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Unsure Feet

Discussion in 'General Blood Bowl News and Discussion' started by Snap Wilson, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. Snap Wilson

    Snap Wilson Member

    Bull Centaur start a Move action.
    Go For It result : Bull Centaur
    TARGET: 2 --- ROLL : 1 + 0 = 1
    Bull Centaur used Sure Feet skill.
    Go For It result : Bull Centaur
    TARGET: 2 --- ROLL : 1 + 0 = 1
    Bull Centaur is knocked over.
    Armor roll : (6, 4) + 0
    Injury roll : (5, 6) + 0
    Bull Centaur casualty roll : 65 -> DEAD
    Bull Centaur has been killed.
    Action ended for Bull Centaur.
    Chaos Dwarf Team turn ended.

    (Apologies if this is the wrong forum or I otherwise screwed up in posting it. Just had to share.)
  2. ethical

    ethical New Member

    - i thought that kind of thing only happend to me..

  3. Marlow

    Marlow Member

    Nuffle just loves to have fun.

    My Werewolf and Elf Catchers always fail the GFI into the end zone when doing one turn scores. (at least they usually stay alive or Regenerate)
  4. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

    Country Flag:
    Hehe pretty bad but I've seen worse.

    On stuntyleeg someone (I forget who now) rolled double skull reroll double skull.

    Armour broke

    Sometimes these things just happen!
  5. Snap Wilson

    Snap Wilson Member

    I'm trying to imagine the most unlikely string of events that could lead to such calamity and I think it would be a Treeman missing a triple-dice block against a snotling, rerolling triple skulls, breaking AV 10, Dead, Apo, Dead.

    And yet I'm sure it's happened to some poor sap(ling) out there.
  6. Ork from Mork

    Ork from Mork New Member

    Yeah, that was me and my thrice skilled chaos dwarf blocker. It was the very last block of the game in an attempt to gain a couple of star player points. I guess I was punished for being greedy.

    Most of my tough guys that have died on my teams have died because of double skull blocks I threw and not because of a hit I took from my opponent. Another funny fact: I've had three deaths on my chaos dwarf team in 25 games and only one was a hobgoblin. The other two were dwarfs. I almost lost a bull last night, but for once the apothecary did his job and saved him. I thought I would be running through hobgoblins like crazy, but that hasn't been the case at all.