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UEI: Crunch Cup XII

Discussion in 'Crunch Cup' started by Nikolai II, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. Nikolai II

    Nikolai II Super Moderator Moderator

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    Undead Experience Initiative
    Image courtesy of Universally Monsterous Picture by Glen Ostrander

    Yes folks, you are all waiting for it: The UEI Crunch Cup

    And as you can probably tell, this is not it. Or, well, it is. But it is not the Skaven-led first UEI, nor the Elf-ruled second UEI. Nay, this is the third coming, and it means death.

    (Which is pretty much business as usual for Blood Bowl players, so it's time for)
    the UEI: Crunch Cup XII

    The Structure:

    As with previous Crunch Cups, this season will be divided into a divisional group stage and a play off stage with the top teams from each division progressing to play in the knock out matches until the final is reached and an eventual winner.
    This season in order to increase flexibility the league will be managed in two parts using Cyanide. The group stage will be played in the league UEI: Crunch Cup (Group Stage) and the Play Off process will be played in the league UEI: Crunch Cup (Play Off Stage). This will allow for a flexible number of divisions to fit the variable number of applying teams and Play Off places to be determined on a more flexible basis depending on the number of divisions. In all cases a total of 16 teams will qualify to progress to the Play Offs.

    The Group Stage and qualification for Play Offs:

    The group stage will include divisions of 8 teams, giving each coach 7 matches played on a weekly basis. Teams will be assigned to divisions by manual seeding as determined by the League Commissioner in order to match similarly experienced and developed teams to the same divisions and allow newer teams a fairer chance of success by placing them in divisions of the closest peers.

    In the event of 8 or less divisions being required to meet demand, the top two ranked teams will qualify for the Play Off stage. The remaining Play Off places not filled will be assigned on a Wild Card basis, with the top non-qualifying teams assigned places based on their performance regardless of division. In the event of more than 8 divisions being required to meet demand, only the top team from each division will qualify, with remaining Play Off places again assigned by Wild Card.

    The Rules and Eligibility:

    Full rules, including the eligibility requirements for teams to enter the Crunch Cup, can be found in this thread:


    All coaches registering an interest in the Crunch Cup will be required to sign up to the UEI: Crunch Cup (Group Stage) league in the Cyanide game by the deadline (to be set shortly, once interest has been gauged). Failure to sign up in game will see your application ignored in favour of coaches further down the list.

    Applications will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis, however if you are currently coaching a team in CTALE please feel free to reserve your place even if you are unsure whether the same team will be playing.

    All coaches should provide the following details below to register their interest:

    Coach name (forum and in game):
    Team name:


    Crunch Cup in-game signups have opened!

    So, how should you do to get in?

    You head over to your local Cyanide client. You enter the league finder and search either for a the league name Crunch or the commissioner Dreamy. View the league, find your team in the dropdown at the bottom of the page and press the "apply" button. The password is crunchcup

    Teams will be admitted in the order of posting in this thread - but it is still possible to apply. Admissions won't close until midnight Sunday the 25th of August (no matter what your timezone ;))

    (Actual admission to the league will dependant upon forming groups of eight teams, but that is a problem for next week, a.k.a. "the seedings week". The Cup should start about the 1st of September and be 13-14 weeks long, dependant upon how large the playoff has to be)


    Playoff talk, copied from later in this thread!

    We went with 32 in the playoff, which I should probably update post #1 with - but my idea for playoff and wildcards don't work with an odd number of groups, so I've had to come up with a new one.

    The solution is to take a cue from the discussion about last seasons wild cards "top billing teams should face the wild cards to get an easy way through" (And if a WC should turn a win they should be proud. Bragging rights until the finals, even if they'd be knocked out MD 2)

    So, the playoff schedule planned is thus:

    1-1 vs WC 4
    1-2 vs WC 3
    1-3 vs WC 2
    1-4 vs WC 1

    2-1 vs 3-4
    2-2 vs 3-3
    2-3 vs 3-2
    2-4 vs 3-1

    4-1 vs 5-4
    4-2 vs 5-3
    4-3 vs 5-2
    4-4 vs 5-1

    6-1 vs 7-4
    6-2 vs 7-3
    6-3 vs 7-2
    6-4 vs 7-1

    I'm not as satisfied with this one as I was with the idea for even groups, which I felt was pretty elegant. This sadly seems to be the best I can do, even if it does mean Wild Cards get a pretty steep slope.
    (Not much different from what Crunched Cup can offer, though, and if inducements work as they should then at least one of them should be able to come through to the second round)
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  2. Street

    Street Well-Known Member

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    Coach name (forum and in game):Street
    Team name:The HRE
    Race:High Elves
  3. TravelScrabble

    TravelScrabble Well-Known Member

    Montreal, Canada (UTC -4)
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    GMT -4
  4. Ken

    Ken Kenny the Mechanic

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    Coach name (forum and in game): Ken (KenDontDodge)
    Team name: Old Dirty Dodge Ballers
    Race: Lizardman
    Timezone: GMT -3
  5. 20phoenix

    20phoenix Well-Known Member

    Cardiff (GMT+1)
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    Coach name: 20phoenix
    Team Name: I Go Down Easy
    Race: Wood Elf
    Time zone: GMT+1
  6. LoopH0LE

    LoopH0LE Member

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    It would be a shame if they missed out on the Undead CC, but I'm not sure if my schedule will allow a third league during the school year. So, I am registering my tentative interest, which can be bypassed by coaches with definite interest.

    Coach name: LoopH0LE
    Team name: The Unluckys <Former CC competitors>
    Race: Necromantic
    Timezone: GMT -4 (for the summer)
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2013
  7. danton

    danton Well-Known Member

    Buenos Aires (gmt -3)
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    Coach name (forum and in game):danton
    Team name: Spanish Inquisitors
    Race: Ogres
    Timezone:GMT -3

    After the Mad Missionary Mob's last two failures to repeat a championship victory, the Church has sent in their top brass to investigate what went wrong. Their methods are said to be "heavy handed"... :rolleyes:
  8. Fallowheart

    Fallowheart Active Member

    Bristol, RI
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    Coach Name: Fallowheart
    Team Name: Masters of the Pooniverse
    Race: Nurgle-Nurgle-Nurgle
    Timezone: GMT-4
  9. coachman

    coachman Well-Known Member

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    bjj hero
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    Lets go again...
    bjj hero
    pimpin aint easy
  10. coachman

    coachman Well-Known Member

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    bjj hero
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    Best coach name ever btw...
  11. Remthar

    Remthar Well-Known Member

    Downunder, GMT +10
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    Coach name: Remthar
    Team name: Fallen Paladin United
    Race: Chaos
    Timezone: GMT +10

    Not sure what team to go with atm. As I'm not really going to win this with a brand new team, I might go with Flings or Gobbos for the hell of it or Start a chaos team with an aim of developing for next season.

    Or if another race is under-represented I might roll with them.

    EDIT: Going with chaos
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2013
  12. Limdood

    Limdood Well-Known Member

    Near Chicago, Illinois - in the United States of A
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    I might as well keep playing the norse until they're shattered beyond repair, plus...Block Yhetee and 2 ST-boosted linos!

    Coach name: Limdood
    Team Name: Ragnarok-N-Roll
    Race: Norse
    Timezone: GMT -5

    CrC victors are now shooting to remove that pesky "r"
  13. Mordachai

    Mordachai Active Member

    Hässleholm, Sweden
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    Coach name (forum and in game): Mordachai
    Team name: The Elfbowlers Inc.
    Race: CD (Coalition d'Elfe)
    Timezone: GMT+2

    The deluded dwarves are back for a second season!
  14. Kaz

    Kaz Active Member

    Arizona (GMT -7)
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    Kaz (Kazman29)
    Malekith Cocktails
    Dark Elf
    GMT -7

    Easy-mode AV8 elves for this guy
  15. Altashheth

    Altashheth Well-Known Member

    Milton Keynes
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    Coach name (forum and in game): Altashheth
    Team name: Mummer's Farce
    Race: Goblins
    Timezone: GMT +1
  16. Dionysian

    Dionysian Well-Known Member

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    Coach name: Dionysian
    Team Name: Caerdydd Crunchers
    Race: Orc
    Timezone: GMT +1
  17. Gremzilla

    Gremzilla Member

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    Coach name: Gremzilla
    Team Name: TBA
    Race: TBA
    Timezone: GMT +1

    (I'll update the names when I get home)
  18. akirilus

    akirilus Well-Known Member

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    Coach Name: akirilus
    Team Name: Additional Pylons (or They Only Lived Twice)
    Team Race: Dark Elf (or Undead)
    Timezone: GMT -7

    Additional Pylons are currently entered into CTALE. Assuming they... survive the experience... I'd like to use them in the Crunch Cup. If they get completely clobbered and torn to pieces, the Undead team will be used instead. Unless CC12 kicks off before CTALE is done - then I have to use the Undead team.
  19. willpower68

    willpower68 Well-Known Member

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    Coach Name: willpower68
    Team Name:Fruit
    Race: HiE
    Timezone: GMT+2
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2013
  20. jrpeart

    jrpeart Well-Known Member

    Northumberland, UK
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    Coach name (forum and in game): jrpeart
    Team name: Khorney Puns (or Nuffles Evil Minions if the Puns don't enter)
    Race: Khorne (or Chaos)
    Timezone: GMT+1