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Who's Your Favourite?

Discussion in 'General Blood Bowl News and Discussion' started by Smiler6310, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Smiler6310

    Smiler6310 Member

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    Morning All!

    This has probably been done to death but I'm curious (and abit bored at work tbh! :)) so whos your top team/race that you have the most fun with and why?

    Race - Skaven
    Team - 'The Ratlanta Foulclans'

    Why - I love the speed and the ablity to be able to pounce on a mistake by your opponant. Gutter Runners are IMO the best players in the game and as long as you have one left theres always the chance to score.

    I'm also loving the mutations you can start to specialise your players, they can become the punch to combine with your speed (MB + Claw + Horns Storm Vermin!!)

    I also think the Skaven team are the best looking model wise that GW has produced and for some bizarre reason the Rat Ogre (always called Boneripper :D) is my favourite model of the lot!
  2. Murkglow

    Murkglow Member

    Mine is probably Dwarves. They are the team I've played the most so I guess I'm just attached to them. Plus I like the Dwarven race in Warhammer so that helps too...

    Then again I don't mind Orcs, Khemri, or other bashy teams and I don't mind dark elves either... I guess as long as it's not a super fragile team I like them all.
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  3. maxcarrion

    maxcarrion Active Member

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    For me it’s got to be Dark Elves.

    Dark Elves are heroic. Like any elf team even their linemen are excellent ball handlers so heroic plays like having a lineman dodge into a tackle zone, grab the ball, dodge out again and throw a long pass to another lineman who catches it in a tackle zone before dodging away to score on turn 16, no other team I’ve played successfully completes those hero plays as often as elves. Even if they only set up 4 players against 11, receiving with only 2 turns left in the half, it’s never hopeless.

    Dark Elves are humiliating. When played right DE can beat any team at their own game, I’ve taken on a chaos team and left them with a death, 2 MNGs and 2 BHs for 1 BH in return, I’ve played the fast scoring game with deep passes against a WE team and come out 4-3 on TD’s. and I’ve ground a cage slowly up pitch to win 1-0 against a dwarf team. Just know, while this is the only style of game you can play successfully I can play this type just as successfully as you and any other style you can think of too.

    Dark Elves are vicious. You can feel it in the team as you trick people into getting crowd surfed or slide a blade into their star catcher as your blodge blitzer neatly sidesteps into the cage and taunts the now pinned ball carrier or as your dauntless linesman flattens their treeman who could take several turns to find his feet again. Lightning fast precision strikes feel cold, vicious, not like the hot blooded brawl of the chaos or orcs violence with precision, a blade rather than a hammer but not the wood elves clean scalpel neatly cutting a tiny hole to slip dancers and catchers through, rather a barbed and jagged dagger leaving scars and inflicting pain out of spite. Dark Elves always have the choice not to fight, with the agility to easily dodge clear they don’t fight because they have to they fight because they want to and because they’re good at it.

    Dark Elves are unpredictable. How do you prepare against a team? If goblin are your next opponents, take tackle, if it’s dwarves take wrestle, if it’s wood elves take diving tackle, what if it’s dark elves? Maybe they’ll play the passing game, but maybe they’ll play the running game, or maybe they’ll play the bashing game or maybe they’ll switch every other turn. The ball could go anywhere at any time and the game could turn around at a moments notice. You can never be sure what those tricksy little elves will get up to today.
  4. biLLy

    biLLy Member

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    Ive got much fun with Chaos, Orcs and Dark Elves...

    Orcs were a steamrolling team, always going ahead, nothing stop them...

    Chaos are a hurt for any oponent, making per match 5-8 injuries, casualities, a total carnage fest with a bit of scoring...

    But overall, I have fun with Dark Elves because they are the only Ive played that are able to turn the tides of a match in 1 turn... In both ways:

    * Yesterday I was 1-1, the oponent was an Orc team caged and advanced, 2 turns away from the end, some of my linemen were trapped in the LOS, it was an almost lost game... But eventually, some lucky rolls, a couple of dodges, one lucky roll in a 1Ddie, and I stole the ball, even I got the time to make a pass 4+ to a Runner who was waiting for it... Next turn I won the match, awesome and impressive.

    * The other day, in a bad luck strike, I missed a GFI roll the previous step of the end zone, and I tied the game... :S

    So DE are more random, but a lot more powerfull with a bit of luck... The others are fine at their way, but not so impressive as DE. Indeed, I think my DE team would win my Chaos and Orc team easily, and the DE team is the one with the lowest TV the three of them...

    Have fun.
  5. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    If I had to pick just one it would probably be Vampires.

    Worst would be Wood Elves, they are so cheesy!
  6. Netsmurf

    Netsmurf Well-Known Member

    Denmark, GMT+1
    Cyanide Username:
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    Then I´m up for cheese, love the woodies and also high elfs, but "nothing compares to you..."(Get that baldheaded chick away)

    Nurgle is the stars in my world. I love the superstrong defence taking out the passing game from the start. Trapping the agile but weak players with my tentackle beast and then start killing for the win. It is so much fun.:D
  7. John McGuirk

    John McGuirk Well-Known Member

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    I don't have much experience with a variety of teams yet, and I'm looking forward to the new cyanide game to further expand the roster of teams I'll be trying in the future.

    That said, easily the most fun (or rather, least stressful) I've had playing is with the Dwarves. With Block everywhere and Guard all over the pitch the game isn't particularly taxing, and there's something hugely cathartic about setting up long chains of 2-dice, Block-enabled, re-roll handy Blocks, or felling an oversized brute with a Troll Slayer. Even when you concede it's not especially aggravating - either they make their dodges or they don't; it's hard to feel hard done by either way.

    That said, the game is much more rewarding when you feel you've been pushed, when you've really had to work hard to glean any advantage - and no team greater encapsulates this for me than the Goblins. So much to do - controlling and maximising Secret Weapons, protecting paper-mache units and keeping an eye on the ball - and all with a team that has to be said is pretty terrible any way you slice it.

    I just don't understand when people say they're a 'really fun' team to play. They're not pure masochism mode - I suspect that'd be the Halflings - but I do feel that even if you play perfectly with them you're still unlikely to win, so on balance, you're far more likely than not to come away from a match frustrated.

    The Orcs seem to have a great balance of those two things, fun and challenge, from what I've played with them so far. You don't get everything on a plate like the Dwarves - the temptation to occasionally block with an unskilled Black Orc is too great, but you'll be sweating on the 1 in 9 every single time - and a little bit of Block and Sure Hands is a nice protection against the caprices of fate. You can even take a Goblin, which is always great for those last-turn plays where you just throw it all out of the window and have him charge through the lines.
  8. Stryke

    Stryke Member

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    From recent experience I'm growing to love vampires. Blood lust I've found to be wildly entertaining, though yet still manageable via making sure to have thrall minders and plenty of them. Plus thanks to hypnotic gaze and the 6448 stat line they can pull off some really entertaining plays to shock the hell out of the opposing coach.

    Least favourite is dwarfs though really any team with an average ma of 5 or below I just can't cope with. Vampires, Amazons or Chaos no worries, anything slower and I just find them really frustrating to play.
  9. Moguai

    Moguai Member

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    Well, since my experience is mostly with the bashy side of Blood Bowl my opinion is heavily biased that way.

    But nevertheless my Dwarf team is so far the most entertaining team I have played, because there is something hugely satisfying in forcing a wood elf team to score early and then spend the rest of you drive stomping them into the ground :;).

    Althogh Orcs were also quite fun to play, since I was lucky enough to have a thrower with +2AG, Accurate, Safethrow,Strong Arm and Dodge and a Blitzer with +1MA, +1AG and catch. (We had a really long season to achieve this and the dice just loved me, obviously.)
    You'll never forget the face of an Elf coach when your thrower dodges circles around his defense and hammers a long bomb across the field that is caught without a reroll and then carried into his endzone.:D
  10. spworldtour

    spworldtour New Member

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    So, despite Coach's disgust of Woodies, I have to say that the version 5 set of woodies are my favorite team. Something about a str 6 treeman, 1 turn scorers and the ever fantastic wardancers just lights me up.

    In the new system I haven't decided if the pro elves are better or if the Woodies will stay my favorites, even with the total nerf to the W.E. Catchers.

    Other than that the Norse and the Necromantic team looks like a lot of fun, but I haven't had a chance to try them out yet.
  11. Barninho

    Barninho Well-Known Member

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    I've only had the seven cyanide races to choose from so far, and two definitely are head and shoulders above the rest.

    Now I've been playing for a while I feel like Dark Elves are the most fun to play. There is something about the options you have that make them versatile and give them a really unique feel, and if you get an agility increase on one of your witch elves or blitzers then wow! My best team ever had a blitzer with +AG and Leap, a Witch Elf with Mighty Blow, and I had three players with guard so a good kick put the ball squarely in my court in most games. Also my assassin had multiple block, a frustrating player, but when it pays off it's worth all the stabs into thin air.

    I also love Chaos further on in development. There's so many nice skills in mutations and I've had a few teams with differing styles, not just killer teams. Early on it's a nightmare though.

    Worst team for me is Wood Elves. I suck with them so bad. They die too easy.
  12. Frenz0rz

    Frenz0rz Member

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    My Chaos team are probably the most fun right now, since they're dominating my clan league. First game of the season as a brand new team had me beat a Dark Elf team 5-0, and it was possibly one of the bloodiest games I've ever played. 3 deaths, 7 injuries and nobody starting with an apothecary, gave me a whole heap of ssps with which to customise my team.

    So far I've got two "blitzer" beastmen, two "killers" and four CWs with block and, eventually, all with guard. I also plan to have a kicker (which I really need) and possibly a fouler, as well as the eventual Mino who could become either a tentacle roadblock or a clawing monster. Im also gonna get a few beasties with prehensile tail, just for giggles.
  13. Narly Bird

    Narly Bird Well-Known Member

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    My favorite team would have to be Lizardmen. They are just so strong and hard for the opposition to play against. Who else has 6 strength 4 and 1 strength 5 player! The skinks are also great for dodging around to lend assists or ganging up to sack the ball carrier or a receiver.

    I have only played with the Cyanide teams though, so with the pending release of Legendary, my fav. team could change. I have my eye on Nurgle and Elf at the moment. Very different teams, but both great at what they do.
  14. Dr Rudolf von Richten

    Dr Rudolf von Richten Member

    Amsterdam, Netherlands
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    Chaos Dwarf, mainly because of the aesthetic and general concept behind them, but also because Bull Centaurs are really amazing players!

    Secondary favorites include Chaos, Skaven and Necro.
  15. HC Vanselow

    HC Vanselow Member

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    The unparalleled Undead...

    The Deathshallow Decrypticons (Undead) mainly because of the regeneration factor and having a quadruplet of Ghouls to develop versus the Necromantic only getting two of them. The bonus of being able to give players cool names like Rattling Roy Rogers, King Afrikaisi VIII, Kikongo Demoncup and Schaffer Marblerot.

    My least favorite would be the mamby pamby Wood Elves and those annoying Wardancers !!!