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Nurgle The Misunderstood 99

Discussion in 'Team Blogs' started by Waleed, Oct 17, 2019.

  1. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    ..yes, I am hoping my FA and AV hold up, and Block works :D
  2. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    ...and a Home Win.
    My AV held up, the Halflings didn't.
    The Halflings Inducements performed below par too.

    The Misunderstood 99 1-0 Shortman F.O.O.D. Heroes

    F.O.O.D. Heroes took a Wizard (performed okay) Deeproot, who performed below par, and A Chef, who performed below par.

    Halfling Drive:
    Chef took one reroll, and I got one from the Kick-Off event.
    Ball landed just inside the Halfling Half, and they failed the pick up - the ball scatters over the next four turns favoured me, I got the ball and it all boiled down to on T8 do the Halflings use a Lightning Bolt to stop a defensive scoring threat, or let me try the 8/9 hand-off to score. They used the Lightning Bolt and floored the Pestigor.

    Nurgle Drive:
    Chef took one Reroll.
    11 Nurgle v 10 Halflings.
    I was lucky, my one KO came back, and both Block Nurgle Warriors who had been casualtied had regenerated.
    Halflings were down 4 casualtied and 1 KO'd
    They got a Blitz kick-off result but the ball had landed within two of my EZ and they were not able to get near it.
    Took me 8 turns to get the ball and score - the Hallings managed to get to try three uphill blocks on my Rotter ball carrier - none of which were successful.
    This half the Halfling Armour failed very badly, one Tree was Rooted very early, Deeproot did nothing - all half I only suffered a couple of stuns: the F.O.O.D. Heroes lost player after player: none permanent, but 3 casultied and three KO'd.
    The Rotter scored T16.

    Halfling T16:
    11 Nurgle faced 5 opponents. 3 Trees and 2 Halflings.
    I got a Blitz KO result and went for a Halfling - and rerolled pushes to skull skull..the only thing that went wrong for me in the game.
    Trees then floored every player they hit hit and the two Halkingd made a pick up and completion for an SPP.

    F.O.O.D. Heroes were unfortunate in that only 1 KO's out of 6 came back, and I did not lose a single player in the second half.
  3. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    Team News: Treasury is up to 240k, so I have spent 100k upgrading the Stadium to a Level 2.
  4. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    ...and predictions are up from the Admin:
    I will analyze your teams more in the future if I feel like it. Right now, this is what you will have to do with. Obey my list or prove me wrong. Just be prepared to face the consequences!

    1. @toastguy7 - The San Jose ShOrks / Orcs
    My oh my. Just needs Friesen, Sturm, Ricci, Nolan and Marleau to make it work in the future.

    2. @Waleed - The Misunderstood 99 / Nurgle
    Disgusting team! Already tried denying their ticket and hope they forget to join again... Didn´t work. Now I want them out from my division!

    3. @Frankolino - Imagine Dragons (BBT) / Lizardmen
    As much as I hate saurii and skinks... With a wizard in almost every game, I bet Franko will make it work...

    4. @cjblackburn - Shortman F.O.O.D. Heroes / Halflings
    I just love those little hairy feet. Just look at them go... And land in the stands! Couldn´t leave them without a promotion spot.

    5. @Mr.Bruce-Wayne (RytterT) - Vermintide All-stars / Skaven
    I hate rats... Almost as much as I hate elfs. But with a couple of leapers, I trust Nuffle to keep these vermins safe... For now...

    6. @Grey Seer Ebolis (Ebolis) - Order of the Happy Few / Bretonnians
    Well now... A bit banged up... But brets are decent. Maybe one more season building and then straight to top?

    7. @Havol - Headbangers Ball / Necromantic
    Needs a bit more development. At the moment it is all in the hands of Mars and Crosby. Or maybe not. Who knows?

    8. @Azathot - Hell Pit's Angels / Skaven
    Bah. Rats. Again. And MA10! Those should die immediately. All of them. I am sure Nuffle will need a sacrifice or two this season...

    9. @sbr32 - Keepers of the Garden / Nurgle
    Disgusting team. Maybe if we let them rot a bit more, we will see something beautiful next season?

    10. @Allstars 2.0 (DallasATZ) - WAAAGH Smashers / Orcs
    Nothing bypasses the fact that this team was the last one to accept the ticket. Shame on you! The team itself deserves better than this but their actions do not!

    There you have it. Be offended!
    And no. I didn´t randomize this list. I´m serious. This is what I felt like at this exact moment. I trust no schedules, previous standings or statistics to alter my mind. Do not question my authority, reasoning or sanity! ...Oh my, doctor told me to avoid confrontation and aggression... Sun in my stomach, sun in my stomach... Butterflies out, butterflies out...
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  5. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    Season 19 Race Mix out too:
    And we are back with season 19. I know some of you love seeing racial breakdowns, so what do we have this season? Let us find out! The list is as follows:
    Amazon: 2
    Bretonnian: 3
    Chaos Dwarf: 4
    Chaos: 6
    Dark Elf: 7
    Dwarf: 2
    Elf Union: 4
    Goblin: 1
    Halfling: 1
    High Elf: 3
    Human: 2
    Khemri: 5
    Kislev: 4
    Lizardmen: 5
    Necromantic: 5
    Norse: 1
    Nurgle: 6
    Ogre: 0
    Orc: 9
    Skaven: 6
    Undead: 3
    Underwolrd: 2
    Vampire: 7
    Wood Elf: 2

    Interesting balance of races, Orcs top with 9 teams currently in use while Ogres have none and Norse have gone up to having 1 team again.

    The biggest changes from last season are surprising:

    Amazon: +0
    Bretonnian: -1
    Chaos Dwarf: -1
    Chaos: +0
    Dark Elf: +1
    Dwarf: -2
    Elf Union: +2
    Goblin: +0
    Halfling: -1
    High Elf: -2
    Human: +1
    Khemri: +0
    Kislev: -1
    Lizardmen: +0
    Necromantic: -1
    Norse: +1
    Nurgle: +1
    Ogre: -1
    Orc: -2
    Skaven: +4
    Undead: -1
    Underwolrd: -1
    Vampire: +1
    Wood Elf: +1

    4 new skaven teams join (Or more if some also left..) while overall Dwarfs, High elves and Orcs all lost 2 teams each. Most the rest of the changes are minimal with the noteable changes being the loss of the only Ogre team and gain of the now only Norse team.
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  6. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

    Country Flag:
    S19 MD2 is a home game.
    The Misunderstood 99 v Keepers of the Garden
    4th v 10th
    Nurgle v Nurgle
    1520 TV v 1660 TV + Level Up for a Pestigor
    140k v 220k in each of our Treasuries
    Waleed v sbr32

    1 Beast of Nurgle, 4 Nurgle Warriors, 4 Pestigors, 4 Rotters (13) v (13) 1 Beast of Nurgle, 4 Nurgle Warriors, 4 Pestigors, 4 Rotters.
    Game is scheduled for Sunday 19th January at 1800 Hours UTC.
    My Home Stadium is called The Mixing Bowl, a Level 2 Stadium.

    Team Mottos:
    "Envelop and Improve" v Enter the team Motto
  7. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

    Country Flag:
    ...and a home win.
    The Misunderstood 99 2-1 Keepers of the Garden
    With 90k inducements and 10k Treasury I hired two Babes.
    Opponent had spent 70k to reduce TV, and the level up was Dodge.

    My Drive:
    The opponent's Block Beast, MB/Claw Pestigor, and Blodge Pestiogr had fun and my team was neutralized.
    Had to risk a solo run, with a why not 3+ dodge to score T7...I was down the BEast and another player KO'd...they were down 2 KO's and a regenerated Warrior.
    Opponent 2-Turn Drive:
    They were unable to solo run attempt when their hand-off failed.

    Opponent Drive:
    11 v 11, all our players back form KO's.
    Their MB/Claw Pestiogorand Block Beast did not do much, but a Wrestle Pestigor and Bodge Pestigor took on half my team and got through my lines and the ball back, after I had floored their Blodger and got the ball.
    I failed with 4d to floor the blodger, so pushed him to score on T13.
    My 3-Turn Drive:
    ..and over 3 turns I made the Catch, hand off, pickups after my ball carrier was floored on their T16, hand off in Nurgle Zone, and GFI to score T16.
    Oppoirne had failed a 5+ Dodge with thier Beast on T15 that helped me...do not know if it was a misclick or a "why not?" play.
  8. sbr32

    sbr32 Well-Known Member

    US West Coast (GMT-8)
    Cyanide Username:
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    GG Waleed! You played very well and I made a couple of mistakes but this game just epitomized my BB career. Claw/MB did very little while my dudes were knocked out by non-MB players. Then my not unreasonable 2-turn failed and then Nurgle went end line to end line in 3 turns to beat me.

    Good luck in the rest of your matches! :)
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  9. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    Team News:
    Compassion, Nurgle Warrior, levelled with Guard.
    Steel, Pestigor, leveled with Claw.
    ...and spent 200k on Upgrading The Mixing Bowl (my Stadium) to Level 3.
  10. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    S19 MD3 is an away game.

    Hell Pit's Angels v The Misunderstood 99
    9th v 3rd
    Skaven v Nurgle
    1510 v 1570 TV
    130k v ZERO in each of our Treasuries
    Azathot v Waleed

    1 Rat Ogre, 2 Storm Vermin, 4 Gutter Runners, 5 Linemen (12) v (13) 1 Beast of Nurgle, 4 Nurgle Warriors, 4 Pestigors, 4 Rotters
    Game scheduled for sometime Friday 24th January 2020, late night UTC.
    Away Stadium is "SAP Center", a Level 1 Stadium.

    Team Mottos:
    Enter the team motto v "Envelop and Improve"

    ...opponent has left his team motto at the default setting.
  11. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    ....MD3 game will be today at 1800 UTC :).
  12. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    ...and an away win.
    Hell Pit's Angels 1-2 The Misunderstood 99
    The Skaven bought a Lineman before the game,so they had 10k in inducements and did not spend any Treasury, so they played at 10k disadvantage.

    Nurgle Drive:
    My players advanced up the pitch in a safe reinforced cage...they penetrated it T7 and tagged my bal carrier.
    Anger [Rotter] scored on T8, after clearing Benevolence killed the ball tagging Skaven Lineman, and the play ended 11 Nurgle v 6 Skaven.
    Billy Bishop [Storm Vermin] stat-bust apothecaried into reserves.
    Robert A. Little, Josef Jacobs, Erich Lowenhardt [Linemen] KO'd
    Donald MacLaren [Lineman] Dead.
    Skaven 1-TTD attempt failed when Ernst Udet [MA10 Sprinting Gutter Runner] got the dreaded 1/1 GFI.

    Skaven Drive 11 v 11:
    Got a Blitz kick off result, but the MA10 Runner, the Piling On Claw Rat Ogre [Manfred von Richthofen] and multi-skilled Storm Vermin and Runners combine played got the ball, made a hole in my lines, and scored with ease on T11. von Richthofen killed Kindnesss [Nurgle Warrior] with his MB/Claw/Piling On, and a failed Nurgle regeneration.

    Nurgle Drive, T11.5 to T16, 11 v 11.
    The Skaven went all in and stopped me advancing...I had to take risks on T15....and it all boiled down to a T16 play....3+ hand off, a 3+ dodge, and a double GFI...which worked....and Wrath [Rotter] Scored.
  13. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    I really like my opponent's theme of World War I fighter pilot Aces :).
    I recruited the re-animated corpse of Donald MacLaren as a Rotter.

    In RL MacLaren was a Canadian Fighter ACe who lived to the age of 95.
    In only nine months of Air Combat he had a Tally of 54...all in the Sopwith Camel.

    My MacLaren is aka Malice II and he wears the No. 14 shirt.

    Other team news, Wrath levelled with Sure Hands.
    ...he had levelled with the winning TD..and was awarded 5 more SPP's with the post match MVP.
    Rightly earned - his wining play of 3+ catch, 3+ dodge and double GFI got the team the win :).
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  14. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    ..and the Hell's Pit Angels killed Kindness...my No.2 rostered player, a Nurgle Warrior on 5 SPP.
    He was killed by a Pile On play by the MB Claw Rat Ogre - Manfred von Richthofen, chalking up another kill...
  15. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

    Country Flag:
    S19 MD4 is an away game.

    Headbangers Ball v The Misunderstood 99
    3rd v 2nd
    Necromantic v Nurgle
    1530 v 1520 TV
    160k v 80k in each of our Treasuries
    Havol v Waleed

    2 Wights, 2 Werewolves, 1 Ghoul, 6 Zombies, 2 Flesh Golems (13) v (13) 1 Beast of Nurgle, 3 Nurgle Warriors, 4 Pestigors, 5 Rotters
    Game scheduled for Sunday 2nd February 2020 at 1700 hours UTC.
    Away Stadium is "The Pit", a Level 1 Stadium.

    Team Mottos:
    "Get your mosh on!" v "Envelop and Improve"
  16. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    ..and it was an away win.
    Headbangers Ball 1-2 The Misunderstood 99

    An unusual game - every crucial roll over 8 turns went my way, and only Havol's way for 4 turns. Neeutral for 4 I reckon

    Nurgle Drive:
    6 turns all may way, 2 turns neutral I reckon.
    Necromantic lost player after player as I had a fullsquad.
    Formality TD on T8.
    Survived the Necromantic T8 blocks.

    Necromantic Drive:
    2 Neutral Turns, then four all Necromantic way - they made amazing plays to score when down both Werewolves and a Wight.

    Nurgle Drive:
    4 Turns all my way and a formality TD on T16.
    My full squad faced a Ghoul, 2 Flesh Golems and 4 Zombies - I just went up one flank and the Necromantic had no chance.
  17. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    Team News:
    Wrath levelled with Extra Arms.
  18. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    S19 MD5 is an away game.

    Order of the Happy Few v The Misunderstood 99
    8th v 2nd
    Bretonnian v Nurgle
    1610 v 1550 TV
    30k v 110k in each of our Treasuries
    Ebolis v Waleed

    4 Blitzers, 2 Blockers, 5 Linemen (11) v (13) 1 Beast of Nurgle, 3 Nurgle Warriors, 4 Pestigors, 5 Rotters
    Game scheduled for Monday 10th February 2020 at 1800 hours UTC.
    Away Stadium is "Champ d'Agincourt", a Level 1 Stadium.

    Team Mottos:
    "Get your mosh on!" v "Envelop and Improve"

    EDIT: typo re Opponent Coach name.
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  19. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    ...and an away win:

    Order of the Happy Few 1-2 The Misunderstood 99

    I took a babe with 50k inducements....leaving 10k unspent.

    Nurgle Drive:
    The Brets put up a wall of bodies and went all in full contact - i was unable to get away or cause damage...I KO'd a rookie Peasant and Crowdsurf stunned a Blocker, they KO'd my MB/Claw Pestigor
    On T8 I had to clear away three Brets, then GFI Hand off, 3+ catch.., and it worked!

    Bretonnian T8 blocks and foul...survived.

    Bretonnian Drive:
    The two AG4 and the ST4 Brets had a field day - until their fellow players suffered two Turnovers in a row...and my Rookie Pestigor got Nuffle favoured plays - two blitzes needing a pow, a catch needing a 4+, then a 3+ pick up and a double GFI to score after he had been floored.

    Bretonnian Drive: 11 v 11, I was still down my Killer, KO'd.
    This time all the Bret plays worked and their 2x AG4 and 1xST4 players made an easy breeze past my players to score.

    Nurgle Drive: 11 v 11
    Gave me 2 turns to score - the Brets needed a Riot or a Blitz....which did not happen.
    I managed to get through...and all my plays worked, no matter how risky...and on T16 I needed 4+ pass, 3+ catch to score a 3rd TD (well...after completely fluky multiple dodges, GFis and pick ups....)..and then the Brets got a break and a Peasant 6+ intercepted the pass in multiple Disturbing Presence zones.
    1-2 Final Score, away win.

    Ebolis played good-naturedly - despite being shafted by critical rolls.
    On the plus side he was brave and Nuffe flavoured - I flattened his players 60 times..and yet they outbashed me in around 40 floorings....
    I caused 3 KO's and a Crowd Surf Stun, they caused 4 KO's and a Crowd Surf Stun.
  20. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

    Country Flag:
    Team News:
    Tungsten levelled with Mighty Blow.
    Tarantula levelled with Block.

    EDIT: Donald MacLaren is my No. 15 now...No. 14 was already reserved for a rookie Rotter, and I decided it was better for Donald to have his own number, as my team's first ever re-animated dead opposing player.
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