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The Myth Prosaic by Georgia Z (What could you gain from gaming?)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by SeeDarklyX, Aug 5, 2014.

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    Greetings gameplayers of like-minded interest! With your kindest indulgences, my wife has written a story I think many of you might enjoy and identify with, so
    I wanted to make an invitation to the community to read it:

    "Fantasy Role Playing. Dystopian Future. Legends. Magic. Monsters. Gods.
    All blend into the story about a reluctant hero named Chess.
    But how much is he imagining... and how much is real?"

    The Mythic Chess Set is a trilogy written by Georgia Z and presented as a web serial. Incorporating elements of both science fiction and fantasy, the story centers on a character who plays a fantasy role playing game and how that experience becomes useful to him in a dystopian future.
    Three times a week a new page of the story is published along with a brief blog by the author.
    Book I: The Myth Prosaic is available to read for free at SeeDarkly.com.
    As of this post 88 pages are up and part 4 began today!
    If you enjoy it, please leave comments or start discussions there and please share with anyone you think might also like it. There are Facebook and Twitter links on the site as well, if you don't mind liking/following those for updates (but it's not wholly necessary.) :D


    Disclaimer: The Myth Prosaic is best viewed in Firefox or Chrome but is friendly to many mobile devices.
    There are no advertisements. There is nothing to buy. Georgia Z simply has a story she hopes you'll read and some ideas she hopes you might discuss on the site.

    Click the spoiler for a little piece of artwork Georgia Z made to help spread the word: