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Wood Elf Wood Elf Team Build

Discussion in 'League and Team Development Tactics' started by Rav3n73, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. Rav3n73

    Rav3n73 Member

    Stoke on Trent
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    Hi All,

    My next team I'm fielding in my league, will be a wood elf team.

    The League consists of the following:-

    Dark Elves
    and my Wood Elves.

    My first match is against the Dark Elves, I believe my cousins starting roster will look like this:-

    1x Blitzer
    2x Witch Elves
    1x Runner
    7x Line Elves
    2x re-Rolls

    My main strategy would be to move my players up the field dodgeing as we go and trying for the two turn touch down. Knowing that the Dark Elves are just as fast as me, I'm not sure this would work?

    My Team build would be something along the lines of:-

    1x Thrower
    2x War Dancers
    8x Linemen
    2x re-rolls
    and a few GP's left

    Any strategies would be welcome, like game plans or pointing out any of my opponents weaknessess.
  2. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    His starting roster is high risk. Use your Wardancers with Block to go after his AV7 players, best chance is against the runner but if you can get the Witch Elves even better (though as they have Dodge they will be harder to knock down.

    If you do Leap in to blitz his Runner while they have the ball, make sure you put a tackle zone on anyone near by who can catch his Dump Off. This will increase the chance that you will either get the ball loose form knocking the Runner over, or from him failing the pass or catch while trying to use Dump Off.

    Watch out near the sidelines as well for Frenzy you don't want to be losing players to the crowd.

    Going for a two turn touchdown isn't a great idea either unless you only have two turns to score in. This will just give the opposition 7 turns to score meaning they can take their time.

    If you can force them into doing a lot of dice rolls to use up their rerolls that can be good, though you face the same dilemma as well.

    If it does look like you may lose the ball though and you can score, then it wouldn't be bad to just go ahead and take the touchdown. Scoring is always going to be better than losing the ball and not scoring, especially if they run away and score themselves.

    Good Luck.
  3. Rav3n73

    Rav3n73 Member

    Stoke on Trent
    Country Flag:
    Big game tonight, Wood Elves Vs Dark Elves.

    I've thought about my strategy and I'm going to try this:-

    If they kick to me first, I'll get one of my Line Elves to pick up the ball and together with 3 other line Elves, form a cage around the thrower. As the cage is formed I'll throw the ball to the Thrower for some SSP for the line elf.

    My two wardancers and a line elf will attempt to get into the oppositions half sitting about 6-7 spaces away from the end zone.

    Hopefully present two problems to my opponent. Does his cover the elves deep in his half or does he try and stop the cage from sweeping down the board?

    This will force my opponent to cover my players in his half as well as commiting quite a few of his players to stoping the cage.

    I think this plans merits are that I can either roll the cage down for a touchdown or one of the line elves in the cage can be given the ball from the thrower and then move up field for a short pass to one of the three waiting up field players for a touch down. (Hopefully, it'll be the same line elf as before for some more pass complition SPP's)

    As I also have the thrower in a cage, I'm hoping that I can run the clock down a bit before I'm forced to go for the touch down.
  4. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    You don't need to form a proper cage with Wood Elves like that from the start. You will be better off screening the Thrower with two Linemen. Then the extra two Linemen you now have will be more useful either helping in the other half as receivers, or staying around the midfield to throw the ball to. They can then run forward and hand off the ball to your players further in the opposition half.

    You are faster than them and they will have more armour and probably more Block meaning getting into a cage game may not suit you. Unless you have the ball near their end zone and you can cage up there to waste some turns. Though Dark Elves shouldn't have much trouble scoring in two turns either, so it may be better to score quickly and try and get a turnover, or if they score quickly, you can try and do so again going into half time 2-1 up.

    As long as your Thrower is deep enough in your own half that they can't reach him with a single one of their players, you don't need to waste so many of your team trying to protect him. You can move the ball a long way very quickly and easily unlike other teams that would be better off not keeping their ball carrier so deep.

    Then adjust in your turn two based on what they do on their first turn.
  5. Rav3n73

    Rav3n73 Member

    Stoke on Trent
    Country Flag:
    Sorry Coach,

    We lost :( 2-0

    Match Report,

    We elected to receive, I managed to get three of my players through the Dark Elf defence.

    Next turn, my line elf that got through gets blitzed, fails his armour roll and gets injured and misses the next game.

    Next turn I make two stupid errors, both my war dancers get knocked into the crowd and another of my linemen fails his armour roll (misses the next match) at this point I'm sitting on the line and I have no players in the opposing half. I'm four men down and have Dark elves bearing down on me.

    At this point I decide to cage up and try to run the clock down. over the next to turns I lose another 2 elves through failing armour rolls.

    Half way into the half I'm down to roughly seven men.

    At this point I can't see any way through to get a touch down so I start to rotate the cage to get some pass completions in.

    Eventually my cage gets over whelmed and they pop it open and score a touch down. With two turns left I decide to set up right at the back of my half and get some more completions in.

    Seconnd half, I'm starting with just 8 men and I'm defending!! surfice to say it's only a matter of time before the Dark Elves roll in for another touch down. But we do manage to fend them of until turn 6.

    When I recieve the ball I'm down to 7 men, I cage up and pass the ball around again as I can't see anyway I can get through with just 7 men.

    We end the game at a 2-0 loss.

    The Dark Elves got 12SPP's in total.

    As I decided early on that my casualties meant that the probability of me winning this game was slim, I tried to get in as many passes as possible.

    I manged to rack up a total of 14 SPP's and skill up two players.

    My luck finally turned when I rolled their SPP's, two doubles!!

    I took strong arm for my Thrower and for my lineman, should I take kick or should I take guard?

    That was it really, I guess I learnt a valuable lesson, the wide zones are not your friend and get an apothacary ASAP.

    Well at least losing four players for the next game (All Linemen) will get me quite a few inducements.
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2010
  6. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    What you need to learn with Wood Elves is that they can score with hardly any players, 7 is more than enough to score with. In fact a lot of Wood Elf coaches have the problem of always scoring quickly and not using enough of the clock up.

    Hopefully you will learn from your mistakes and try and avoid getting put into the crowd next time!
  7. Atomsk

    Atomsk New Member

    If you rolled doubles for your line elf take guard, kick can be taken normally. Save it for your next progression on a different Line elf, or the same one.
  8. Marlow

    Marlow Member

    Guard, Guard, always take Guard! :0)

    Your starting roster lacks the Catchers which make the two turn score very easy for Wood Elves. You propably need to get sidestep on your Wardancers. On offence get both into his back field. He can only Blitz one of them and the other dodges/leaps into his end zone and you pass/handoff the ball to the wardancer to score. It does risk an interception but otherwise is a good strategy for scoring.