7. Moreplovac: BC2 Birthday Boiz (goblins): Goblins are awesome, but they suck
    8. Waleed: The Misunderstood 99 (Nurgle): Guess which team is not good at TV1000
    9. Thernlow: Norwegian K9 Patrol (Necro): Dead wolf game 1 sucks. Maybe thats why goblins spy, Imean I have him at 9.
    10. Sbr32: Keepers of the Garden (Nurgle) - Oh boy this is a bold prediction, they really ought to better than this, but for some reason I think they might start off slowly.
  14. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    Team news, Love (Beast) levelled with Guard.
  15. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    S18 MD2 is an away game.

    Imagine Dragons [BBT] v The Misunderstood 99
    Lizardman v Nurgle
    980+60 TV v 1030 TV
    10k v 50k in each of our Treasuries
    Frankilino v Waleed

    6 Saurus, 1 Kroxigor, 3 Skinks, 1 Journeyman (11) v (11) 1 Beast of Nurgle, 4 Nurgle Warriors, 1 Pestigor, 5 Rotters
    Game scheduled for Monday 28th October at 1300 Hours UTC.
    Away Stadium is called Dragons'Lair, a Level 1 Stadium.

    Team Mottos:
    " " v "Envelop and Improve"
  16. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    Game 2 was an away draw.
    Imagine Dragons [BBT] 0-0 The Misunderstood 99
    I had 10k in inducements: did not spend any treasury as I am saving up for a Pestigor or Team ReRoll.

    Nurgle Drive:
    I BH a Skink and a Saurus, they only KO'd a Rotter back: but I left an approach to my ball-carrier.
    A Saurus made the double GFI blitz and got the ball free: we fought over it for two turns before a Skink made every play and legged it with the ball on T6. All I could do was tag the Skink with a Rotter...and on T7 the Dragons failed their dodge, rr dodge, and suffered a self death too. Half ended as we smacked each other.

    Lizardman Drive: 8 v 11 [my KO had come back]
    I smothered them and got the ball free twice: but heroic Skink plays got it back off the floor and in TZ's and on T15 a Skink broke free through TZ's and a picked up in a TZ, some dodges and GFI's on a solo run, ready to score T16. I managed to both down and prevent the score: a Saurus returned the favour by Both downing the only Rotter that could score (if I had made the pick up and pass). MY T16 all my plays worked....from blocks to a blitz to a completion to a gang foul.

    A close game where heroic Skink ball pick-ups saved the Dragons from a loss: if my Rotter on T14 had managed a pick up it may have resulted in a Nurgle win...
    ...then again I was fortunate that a Skink failed the 8/9 on play to socroe a Defensive TD on T7..and ended up killing himself too.
  17. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    Two players levelled.
    Steel (Pesigor) with an SPP earning pass, and
    Compassion (Nurgle Warrior) with an MVP.
    Steel earned Block, Compassion earned Block.
  18. TravelScrabble

    TravelScrabble Well-Known Member

    Montreal, Canada (UTC -4)
    Steam Username:
    Cyanide Username:
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    Block for days, weeks, months even
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  19. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    S18 MD3 is an away game.

    Norwegian K9 Patrol v The Misunderstood 99
    9th v 8th
    Necromantic v Nurgle
    950 TV v 1080 TV
    100k v 90k in each of our Treasuries
    Thernlow v Waleed

    1 Werewolf, 2 Wights, 2 Flesh Golems, 6 Zombies (11) v (11) 1 Beast of Nurgle, 4 Nurgle Warriors, 1 Pestigor, 5 Rotters
    Game scheduled for Saturday 2nd November at 1430 Hours UTC.
    Away Stadium is called Nordnes Bydelshus*, a Level 1 Stadium**.

    Team Mottos:
    "The bite is worse than the bark! " v "Envelop and Improve"

    * This is also a real place in Bergen Norway :)
    **ALL enhancements are forbidden in Big Crunch 2, bar cosmetic upgrades...so L1-L4 and Sponsorship allowed, but not gami-effect enhancements.
  20. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    ...and an away Draw.
    Norwegian K9 Patrol 1-1 The Misunderstood 99
    Necromantics took a Bribe with their inducements.

    Necromantic Drive:
    They right hook advanced and scored in 4 turns. They took off a Warrior with a gangfoul, and all their plays worked.
    I only managed push backs and the occasional flooring.
    My KO came back, 11 v 11
    Unfortunately my team suffered three turnovers over the next four turns, while every Necromantic PLay worked: luckily I did not lose any players, either to claw or gang fouls.

    Nurgle Drive:
    Necromantic held me back: I tried a right hook, had to central retreat when unable to floor ant opposition, then a left hook advance after I casualtied two (both regenerated) so outnumbered the Necromantic 11-9 and was able to break away on T14 - they suffered a failed GFI when out of rerolls so I was able to stroll in a TD with a Rotter on T16.

    I survived the T16 blocks, Bitz and Gang foul.
    A very tough game, was hard work to get the draw.
    Necromantic had favourable Kick Off events (Rerolls and a bribe).