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Extraordinary Throw Team-Mate as a weapon?

Discussion in 'General Blood Bowl News and Discussion' started by Thumper, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. Thumper

    Thumper New Member

    Hey folks. Just registered.

    From the description of Throw Team-Mate:

    Two points here.
    1. While the scatter makes this somewhat difficult, this nevertheless sounds like it would be a good way of causing havoc with a line of scrimmage or a tight cage, or as a last gasp way of stopping a runner who was too far away to catch.
    2. Because even players who were already down can be harmed, this could be used to convert a pass action into an additional foul per turn.

    Anyone tried using TTM offensively like this?

    - Chris
  2. Ancre

    Ancre Member

    Ha ha, the most memorable moment I had with throw team-mate was with a halfling team, with one tree who rooted himself to the ground, and the other miserably failing the throw the halfling roll, making the halfling falling on ... my tree ! Both went prone and I had a mobile tree (well, M2 mobile tree) once again after that. :D

    I have tried to do things with throw team-mate (trying to put halflings into cages, one turn scoring and all that stuff) but it's so random it's usually not worth the try. It's fun though.
  3. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    I've used it with Halflings, means the Treemen can still do something useful after they have taken root.
  4. Snap Wilson

    Snap Wilson Member

    Did this at least once per game during my run with a Goblin team. I threw more Goblins into enemy cages than I did in any scoring capacity. Sometimes it was startlingly effective, more often completely worthless, but always hilariously entertaining and a little bit addictive, to be honest.
  5. Marlow

    Marlow Member

    Our Halfling player tried this a lot. If they are on target they knock someone down, and if not they are in a position to Blitz the ball carrier (providing armour is not broken). Not quick so reliable with Goblins since they could get eaten and no strong arm.