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Very Naughty Nordland Ninnies - Season 17 Fluff

Discussion in 'Big Crunch 2' started by TravelScrabble, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. TravelScrabble

    TravelScrabble Well-Known Member

    Montreal, Canada (UTC -4)
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    Welcome to Nordland Ninnies!

    7 of you excellent folk have already accepted your tickets:


    You are the first ninnies on the naughty step

    You're ok for now.

    You know the drill this is predictions, crowing, cowering and mocking. I;ll start on predictions once you're all in and when that happens we can also kick of early (like Saturday. So doooo it!
  2. TravelScrabble

    TravelScrabble Well-Known Member

    Montreal, Canada (UTC -4)
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    Your 100% accurate predictions are up.

    Team Breakdown

    Imperium Lizardorum: We’ve been waiting for a chosen lizard team to defy the claws and treturn to conquer Aldwtaf, unfortunately this doesn’t look like it. They have a one turner, and some mb, and no tackle and...yeah its going to be tough.

    Crunchy Crispers: Ah a chorf team, with a str 5 bull and and MA 8 one. That’s gross. Only one claw though and..what’s this you say, they played a game and now they’re all dead. Good to know.

    Don’t Panic: Veteran Pros and the most decorated coach in all of BBTactics, what could go wrong? Oh and they have 4 agi 5 and a lot of TV. The rest of you are boned.

    Woe Vale Grievers: The scourge of tier 3, the team that makes the admins want to change the rules every season. They have 5 piling on players, I have never seen that many before. And 7 guard. And agi 4. Ha ha ha ha ha.

    Jar of Flies: The warriors are fantastic, the beast is solid, The pestis are underwhelming and there’s not a single stat up in sight, but vanilla nurgle should be enough when the core is this developed.

    Capering Oligarchs: You’ve had your shot Oligarchs, make way for the new kislev superstars! The standouts on the team are the 4 blitzers, two of them agi 4 , showing just how good this positional can be. They were a nightmare for my vamps. Most of the teams in this div are just going to punch them.

    Exurb Exhumed Ex-Players: For a 1670 team this lot have a bit of everything. Lots of mb, a couple of agi 4, a block mummy, 2 dp, 3 tackle. Very nice. Unfortunately this is not a 1600 TV div. BUt if they survive they should be ready for the big leagues soon.

    Lybaras Raiders: One of the teams racing for the khemri BiR, The team looks good until you see the TGs. 3 rookies! 3!. Oh and no stat ups. Think they will have a hard time.

    Mordheim Bodysnatchers: These necro have been around a while but are new to tier 2. It’ll be good experience for Cr3 but probably a bit of a steep learning curve, especially after losing their superstar agi 4 wolf to chorfs. The clawpomber who is left will still make the rest of the teams run scared.

    High Elves: Finally the late boys. 1700 ish TV high elves, as you might expect they're not reat yet. But they already have lots of blodge and agi 5, with a wizard it will win them games and they will be challenging for the promotion spots.


    1. Don't Panic
    2. Jar of Flies
    3. Imperium Lizardorum
    4. Crunchy Crispers
    5. High Elves
    6.Exurb Exhumed Ex-Players
    7. Capering Oligarchs
    8. Woe Vale Grievers
    9. Lybaras Raiders
    10. Mordheim Bodysnatchers
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  3. TravelScrabble

    TravelScrabble Well-Known Member

    Montreal, Canada (UTC -4)
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    Just waiting on @Antonis now, he can wear the dunce's cap when he comes!
  4. Antonis

    Antonis Well-Known Member

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    Hey bud, sorry I am away from home on leave. I ll try to find a PC today to take the ticket.
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  5. TravelScrabble

    TravelScrabble Well-Known Member

    Montreal, Canada (UTC -4)
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    Anotnis is having some PC issues, should be resolved shortly, but he's very generously asked us to start without him. So without further ado, I shall launch forthwith.
  6. TravelScrabble

    TravelScrabble Well-Known Member

    Montreal, Canada (UTC -4)
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    Predictions are up!
  7. tys123

    tys123 Courier Staff

    Country Flag:
    You seem to have forgotten what happens to AV7 when facing POMB every week. It isn't pretty.

    My team is great against other elf teams and I should do well against the lizards as I can hopefully just leap in and take down the ballcarrier.
    But against those Chaos Dwarves my team is just going to die.
  8. TravelScrabble

    TravelScrabble Well-Known Member

    Montreal, Canada (UTC -4)
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    Was going to pick the crunchy crispers 1st but oh the horror
  9. TheSir

    TheSir Active Member

    Stockholm, Sweden
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    Well now I only have 2 rookie Tomb guardians!

    Because 1 got a niggle and had to be fired...
  10. EvilSmoothie

    EvilSmoothie Active Member

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    This sounds Somehow familiar...
  11. Bärserk

    Bärserk Active Member

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    thanks for the effort @TravelScrabble !

    I don´t think i can make up your prediction as 3rd seems a bit too high for my underdeveloped lizards, but of course i want to prove you right :).

    I hope for a fun season for everyone and let some bloody murder happen :skull:!
  12. Cr3pusculum

    Cr3pusculum Active Member

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    WTC!!!! Well if nothing else I need to finish top4 just to mess up your predictions mate @TravelScrabble
  13. tys123

    tys123 Courier Staff

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    Well I got out of the 1st game against Nurgle with a 1-1 draw.
    Only 2 perms.
    A dead DP rotter and a -AV killer pest.
    No idea how.

    I suffered 2 BH and a MNG. All on rookie linemen. Lots of KO's on skilled players and my best blitzer was stunned from fouling for 4 turns in a row.
    Guess Nuffle was on my side.
  14. Halub

    Halub Active Member

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    This is going to be a rough season and I'm looking forward to playing all of you! I just got my first game in. Last season I started with a loss against Kislev - this season it's a 1:1 draw so yay! I'm already 1 point ahead compared to S16 :)
  15. martybhoy

    martybhoy Active Member

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    Nordland Fantasy Blood Bowl Recap - Week 1

    Welcome back sports fans! Your drafts have been completed. Your lineups have been set and week 1 is now officially in the bag so it’s time for our weekly Nordland Fantasy Blood Bowl Recap!

    Regular readers will need no reminder, but for any newcomers we will briefly explain what, in Nuffle’s name, we are doing here...

    Participants form leagues and utilize a snake draft to recruit players to make up their Fantasy Blood Bowl team. These players will then earn fantasy points for their team according to how they perform on a match day.
    Teams will go head to head on a weekly basis and the winning team gets a +1 in the win column! The Team with the most wins at the end of Nordland’s regular season wins the fantasy championship.
    Sounds simple doesn’t it?!

    Here is how the scoring works:

    Rushing(R) - 1pt per 10m
    Passing(P) - 1pt per 2m
    Catch(Ct) - 1pt
    Interception(I) - 2pt
    TD - 5pt
    KO - 1pt
    Cas+(C) - 2pt
    Kill(K) - 3pt
    Sack(S) - 2pt
    Surf(Sf) - 2pt

    So with all of that out of the way we can get down to analyzing what happened in week 1!

    Top 5 Players of Week 1

    1. Harringzord (1) Blocker (CRU) - 12.2Pts

    Yes! thats right! a rookie blocker in his first ever game of Blood Bowl steals the limelight. Thats why we ALL love Chorf so much! Rushing 32m to score a TD wasn’t enough. He also managed a Cas+ and a Surf. To think that this rookie went undrafted in most leagues. He will be THE number one pick up from the Free Agent Pool this week.

    2. Ate a Gutter Runner (3) Ghoul (EXU) - 12Pts

    This slippery little Ghoul scored 8 TDs last season and has picked up where he left off by bursting into the endzone on the opening day of the new season and racking up 70m rushing in the process. With AGI 4 and now MA 8, Fantasy owners who picked him up in the 'mid' rounds of the draft will be very excited going forward but will also be aware that he is now the main target for opposing teams.

    3. Angry Chair (4) Prestigor (JoF) - 11.4 Pts

    Has had a somewhat quiet first few seasons in his Blood Bowl career. Slowly but steadily taking over as the teams ball handler. He may be in for a huge workload now that lead Prestigor “Would?” has picked up a serious injury. Rushing in a 34m TD and completing a cheeky little 6m pass against Elves is no mean feat! Another player who was taken in the late rounds of drafts, if at all, and will be one to keep an eye on.

    4. Caracalla II (1) Skink (IMP) - 10.6 Pts

    Another rookie looking to take Nordland by storm. Amassing 56m and a TD in his first appearance before getting himself Squished and missing the rest of the game. He may have a tough time maintaining this kind of form for a team whos skinks are already battle hardened, but may be worth a speculative pick up by fantasy owners who have injured or deceased players to replace.

    5. Erich Ar-Ulric (5) Werewolf (MOR) - 9.6 Pts

    Might have been a bright star in the Nordland sky this season. Picking up a TD and 46m rushing in the opening game. Unfortunately he picked up a serious injury and now his future with the team is in doubt. He was a 1st round pick in most fantasy drafts and owners will be tearing out their hair if his career is indeed over.

    5. Luminous (5) Hobgoblin (CRU) - 9.6 Pts

    Entering his 4th season and this little Hobbo has certainly shown a lot of resilience during his career. The niggling injury has not slowed him down any. 46m rushing and a TD is just the start he and fantasy owners would have hoped for this season.

    Who’s Hot

    1 - Vladimir Vinogradov (6) Catcher (CAP)

    90m rushing for the veteran in the opener, showing he’s still got it.

    2 - Fergus Fleshtraydda (6) Blocker (WVG)

    The fearless captain of the Woe Vale Grievers has picked up where he left off last season with three Cas+ and a KO. If not for the heroics of BOTH Elven Apo’s, he would have picked up multiple kills in this game. Averaging over two removals per game since the beginning of season 16.

    3 - Lothar the “Executioner” (6) Wight (MOR)

    Has been a steady contributor for the Bodysnatchers since the team was formed in season 13. Three Cas+ and a Kill during his first outing in tier 2 could be a sign that this ST+ Wight is ready to take the next step on the road to greatness.

    Who’s Not

    1 ⁃ Would? (5) Prestigor (JoF)

    A very disappointing start to the season for the lead blitzer on this Nurgle team. Managing only 1 block before being seriously injured... by an elf! Now sporting AV 7, he will surely be dropped by most Fantasy owners before week 2 begins.

    2 ⁃ Telfer Trappdigga (5) Hobgoblin (WVG)

    Carried the ball for 42m in the 1st half before being struck by a wizards lightning bolt. Was not the same afterwards, making a crucial error in the 2nd half that may have cost his team the win. Worth persisting with in Fantasy for now but has become a target for opposing teams killers.

    3 ⁃ Ford Prefect (5) Blitzer (DON)

    This 8 season veteran spent most of his time laying on the turf seeing stars rather than putting his cage cracking powers to good use. 0 Pts is just not good enough for the go to guy on this team. To further frustrate Fantasy owners, he was given the Stadium MVP.

    Top Free Agent Pool Pickups

    1 - Harringzord (1) Blocker (CRU) ... Priority pick up

    2 - Cyprons Adelfonis (3) Catcher (BLI) ... Could be set for a larger role after the Injury to Danny Mark (3) Catcher (BLI)
    3 - Rooster (1) Prestigor (JoF) ... Replacement for Would? (5) Prestigor (JoF)

    Fantasy Game of the Week: Mordheim Bodysnatchers 1 V 2 Crunchy Crispers

    This game was just bedlam from start to finish! It made some fantasy owners stand and cheer with delight as their season got off to a flyer and some fall to their knees cradling head, in hands, as their hopes lay smashed to bits before them.
    Three TDs, 4 deaths and the birth of a bitter rivalry made this game an awesome spectacle to behold while providing Fantasy enthusiasts with a bonanza total of 75.4 points! Such a bounty did, however come at a cost. Jimmy Fantastic (5) Blocker (CRU), who was a top 10 overall pick in many leagues, was ended by Ingo the "Blacksmith" (4) Flesh Golem (MOR). Also, Erich Ar-Ulric (5) Werewolf (MOR), had his +AGI status revoked while failing a GFI. Neither of these teams will be the same again. It remains to be seen as to whether that will be good or bad for Fantasy Nordland.

    Most productive team
    Crunchy Crispers (CRU) 39.8 Pts

    Least productive team
    Lybaras Raiders (LYB) 17.8 Pts

    Offensive P.o.t.W

    Harringzord (1) Blocker (CRU)

    No one saw this performance coming from the debutant blocker. Maybe he should have been born a Bull Centaur!?

    Defensive P.o.t.W

    Finbar Fleshstawkka (6) Bull Centaur (WVG)

    With 3 sacks on the ball carrier in the last 4 turns of the match, this... tackle breaking... Zone Dodging... GFI addict! ... ensured his team took a point from MD1 when all seemed lost.

    Most Rushing Ms - Season

    Vladimir Vinogradov (6) Catcher (CAP) - 90m

    Top Scorer - Season

    Ten Players have 1TD

    Most Passing Ms - Season

    Ire Lad (3) Thrower (BLI) - 10m

    Most Removals - Season

    Ingo the “Blacksmith” (4) Flesh Golem (MOR) - 4
    Fergus Fleshtraydda (6) Blocker (WVG) - 4

    Injury news

    - Alfred the “Cleric” (1) Zombie (MOR) ... Dead
    - Dmitry Pumpyanskiy (1) lineman (CAP) ... Dead
    - The Sage Jr (1) Hobgoblin (CRU) ... Dead
    - Jimmy Fantastic (5) Blocker (CRU) ... Dead
    - Sinister Dexter (4) Blocker (CRU) ... Dead
    - Disco will never die (2) Rotter (JoF) ... Dead
    - Tevin Trappbaytta (1) Hobgoblin (WVG) ... Dead

    -Erich Ar-Ulric (5) Werewolf (MOR) MNG, -AG

    -Danny Mark (2) Catcher (BLI) MNG, -AV
    -Would? (5) Prestigor (JoF) MNG, -AV
    -Femur Thighstrain (1) Tomb Guardian (LYB) - MNG, N -fired-

    -Kurt the “tinker” (2) Zombie (MOR) MNG
    -Guinness (4) Blocker (CRU) MNG
    -Swing on this (6) N.Warrior (JoF) MNG
    -Agrajag (1) Line Elf (DON) MNG

    This concludes our Nordland Fantasy Blood Bowl Recap for week 1.
    Until week 2...
    Stay Salty Everyone!
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  16. tys123

    tys123 Courier Staff

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    I think Ford had a pretty good game. Spent all 16 turns on the pitch ( Quite an achievement for an elf that is a main target ) and crucially tied up 3 or more opponents for 4 turns in the 2nd half allowing my other players the space to stall and score. That may have been done by lying on the ground while they fouled him repeatedly but it was effective.
    However I wouldn't put him in my fantasy team as his job isn't to do anything that gets points but rather to get in the way and provide assists. On pro teams catchers do the blitzing , sacking and scoring while the blitzers do the marking and take hits.
  17. Bärserk

    Bärserk Active Member

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  18. tys123

    tys123 Courier Staff

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    My luck didn't hold for MD2.
    1 dead , 1 MNG and 2 KO'd before my 1st turn.
    And that against a team with only 1 MB and no PO.
  19. martybhoy

    martybhoy Active Member

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    Fantasy Blood Bowl Nordland - Week 2

    Welcome back to all you Fantasy Freaks and Geeks out there!
    In Week 2 of the Nordland schedule we watched on in horror and amazement as a, Three Chorf, Chorf team dominated their Kislev Counterparts. A Pyrrhic victory for our Khemri team against a Necro side who have murder on the mind. An Undead v Chorf match where GFIs were strictly forbidden. A testing match between Nurgle and Lizards where two debutant players met their makers in hilarious fashion and an absolute clanger of an Elf-brawl, more on that one later!
    So without further ado it’s time for our weekly Fantasy Blood Bowl Recap!

    Top 10 Players – Week 2

    1. Danny Mark “B” (1) Catcher (BLI) – 15.4 Pts

    Recruited to the High Elf squad midweek after his predecessor was forced into early retirement. His first match for the Eurostars could hardly have gone any better, Picking up 2 TDs and a Catch for 44m. Fantasy owners will be scrambling to pick up this Elf from the Free Agent Pool this week!

    2. Luminous (5) Hobgoblin (CRU) – 14.6 Pts
    A top 5 fantasy player in consecutive weeks. This time, racking up an impressive 96m rushing to go with his TD. Has now amassed almost half of last seasons Rushing total in 2 games.

    3. Ulna Armbruise (3) Thro Ra (LYB) – 14 Pts
    Entering his third full season for Lybaras Raiders. He flashed potential last season in Nordland and, although he may still be in the shadow of lead Thro Ra, Radius Armrupture, Fantasy owners will sit up and take note of a performance like this. A stand out on both sides of the ball with 70m rushing, a TD and an important sack allowing the raiders to score on their opponents drive.

    4. Cyprions Adelfons (3) Catcher (BLI) – 12 Pts
    Following up on a solid performance in week 1, the High Elf Catcher springs into the top 5 fantasy players of the week with a 20m rushing TD and a 10m pass that led to a TD. A mid round pick with high upside who will have excited fantasy owners with his start to the season.

    5. Ford Prefect (5) Blitzer (DON) – 10.4 Pts
    From zero to fantasy hero! Cage-cracks his way into the Top 5 this week after pitching in with a performance that will go some way toward settling owners’ nerves. 44m rushing, a 4m pass, a Cas+ and a Sack. Came very close to adding a TD to his total.

    6. Wulcan Ar-Ulric (6) Werewolf (MOR) – 10.2 Pts
    With the retirement of Erich Ar-Ulric, the weight of expectation has fallen on this wolf’s shoulders. While he may be more of a killer than a carrier, he pitched in with a catch and run for 52m, a pass and a sack. Fantasy owners will be delighted at the prospect of Wulcan becoming more involved in the handling game, at least, until rookie Hans Ar-Ulric gains some experience.

    7. Lothar the “Executioner” (6) Wight (MOR) – 10 Pts
    Makes the jump from last weeks Hot list to a top 10 fantasy player this week. Adding 3 KO’s, 2 Cas+ and another Kill to his season tally. Fast becoming one of the most feared players in the division and one of the most celebrated players in Fantasy Nordland.

    8. Angry Chair (4) Prestigor (JoF) – 9.6 Pts
    Solid performance in the absence of teammate ‘Would?’ Rushing in a 26m TD and squishing a Skink for good measure. Fantasy owners will be interested to see how this teams Prestigor core shapes up now as the workload was clearly split between all 3 Goats in the absence of their leader.

    9. Tibia Shinsplint (6) Blitz Ra (LYB) – 9 Pts
    This fifth season veteran may not be as fast as once he was but he is one of the more consistent performers on his team. 2 KO’s, 2 Cas+ and his first kill of the season proving to fantasy owners that he may have been a steal in the latter rounds of drafts.

    10. Radius Armrupture (6) Thro Ra (LYB) – 8.6 Pts
    The third entry from Lybaras Raiders in this weeks Top 10 fantasy players and arguably the best player on the field. Rushing in the first TD himself, clearing the way for the second TD and sacking the ball carrier late in the match, preventing any hopes of a comeback.

    Who’s Hot?
    1. Zaphod Beeblebrox (6) Catcher (DON)
    Has impressed in both appearances so far. A 16m Rushing TD (His second of the season) and a Cas+ will raise hopes of consistent production from this veteran of eight seasons. Those who drafted him may now see him as valuable Trade-Bait.

    2. Jack Dorsey (1) Lineman (CAP)

    A solid performance from this rookie in a tough match for his team. Completed a pass and Scored the first kill of his career.

    3. Septimus Severus (2) Saurus (IMP)

    This Saurus is one that fantasy owners will be tracking closely. Likes to throw a lot of blocks, a little bit of luck breaking armour and he will surely see an upturn in fantasy production. Worth a stash on your bench.

    Who’s Not?
    1. Nero (3) Skink (IMP)
    Has struggled to get himself involved so far this season. At the top of the ‘drop list’ this week as fantasy owners begin to doubt his durability.

    2. Iain Ironbrandda (5) Blocker (WVG)

    Got himself MNG’d on the LOS during the opening turn of the match putting the rest of his team under pressure. Will be dropped in many leagues.

    3. Roq Marrowface (3) Ghoul (MOR)

    Had a breakout in S16 but has been a mid round bust so far for fantasy owners in S17.

    Top Free Agent Pool Pick Ups
    1. Danny Mark “B” (1) Catcher (BLI) – Top priority pick up
    2. Hans Ar-Ulric (1) Werewolf (MOR) – Pick him up now before he starts to rack up the points
    3. Ate a Fling (1) Ghoul (EXU) – Replaces Ate a Skink (4) Ghoul (EXU)

    Fantasy Nordland Game of the Week: Blitzing Eurostars 3 v 1 Don’t Panic
    Elves do not get picked in the first round of drafts very often. This is because, generally, they lack the durability required to produce top numbers for a whole season of Blood Bowl and with their first picks, fantasy owners usually go after more reliable players. However, a matchup between Elven teams is very rarely a disappointment for the Fantasy community and this one was no exception, gifting us 7.4 total fantasy points in the first turn alone! We went on to witness 4TDs, 5 completed Passes for 28m, over 200m rushing, 11 fantasy relevant removals and 4 Sacks. A stunning 84.6 total fantasy points were up for grabs in this one. Proving once again that, on a weekly basis, Elves may have a low floor but they have a very high ceiling and those of you who started your elves this week will be glad that you did!

    Most Productive Team
    Blitzing Eurostars – 47 Pts

    Least Productive Team
    Capering Oligarchs – 11.6 Pts

    Offensive P.o.t.W
    Danny Mark “B” (1) Catcher (BLI)

    Unstoppable debut performance from this guy. 15.4 Pts in one game is a very high benchmark and will be a tough to beat.

    Defensive P.o.t.W
    Ex Wardancer (5) Wight (EXU)

    Pulled off an unbelievable, 4+3+3+2+3+, 2D sack on the blodge ball carrier in the dying moments of the match. Caught the resulting fumble, then laughed off an incoming 2D sack. Zero RRs taken... and Zero F**** given! Preventing his team from conceding what would have been a game losing TD.

    Part 2 to follow
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  20. martybhoy

    martybhoy Active Member

    Country Flag:


    Overall Points Leaders
    1. Luminous (4) Hobgoblin (CRU) - 24.2 Pts
    2. Angry Chair (4) Prestigor (JoF) - 21 Pts
    3. Cyprions Adelfons (3) Catcher (BLI) - 19.6 Pts
    4. Lothar the "Executioner" (6) Wight (MOR) - 19 Pts
    5. Ate a Gutter Runner (4) Ghoul (EXU) - 16.6 Pts

    Top Scorers
    1. Luminous (4) Hobgoblin (CRU) – 2
    2. Cyprions Adelfons (3) Catcher (BLI) - 2
    3. Danny Mark “B” (1) Catcher (BLI) - 2
    4. Angry Chair – (4) Prestigor (JoF) -
    5. Zaphod Beeblebrox (6) Catcher (DON) - 2

    Rushing Leaders (M)
    1. Luminous (4) Hobgoblin (CRU) – 142
    2. Vladimir Vinogradov (6) Catcher (CAP) – 116
    3. Ate a Gutter Runner (4) Ghoul (EXU) –
    4. Marvin (4) Thrower (DON) – 72
    5. Ulna Armbruise (3) Thro Ra (LYB) – 70

    Passing Leaders (M)
    1. Ire Lad (3) Thrower (BLI) – 14
    2. Cyprions Adelfons (3) Catcher (BLI) – 10
    3. Angry Chair (4) Prestigor (JoF) -
    4. Marvin (4) Thrower (DON) - 6

    Removal Specialists
    1. Lothar the “Executioner” (6) Wight (MOR) - 8
    2. Tibia Shinsplint (6) Blitz Ra (LYB) - 7
    3. Fergus Fleshtraydda (6) Blocker (WVG) -
    4. Ingo the “Blacksmith” (4) Flesh Golem (MOR) - 6

    Most Kills
    1. Lothar the “Executioner” (6) Wight (MOR) – 2

    Injury & Improvement Update
    Thomas Townsneekka (2) Hobgoblin (WVG) ..MA+

    Frank Gauloise (5) Blitzer (BLI) ..ST+
    Losono Italiano (3) Line Elf (BLI) ..Dodge
    Danny Mark "B" (2) Catcher (BLI) ..Wrestle
    Mandible Jawbreak (3) Skeleton (LYB) ..Block
    Septimus Severus (3) Saurus (IMP) ..Guard
    Ingo the "Blacksmith" (5) Flesh Golem (MOR) ..Guard
    Barserk (3) Hobgoblin (CRU) ..Tackle
    Rooster (2) Prestigor (JoF) ..Block
    Don't Follow (3) Prestigor (JoF) ..Tackle
    Arthur Dent (4) Blitzer (DON) ..Diving Tackle
    Marvin (5) Thrower (DON) ..Safe Throw
    Jack Dorsey (2) Lineman (CAP) ..Block
    Ex Mino (2) Mummy (EXU) ..Guard

    Cranium Headcrack (1) Tomb Guardian (LYB) ..Dead
    The Sage Jr (1) Zombie (MOR) ..Dead
    Benji Mouse (1) Line Elf (DON) ..Dead
    Ate a Skink (4) Ghoul (EXU) ..Dead
    Francach (1) Hobgoblin (CRU) ..Dead
    Nuffles Punching Bag (1) Rotter (JoF) ..Dead
    Maximus Thrax (1) Skink (IMP) ..Dead
    Humerus Armpull (1) Tomb Guardian (LYB) ..MNG, N
    Random Dent (2) Catcher (DON) ..MNG, -MA

    James Buchanan Duke (3) Catcher (CAP) ..MNG, N
    Alexander Abramov (2) Lineman (CAP) ..MNG, -MA
    Iain Ironbrandda (5) Blocker (WVG) ..MNG
    Deutch Lad “C” (2) Blitzer (BLI) ..MNG
    Constant Mown (1) Line Elf (DON) ..MNG
    Geta (4) Skink (IMP) ...MNG

    This concludes our Fantasy Blood Bowl - Nordland Recap for week 2, don’t miss our Fantasy forecast for week 3 coming soon.
    Until week 3...
    Stay Salty Everyone!

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