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Udder Chaos!! Moooove it people, coming through!

Discussion in 'Team Blogs' started by Captain Thorrek, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. Captain Thorrek

    Captain Thorrek Member

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    I just finished my second game with Udder Chaos, my all cow team. I should've maybe started this one instead of my Chaos Dwarf, first, and before my game.

    In this match I faced my friend's Orc team, The Big Waaaghers! Since we restarted the league, all teams in our stables only had one game under their belts.

    My team has ten beastmen, a minotaur, three rerolls, and an apo. He had five linemen, three blitzers, three black orcs, a gobbo, three rerolls and an apo. I won the kickoff and elected to recieve.

    In the first action, my minotaur Purdy Breetches (hey, it's Slaaneshi), knocked back one of his Black Orcs, then frenzied into him and knocked him out for the rest of the match (badly hurt). Both his other Black Orcs fell right after, stunned. I don't think I ever had this many armor breaks in a half against his Orcs, let alone in one turn. A beastman, Wir'tigor picked up the ball and gave a quick toss to Py'fagor after I created my pocket, and the turn was over. His Lineman blitzed my ball carrier through a flaw in my tackle zones I didn't see and KO'd him. He lined up three of his players by the ball, though it landed near one of my beastmen. Another of my beastmen fell stunned in his backfield before he got himself knocked out in a failed block. I then knocked two of his guarding linemen away from the ball and grabbed it with a spare beastman before throwing it downfield, and ran it in for the touchdown.

    When both teams were set up and I kicked off to him we rolled a blitz! Purdy Breetches barrelled through and created a hole for two of my beasmen to rest in his backfield. The ball also ended up in the back corner of his endzone when it landed. He tries to pick up the ball and it slipped into the crowd, who threw it right near my beastmen and minotaur. I picked it up and ran downfield, knocking some of his guys over in the process. Unfortunately, I left Purdy Breetches open to a block and foul though the armor didn't break either time. I blitzed my minotaur's way out of there agains the gobbo throwing the block, and after another block to try and lower his numbers, dodged my way into the endzone for the second touchdown.

    By this time it was his turn four, and he started by knocking a couple of my players over. He failed when picking up the ball and his turn ended rather quickly. Purdy Breetches knocked the lineman away from the ball, but after a couple player marks, I failed a dodge roll and my turn ended. Once again this left Purdy open and I didn't see it until it was stunned, though a failed pass on his next action stopped his momentum. We both failed a couple attempts at picking up the ball after that... which makes me think Yakkety Sax (The Benny Hill Theme Song), should be the game's theme sometimes. After a beastman taking a tumble, he hugged around my minotaur and fouled him (failed his WA roll so he was prone), and injured him. I used my apo to keep him in the game, knowing I'd need him later. His last attempt at a pickup ended the half.

    The second half saw the rolls evening out, starting with one of his fans getting upset and flinging a rock at my newly stunned beastman. He picked up the ball and threw it into the cage he created, with one of my attempts at breaking it leaving his Black Orc Stunned and my beastman Badly Hurt. My right flank was knocked downand leftmost wingman KO'd in short order. His Black Orc's hit against my Minotaur ended up with the BO stunned. Purdy Breetches then ran around the back of his cage and blitzed his ball carrier, knocking the ball free and getting the player Badly Hurt. I grabbed the ball and as a reward was sent crowdsurfing when his lineman "voiced" his disapproval. The crowd flung the ball near his gobbo, who was also injured after he failed to pick up the ball. I grabbed the ball, and after trying a short pass, dropped it again. Yakkety Sax was in full force for the next couple turns as we both tried to take possession of the ball. In the last turn of the game, I scored one last TD.

    A had a boatload of SPP's with this game, though only one of my players skilled up. It was a beastman I gave guard to, so I can open up my lines quicker. I was really on the fence between guard, block, and sure hands for the reroll.

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    Things I did good: Well, the dice were on fire, but I really like how mobile an all cow team can be. They fit my aggressive running style, and I don't really have to watch the placement of my CW's so faster players won't keep them out of the action. His rolls didn't come up so hot... it's hard to win a game when your players can't pick up the ball.

    Things I learned to improve on: I need to cover my Minotaur better. I let Purdy Breetches run around too much on its own, which left it open to blocks and fouls. I also gotta keep better track of my tackle zones, which my friend's blitz against my ball carrier proved.
  2. sasjhwa

    sasjhwa Member

    Mill Creek, WA, USA
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    Once your team starts getting mutations they are going to be very hard to contain. The game was a lot of fun and the Minotaur was very hard to deal with. I can normally just mark the Big Guy and ignore him for the most part but you kept him right in the center of the action. It was a good win for you.