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Nurgle The Misunderstood 99

Discussion in 'Team Blogs' started by Waleed, Oct 17, 2019.

  1. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

    Country Flag:
    Team news:
    Rage, Rotter (5 SPP's), dead.
    Scorpion, Pestigor (18 SPP's), smashed ankle (MA Bust).
    Angers, Rotter (41 SPP's), broken ribs (MNG) and serious concussion (AV bust).
    Love, Beast (20 SPP's), piched nerve (MNG).
  2. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

    Country Flag:
    S20 MD6 is an away game.
    New Waagh Smash Squad v The Misunderstood 99
    7th v 9th
    Orc v Nurgle
    1730 v 1270 TV
    100k v 20k in each of our Treasuries
    Le Bread masque v Waleed

    4 Blitzers, 4 Black Orcs, 1 Thrower, 4 Linemen (13) v (12) 4 Nurgle Warriors, 3 Pestigors, 5 Rotters
    Game is scheduled for Saturday 2nd May at 1600 Hours UTC.
    Away Stadium is My Home Stadium is called "Home", a Level 1 Stadium.

    Team Mottos:
    Enter the team motto v "Envelop and Improve"
  3. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

    Country Flag:
    New Waagh Smash Squad 1-0 The Misunderstood 99

    Took Wizard, Lewdrip and Mercernary Beast.
    Unfortunately there followed 15 turns of a one sided game.
    Played T1 and T9 parity, else outnumbered bu 1 to 5 players...
  4. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

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    ...RL is very difficult at the moment, so no time re Blog....MD7 game just played.
    Ho,e loss to Havol's Necromantic - my Lightning Bolt failed, first half outnumbered by 1 they scored. LB failed.
    Seconds half worse - they took off player after player casualtied half ended 5 of mine v 11 of the theirs, all their plays worked this half.

    The Misunderstood 99 0-2 Headbanger Ball.
  5. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

    Country Flag:
    Team news:
    Wrath levelled with Block.
    Tarantula, Pestigor, in hospital, with a Damaged Back.
    Fury, Rotter, in hospital with a Smashed Ankle.
    Karl Krieg, Rotter, in hospital with a Fractured Leg.
    Donald MacLaren, Rotter, in hospital with a Fractured Leg.
  6. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

    Country Flag:
    Compassion has retired - I was meant to retire him weeks ago due to the Smashed Collar Bone..but kept forgetting! (due to a tough RL at the moment).
    I do not like firing just before a game, I regard that as bad sportsmanship.

    He had played 24 games, been awarded three MVP's.
    Floored 143 opponents, causing
    3 casualties
    8 KO's
    18 Stuns
    ...and 114 times not getting through an opponent's AV.

    He had managed one crowd surf :)

    He had been floored 77 times, suffering:
    6 casualties (one a ST bust),
    3 KO's
    8 Stuns,
    ...and 63 times his AV holding up.

    He had never held the ball....the joys of being a Nurgle Warrior ;).
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  7. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

    Country Flag:
    Nuffle shat on my team yet again, critical roll after critical roll failed, many on their ball carrier...and opponent made theirs....whheter 3+ (many) or (one) 4+...wry smile.
    Lost 0-1 to some Orcs.
    Have some urgent RL to sort....so little in the way of a report, bar lost another Warrior dead.
    At least Wizard worked this game, so it was only a 0-1 loss as opposed to 0-2 ;)

    EDIT some spelling errors.
  8. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

    Country Flag:
    Tenderness II, Nurgle Warrior, was killed last Match Day.
    Thunder, Rotter, levelled with Guard.
  9. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

    Country Flag:
    Season ended with a 1-0 over some Brets..My wizard failed, but my babes work, so the second half I had a 2-player advantage and a slow grind T16 win.

    EDIT: 21st May at 1325. Opposing race was Kislev Circus...oops.
    Last edited: May 21, 2020
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  10. Waleed

    Waleed Active Member

    Country Flag:
    ...and this is how the team ended Season 20:

    The Misunderstood 99.

    1280 TV
    1 Cheerleader
    2 Team Re-rolls
    7 Fan Factor
    1 Coach Assistant
    1 Necromancer

    120k in Treasury

    1. Love, Beast of Nurgle, Guard, Stand Firm. (29)
    2. Kindness II, Nurgle Warrior (5)

    3. Reserved for Compassion II, Nurgle Warrior.
    4. Reserved for Tenderness III, Nurgle Warrior.

    5. Benevolence, Nurgle Warrior, Block. (11)
    6. Steel II, Pestigor. (2)
    7. Scorpion, Pestigor,
    Block, Tackle, Smashed Ankle (MA bust). (18)
    8. Reserved for Tungsten III, Pestigor.
    9. Tarantula, Pestigor, Block, Damaged Back (Niggling) (8)
    10. Reserved for Rage II, Rotter.
    11. Fury, Rotter, Sure Hands, Extra Arms, Smashed Ankle (MA Bust). (22)
    12. Anger, Rotter, Sure Hands, Extra Arms, Block, Serious Concussion (AV Bust), and MNG with a Fractured Arm. (46)
    13. Wrath, Rotter, Sure Hands, Extra Arms, Block. (38)
    14. Karl Krieg (0)..re-animated opposing player. (AV9 Human Lineman, from S20, MD1, team The Snapping Tendons). Else player 14 would have been Malice II, Rotter.
    15. Donald MacLaren, Rotter (5)...re-animated opposing player. (Wrestle Skaven Lineman, from S19 MD3, team Hell Pit's Angels)
    16. Thunder, Rotter, Guard. (7)...re-animated opposing player. (Block Saurus, from S19 MD7, team Imagine Dragons [BBT])

    I have to stop BB2 for the time being.
    At the start of February I got some bad news, which was confirmed as serious bad news in Mid-February.
    I slowly cut down my BB2 leagues, as their seasons ended I did not re-sign...I was in 7 Leagues, which was fun :)

    However, two weeks ago I got some awful news (regarding a good friend) that has ended any dsire I have for playing games.
    The earliest I will know about my own RL situation is March 2021...if the desire to play is back, I'll be back :).
    Keep well everyone,
    Sincere regards,
  11. Gallows Bait

    Gallows Bait Super Moderator Moderator

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    Gallows Bait
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    Hope things work out with the situation you have going on. Very best wishes to you.