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unusual skill choices?

Discussion in 'General Blood Bowl News and Discussion' started by drester, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. drester

    drester New Member

    i was wondering if anyone has ever had much luck or disapointment by selecting a more 'unusual' skill for a player that doesn't conform to the standard positional builds?

    i have a human catcher who first got +1 agility and for his second advance i thought i would try 'jump up' and there's been no stopping this guy since. he now has 'westle' and 'fend' and is a monster (although only a st2 monster!).

    i was also thinking about trying 'sure hands' on a bull centaur early to save the bother of failing to catch a hand offs from the hobgobs and just use him as a hard ass runner!

  2. Ancre

    Ancre Member

    I've heard of break tackle goblins, but I think this was just a laugh :eek:

    Otherwise, I haven't experienced much as of yet. The most unorthodox ideas I had was giving break tackle before block on my bull centaurs, or seeing if break tackle + two heads could combine on an underworld troll for some scary 2+ dodge into cages.

    (Edit : while it seems two heads and break tackle does stack, I miscalculated the odds, and it's only a 3+ because the troll doesn't have strength 6. If he does roll +ST do that and you have one heck of a scary player ! )
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  3. Ian

    Ian Member

    I don't think about this sort of thing nearly often enough. Wrestle and Jump Up sounds like a match made in heaven for something like a catcher.
  4. Marlow

    Marlow Member

    You need Catch for handoffs not Sure Hands.

    As for lower performing skills I have fun building line-elves with Wrestle, Diving Tackle and Jump Up. I also had one with Wrestle and Leap.

    I am a big fan of Diving Tackle/Tackle on my Elven Blitzers. If they do not take the catcher down he will struggle to get away.
  5. drester

    drester New Member

  6. coachman

    coachman Well-Known Member

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    I had a dark Elf lineman who got +1 AG at the start. Followed by leap and wrestle he's an absolute beast.
  7. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    You might not be surprised that I don't take unusual skill choices!

    As for Sure Hands on a Bull Centaur, I was going to write an article on that (way off though). There is a split of opinion and I fall on the side of saying it is a poor skill choice. It makes them worse at blitzing (when they are one of the best blitzers in the game). Puts ST4 in your cage instead of outside, making it harder to advance the cage. They have less success picking it up vs AG3 as well.

    You can play a winning team taking it but imo it weakens the side rather than adds to it.